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  • apps/routerconsole/jsp/config.jsp

    rfbad8a1 r52d38e0  
    106106    restart your router.</b>
    107107 <hr />
     108 <b>Reachability Help: </b>
     109 <p>
     110 While I2P will work adequately behind a firewall, your speeds and network integration will generally improve
     111 if you open up your port (generally 8887) to both UDP and TCP, and enable inbound TCP above.
     112 If you think you have opened up your firewall and I2P still thinks you are firewalled, remember
     113 that you may have multiple firewalls, for example both software packages and external hardware routers.
     114 <ul>
     115 <li><b>OK</b> - Your UDP port does not appear to be firewalled.
     116 <li><b>Firewalled</b> - Your UDP port appears to be firewalled.
     117     As the firewall detection methods are not 100% reliable, this may occasionally be displayed in error.
     118     However, if it appears consistently, you should check whether both your external and internal
     119     firewalls are open on port 8887.
     120 <li><b>Testing</b> - The router is currently testing whether your UDP port is firewalled.
     121 <li><b>WARN - Firewalled and Fast</b> - You have configured I2P to share more than 128KBps of bandwidth,
     122     but you are firewalled. While I2P will work fine in this configuration, if you really have
     123     over 128KBps of bandwidth to share, it will be much more helpful to the network if
     124     you open your firewall.
     125 <li><b>WARN - Firewalled and Floodfill</b> - You have configured I2P to be a floodfill router, but
     126     you are firewalled. For best participation as a floodfill router, you should open your firewall.
     127 <li><b>WARN - Firewalled with Inbound TCP Enabled</b> - You have configured inbound TCP, however
     128     your UDP port is firewalled, and therefore it is likely that your TCP port is firewalled as well.
     129     If your TCP port is firewalled with inbound TCP enabled, routers will not be able to contact
     130     you via TCP, which will hurt the network. Please open your firewall or disable inbound TCP above.
     131 <li><b>ERR - Private TCP Address</b> - You must never advertise an unroutable IP address such as
     132 or as your external address. Correct the address or disable inbound TCP above.
     133 <li><b>ERR - SymmetricNAT</b> - I2P detected that you are firewalled by a Symmetric NAT.
     134     I2P does not work behind this type of firewall.
     135 <li><b>ERR - UDP Port In Use - Set i2np.udp.internalPort=xxxx in advanced config and restart</b> -
     136     I2P was unable to bind to port 8887 or other configured port.
     137     Check to see if another program is using port 8887. If so, stop that program or configure
     138     I2P to use a different port. This may be a transient error, if the other program is no longer
     139     using the port. However, a restart is always required after this error.
     140 </ul>
     141 </p>
     142 <hr />
    109144 <b>Dynamic Router Keys: </b>
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