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1$Id: readme.txt,v 1.5 2004/03/21 20:03:54 jrandom Exp $
2I2P Router 0.3
4You have installed a development release of I2P - a variable latency secure
5and anonymous communication network.  I2P is NOT a filesharing network, or an
6email network, or a publishing network - it is simply an anonymous communication
7layer - kind of an anonymous IP.  This installation includes an application
8called "I2PTunnel", which allows normal TCP/IP applications to run over I2P,
9offering functionality such as access to anonymous irc servers, anonymous
10websites ("eepsites"), etc.
12Since this is a *development* release, I2P should not be depended upon for
13anonymity or security.  The network is very small, and there are certainly bugs
14and suboptimal features.  Participating in the network at this time should be
15for exploration and to evaluate I2P's functionality and suitability for your
16later needs.  Once I2P 1.0 is out, wider adoption may be appropriate, but until
17that time, we do want to keep the I2P community small, since you are all part of
18the development team.
20=== How to get started
22Like a TCP/IP stack, installing the I2P "router" itself doesn't really do much.
23You can fire it up with the script (or startRouter.bat on
24windows), and its management console can be seen via http://localhost:7655/
26Once your router has started up, it may take a few minutes to get integrated
27with the network (you'll see a few TCP connections listed on the management
28console).  At that point, you can start up any of the various proxies:
29* startEepProxy: starts an HTTP proxy to access eepsites.  Set your browser's
30  HTTP proxy to localhost:4444 and you can browse various anonymously hosted
31  sites, ala http://duck.i2p/.  In addition, the default proxy is set up to
32  tunnel any HTTP requests that don't point at an eepsite (e.g.
33  through I2P to an outbound squid proxy - with this, you can browse the web
34  anonymously.
35* startIrcProxy: starts an anonymous tunnel to an anonymously hosted IRC server
36  ( - use your favorite irc client and connect to localhost:6668
37  and join us on #i2p
39=== Problems accessing eepsites or servers
41I2P is not a distributed data store (ala freenet / mnet / etc) - sites are only
42reachable when the host serving that data is up (and their router is running). 
43If you persistently can't reach the irc server, the squid proxy, or some common
44eepsites, check your management console (http://localhost:7655/) and make sure
45you have TCP connections.  If you don't have any, make sure your firewall / NAT
46allows inbound access to your I2P port (which you specified during
47installation).  If thats fine, but you only see one routerInfo-*.dat file
48underneath your netDb/ directory, run the reseed script to pull some new peer
49references (it contacts and downloads those files. 
50alternately, you can get routerInfo files from any of your friends, etc)
52If you still have problems, get in touch with the I2P team (contact info below)
54=== Resources / contact info
56I2P is currently revamping our website, so the two main resources are
57 and (our website's
58work-in-progress location is for those who want to see
59whats coming down the pipe).  The development and user community hangs out on
60a few different linked irc chats - IIP's #i2p,'s #i2p, and the
61in-I2P irc network's #i2p (both irc.baffled.i2p and  All of those
62channels are hooked together, so join whichever one meets your needs.
64There is also a relatively low traffic mailing list:
65 with archives at
68The source can be retrieved from as well as the latest
69binary distributions.
71You can pull the latest code via cvs:
72cvs -d login
73cvs -d co i2p
74The password is "anoncvs". 
76=== Acknowledgements
78We are a small group of volunteers spread around several continents, working to
79advance different aspects of the project and discussing the design of the
80network.  For a current list of team members, please see
83=== Licenses
85All code included here is released under an open source license.  To review
86the I2P license policy, please see
87If there is any confusion, please see the source code or contact the
88developers on the i2p list.
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