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  • history.txt

    rcbaa62d r2c0e6a3  
     12011-06-09 kytv
     2   * Added an x64 wrapper for Windows. This is needed because a 32bit wrapper
     3     cannot start a 64bit JVM.
     52011-06-08 zzz
     6    * Build:
     7      - Add standard manifest to jbigi.jar
     8      - Don't do 'mtn list changed' if not in a workspace or not needed
     9    * LogManager: Use DataHelper methods for loading and storing config
     112011-06-08 kytv
     12    * Update jbigi/jcpuid Windows dlls. As was done for FreeBSD and Linux, the
     13      libraries for 32bit CPUs were linked against gmp-4.3.2 and those for the
     14      64bit CPUs were linked against gmp-5.0.2.
     162011-06-07 kytv
     17    * Upgrade the wrapper to 3.5.9. Noticable changes include:
     18      - FreeBSD amd64 is now a supported arch along with i386. To use the wrapper
     19        with the most recent version of FreeBSD the port 'misc/compat6x' will need
     20        to be installed.
     21      - OSX: Both Intel and PPC Macs are supported. 32-bit support. If you'd like 64-bit
     22        support, please file a bug in trac with the output of "uname -m".
     23    * Upgrade jbigi/jcpuid for FreeBSD i386 and add support for amd64. As was done with
     24      the Linux compiles, 32bit compiles were linked with gmp 4.3.2 and 64 bit builds
     25      (as well as 32bit builds for 64bit cpus) were linked against gmp 5.0.2.
     272011-06-06 zzz
     28    * Drop andorid/ directory; further development will happen in
     29      an android-only branch.
    1312011-06-05 zzz
    232    * Console: Tag stat descriptions at declaration rather than in
    1444        little or no performance difference between the two versions for 32 bit processors.
    1545        See http://zzz.i2p/topics/306 for discussion and test results.
    16       - Replace old non-PIC 62-bit linux libs (GMP 4.1.4 built in 2005)
     46      - Replace old non-PIC 64-bit linux libs (GMP 4.1.4 built in 2005)
    1747        with PIC libs built with GMP 5.0.2. License is LGPLv3.
    1848        Built by sponge with GCC 4.4.4, downloaded from
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