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  • apps/routerconsole/locale-news/messages_ar.po

    r90cc71d r4e00eaf  
    2828#, java-format
    2929msgid "Please {0}have patience{1} as I2P boots up and finds peers."
    30 msgstr "انتظر قليلا بينما يتم ربط الإتصال بباقي أعضاء الشبكة."
     30msgstr "انتظر قليلا بينما يتم ربط الإتصال بباقي أعضاء الشبكة.{0}{1}"
    3232#, java-format
    3434"While you are waiting, please {0}adjust your bandwidth settings{1} on the {2}"
    3535"configuration page{3}."
    36 msgstr "بسنما يتم الإتصال <b>بتغير بيانات سرعة الشبكة في</b> قم <a href=\"config.jsp\">صفحة الخيارات</a>."
     36msgstr "بسنما يتم الإتصال {0}بتغير بيانات سرعة الشبكة في{1} قم {2}صفحة الخيارات{3}."
    3838msgid "Also you can setup your browser to use the I2P proxy to reach eepsites."
    5656"Once you have a \"shared clients\" destination listed on the left, please {0}"
    5757"check out{1} our {2}FAQ{3}."
    58 msgstr "عندما عندما تظهر عبارة \"shared clients\" على اليسار يمكنك حينها <b>زيارة</b> <a href=\"http://www.i2p2.i2p/faq.html\">الأسئلة الشائعة</a>."
     58msgstr "عندما عندما تظهر عبارة \"shared clients\" على اليسار يمكنك حينها {0}زيارة{1} {2}الأسئلة الشائعة{3}."
    6060#, java-format
    6262"Point your IRC client to {0}localhost:6668{1} and say hi to us on {2}#i2p-"
    6363"help{3} or {4}#i2p{5}."
    64 msgstr "IRC اتصل بخادم الدردشة الفورية  على <b>localhost:6668</b> <a href=\"irc://\">#i2p-help</a> or <a href=\"irc://\">#i2p</a>."
     64msgstr "IRC اتصل بخادم الدردشة الفورية  على {0}localhost:6668{1} {2}#i2p-help{3} or {4}#i2p{5}."
  • history.txt

    r90cc71d r4e00eaf  
     12012-07-20 zzz
     2 * DHSessionKeyBuilder: Fix for session and mac keys if DH key is between 32 and 63 bytes.
     3   Was: NPE. Now: mac key is hash of session key. Won't ever happen. (Ticket #963)
     4 * I2CP/I2PTunnel locking fixes (partial fixes for tickets 650. 722, 815, 946, 947, 953):
     5   - I2PSocketManagerFactory: New createDisconnectedManager(), javadocs
     6   - I2PSessionImpl: Rewrite state management and locking, prevent multiple
     7     connect() calls, but allow disconnect() to interrupt connect()
     8   - I2PSimpleSession: Changes to match I2PSessionImpl
     9   - I2PTunnelServer: Don't connect in constructor, use createDisconnectedManager()
     10     for a final manager, finals and cleanups
     11 * ClientManager:
     12   - Make classes extensible for router-side test stubs
     13   - Add router-side local-only test implementation, no full router required.
     14     Only tested with external clients, probably doesn't work in-JVM.
     15   - Don't start threads in ClientManager constructor
     16   - Remove unused Reader param in ClientMessageEventListener methods
     17   - Cleanups, volatiles, finals, javadocs
     18 * Translations:
     19   - New varargs method in Translate
     20   - New TranslateReader to translate static files on-the-fly using _("") tagging
     21   - Tag proxy error pages for TranslateReader
     22   - Drop static translated proxy error pages
     23   - Add new i2ptunnel bundle for the proxy alone, shipped in the jar.
     24   - Use TranslateReader in HTTP proxy for error pages
     25   - Move HTTP proxy strings from the web (war) to proxy (jar) bundle so they will be loaded
     26     Fixes translations for the lower half of the proxy pages that weren't accessible in the war.
     27   - Initial translations created by msgmerge from i2ptunnel and routerconsole po files, un-fuzzied
     28   - Tag initialNews.xml for TranslateReader
     29   - Drop static translated initialNews pages
     30   - Add new routerconsole bundle for the news alone, shipped in the jar
     31   - Use TranslateReader in HTTP proxy for initial news
     32   - Initial translations created manually from translated xml filesx
     33   - Add translated proxy error pages and initial news to deletelist.txt
     34 * Transports: Consolidate translation methods in TransportImpl;
     35   ngettext fix for "peers" string
    1382012-07-19 zzz
    239 * PRNG:
  • router/java/src/net/i2p/router/

    r90cc71d r4e00eaf  
    1919    public final static String ID = "Monotone";
    2020    public final static String VERSION = CoreVersion.VERSION;
    21     public final static long BUILD = 1;
     21    public final static long BUILD = 2;
    2323    /** for example "-test" */
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