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moved udp transport to 0.4.4 instead of 1.1

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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2<project name="i2p" company="i2p" webLink="" view-date="1/9/2004" view-zoom="6" version="1.10">
3    <!-- -->    <description>    </description>
5    <tasks color="#8cb6ce">
6        <task id="0" name="TCP transport revamp" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="13/9/2004" duration="13" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
7            <depend id="6" type="2"/>
8            <task id="1" name="Refactor transport.tcp.*" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="13/9/2004" duration="4" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
9                <depend id="2" type="2"/>
10            </task>
11            <task id="2" name="Session tags" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="17/9/2004" duration="2" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
12                <depend id="4" type="2"/>
13            </task>
14            <task id="4" name="Autodetect IP on connect" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="19/9/2004" duration="2" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
15                <depend id="5" type="2"/>
16            </task>
17            <task id="5" name="Web UI updates to notify errors" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="21/9/2004" duration="2" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
18                <depend id="12" type="2"/>
19            </task>
20            <task id="12" name="QA&#47;support" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="23/9/2004" duration="3" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true"/>
21        </task>
22        <task id="6" name="0.4.1" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="true" start="26/9/2004" duration="1" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
23            <depend id="7" type="2"/>
24            <depend id="8" type="2"/>
25        </task>
26        <task id="7" name="Tunnel revamp" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="27/9/2004" duration="15" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
27            <depend id="11" type="2"/>
28            <task id="8" name="Spec structures" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="27/9/2004" duration="2" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
29                <depend id="10" type="2"/>
30            </task>
31            <task id="10" name="Tunnel length randomization and ordering" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="29/9/2004" duration="3" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
32                <depend id="9" type="2"/>
33            </task>
34            <task id="9" name="Implement tunnel processing and building" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="2/10/2004" duration="5" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
35                <depend id="13" type="2"/>
36            </task>
37            <task id="13" name="QA&#47;support" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="7/10/2004" duration="5" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true"/>
38        </task>
39        <task id="11" name="0.4.2" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="true" start="12/10/2004" duration="1" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
40            <depend id="63" type="2"/>
41        </task>
42        <task id="62" name="Streaming lib" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="13/10/2004" duration="18" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
43            <task id="63" name="Packet spec" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="13/10/2004" duration="3" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
44                <depend id="64" type="2"/>
45            </task>
46            <task id="64" name="Implementation" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="16/10/2004" duration="10" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
47                <depend id="65" type="2"/>
48            </task>
49            <task id="65" name="QA&#47;support" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="26/10/2004" duration="5" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
50                <depend id="66" type="2"/>
51            </task>
52        </task>
53        <task id="66" name="0.4.3" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="true" start="31/10/2004" duration="1" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
54            <depend id="69" type="2"/>
55        </task>
56        <task id="68" name="UDP transport" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="31/10/2004" duration="19" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
57            <task id="69" name="Packet spec" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="31/10/2004" duration="3" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
58                <depend id="70" type="2"/>
59            </task>
60            <task id="70" name="Implementation" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="2/11/2004" duration="10" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
61                <depend id="71" type="2"/>
62            </task>
63            <task id="71" name="QA&#47;support" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="12/11/2004" duration="5" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
64                <depend id="72" type="2"/>
65                <depend id="170" type="2"/>
66            </task>
67        </task>
68        <task id="170" name="0.4.4" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="true" start="17/11/2004" duration="1" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
69            <depend id="122" type="2"/>
70        </task>
71        <task id="55" name="Cleanup" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="18/11/2004" duration="21" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
72            <task id="122" name="Code refactoring" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="18/11/2004" duration="7" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
73                <depend id="56" type="2"/>
74            </task>
75            <task id="56" name="Site docs" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="25/11/2004" duration="7" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
76                <depend id="57" type="2"/>
77            </task>
78            <task id="57" name="Code docs" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="2/12/2004" duration="7" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
79                <depend id="54" type="2"/>
80            </task>
81        </task>
82        <task id="54" name="1.0" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="true" start="9/12/2004" duration="2" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
83            <depend id="67" type="2"/>
84        </task>
85        <task id="67" name="Support" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="11/12/2004" duration="10" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
86            <depend id="110" type="2"/>
87        </task>
88        <task id="109" name="Restricted routes" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="21/12/2004" duration="25" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
89            <task id="110" name="Basic restricted routes" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="21/12/2004" duration="10" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
90                <depend id="111" type="2"/>
91            </task>
92            <task id="111" name="Trusted links" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="31/12/2004" duration="5" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
93                <depend id="112" type="2"/>
94            </task>
95            <task id="112" name="QA&#47;support" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="5/1/2005" duration="10" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
96                <depend id="113" type="2"/>
97            </task>
98        </task>
99        <task id="113" name="2.0" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="true" start="15/1/2005" duration="1" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
100            <depend id="120" type="2"/>
101        </task>
102        <task id="120" name="Support" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="16/1/2005" duration="10" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
103            <depend id="115" type="2"/>
104        </task>
105        <task id="114" name="Mixing" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="26/1/2005" duration="26" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
106            <task id="115" name="Tunnel throttles" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="26/1/2005" duration="3" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
107                <depend id="116" type="2"/>
108            </task>
109            <task id="116" name="Tunnel pooling" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="29/1/2005" duration="5" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
110                <depend id="117" type="2"/>
111            </task>
112            <task id="117" name="Tunnel chaffing" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="3/2/2005" duration="3" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
113                <depend id="118" type="2"/>
114            </task>
115            <task id="118" name="Garlic delays" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="6/2/2005" duration="5" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
116                <depend id="119" type="2"/>
117            </task>
118            <task id="119" name="QA&#47;support" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="false" start="11/2/2005" duration="10" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true">
119                <depend id="121" type="2"/>
120            </task>
121        </task>
122        <task id="121" name="3.0" color="#8cb6ce" meeting="true" start="21/2/2005" duration="1" complete="0" fixed-start="false" priority="1" expand="true"/>
123    </tasks>
125    <resources>
126        <resource id="0" name="jrandom" function="SoftwareDevelopment:2" contacts="" phone="" />
127    </resources>
129    <allocations>
130    </allocations>
133    <roles roleset-name="Default"/>
134    <roles roleset-name="SoftwareDevelopment"/>
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