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.tx 6edd2b9   4 years zzz add zh_TW translation
apps b0aaf64   4 years zzz Console: Use i2pwiki.i2p for plugins directory link
core 855215e8   4 years zzz SU3File: fix bulksign of .xml and .xml.gz files
debian c84dd52   4 years zzz Debian: Updates from the 0.9.24 release, including patch refresh, not …
installer c9f025a   4 years zzz GeoIP update 2006-03-02 add v4 script
licenses 3daf287   7 years zzz GeoIPv6: - Handle gzipped input data in merge tool - Add script to …
router c1b6e1b   4 years zzz BuildHandler?: Fix for leaky counter of outstanding lookups
Slackware ff189e7   6 years killyourtv's backup acct slackbuild: minor changes to the comments
tests f217af2   5 years killyourtv's backup acct extend to print bits and hash information
.gitignore 614 bytes 24a133fe   6 years killyourtv's backup acct add .pc/ to .*ignore
.mtn-ignore 596 bytes c4ea50f   4 years zzz fix mtn-ignore skipping build.xml files 4.2 KB c7d68c2   5 years zzz Require Java 7 for SAM separate option javac.compilerargs7 for Java 7
build.xml 107.4 KB 49104134   4 years zzz fail javadoc task if it has errors
history.txt 596.0 KB 319d4014   4 years zzz Router: Fix corner cases maintaining local leasesets (ticket #1768)
INSTALL-headless.txt 2.0 KB 16549aa   5 years zzz Update text docs for Java 7
INSTALL.txt 2.3 KB 71c4505   4 years zzz add locale note
LICENSE.txt 9.5 KB 592f244   4 years zzz ElGamal? classes, from Bouncy Castle 1.53, for I2PProvider. License: …
Makefile.gcj 5.0 KB 3a1c042c   11 years zzz gcj makefile fixups
README.txt 1.3 KB 71c4505   4 years zzz add locale note

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i2p b0bca2f   13 months zzz Util: Avoid dup context warning when SU3File called twice from gradle
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