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Feb 16, 2005 10:23:47 PM (17 years ago)
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jrandom <jrandom> (02/16/05 22:23:47)
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2005-02-16 jrandom

  • (Merged the 0.5-pre branch back into CVS HEAD)
  • Replaced the old tunnel routing crypto with the one specified in router/doc/tunnel-alt.html, including updates to the web console to view and tweak it.
  • Provide the means for routers to reject tunnel requests with a wider range of responses:

probabalistic rejection, due to approaching overload
transient rejection, due to temporary overload
bandwidth rejection, due to persistent bandwidth overload
critical rejection, due to general router fault (or imminent shutdown)

The different responses are factored into the profiles accordingly.

  • Replaced the old I2CP tunnel related options (tunnels.depthInbound, etc) with a series of new properties, relevent to the new tunnel routing code:

inbound.nickname (used on the console)
inbound.quantity (# of tunnels to use in any leaseSets)
inbound.backupQuantity (# of tunnels to keep in the ready)
inbound.length (# of remote peers in the tunnel)
inbound.lengthVariance (if > 0, permute the length by adding a random #

up to the variance. if < 0, permute the length
by adding or subtracting a random # up to the

outbound.* (same as the inbound, except for the, uh, outbound tunnels

in that client's pool)

There are other options, and more will be added later, but the above are
the most relevent ones.

  • Replaced Jetty 4.2.21 with Jetty 5.1.2
  • Compress all profile data on disk.
  • Adjust the reseeding functionality to work even when the JVM's http proxy is set.
  • Enable a poor-man's interactive-flow in the streaming lib by choking the max window size.
  • Reduced the default streaming lib max message size to 16KB (though still configurable by the user), also doubling the default maximum window size.
  • Replaced the RouterIdentity? in a Lease with its SHA256 hash.
  • Reduced the overall I2NP message checksum from a full 32 byte SHA256 to the first byte of the SHA256.
  • Added a new "netId" flag to let routers drop references to other routers who we won't be able to talk to.
  • Extended the timestamper to get a second (or third) opinion whenever it wants to actually adjust the clock offset.
  • Replaced that kludge of a timestamp I2NP message with a full blown DateMessage?.
  • Substantial memory optimizations within the router and the SDK to reduce GC churn. Client apps and the streaming libs have not been tuned, however.
  • More bugfixes thank you can shake a stick at.

2005-02-13 jrandom

  • Updated jbigi source to handle 64bit CPUs. The bundled jbigi.jar still only contains 32bit versions, so build your own, placing in your install dir if necessary. (thanks mule!)
  • Added support for libjbigi-$os-athlon64 to NativeBigInteger? and CPUID (thanks spaetz!)
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  • apps/jetty/build.xml

    r36f7e98 r566a713  
    44    <target name="all" depends="build" />
    55    <target name="fetchJettylib" >
    6         <available property="jetty.available" file="jettylib" />
     6        <available property="jetty.available" file="" />
    77        <ant target="doFetchJettylib" />
    88    </target>
    99    <target name="doFetchJettylib" unless="jetty.available" >
    10         <echo message="The libraries contained within the fetched file are from Jetty's 4.2.21 " />
    11         <echo message="distribution ( which we have copied to our website since" />
    12         <echo message="theirs doesn't have direct HTTP access to the libs.  These are not " />
     10        <echo message="The libraries contained within the fetched file are from Jetty's 5.1.2" />
     11        <echo message="distribution (  These are not " />
    1312        <echo message="necessary for using I2P, but are used by some applications on top of I2P," />
    1413        <echo message="such as the routerconsole." />
    15         <get src="" verbose="true" dest="jettylib.tar.bz2" />
    16         <untar src="jettylib.tar.bz2" compression="bzip2" dest="." />
    17         <delete file="jettylib.tar.bz2" />
     14        <get src="" verbose="true" dest="" />
     15        <ant target="doExtract" />
     16    </target>
     17    <target name="doExtract">
     18        <unzip src="" dest="." />
     19        <mkdir dir="jettylib" />
     20        <copy todir="jettylib">
     21            <fileset dir="jetty-5.1.2/lib">
     22                <include name="*.jar" />
     23            </fileset>
     24        </copy>
     25        <copy todir="jettylib">
     26            <fileset dir="jetty-5.1.2/ext">
     27                <include name="ant.jar" />
     28                <include name="commons-el.jar" />
     29                <include name="commons-logging.jar" />
     30                <include name="jasper-compiler.jar" />
     31                <include name="jasper-runtime.jar" />
     32                <include name="javax.servlet.jar" />
     33                <include name="org.mortbay.jetty.jar" />
     34                <include name="xercesImpl.jar" />
     35            </fileset>
     36        </copy>
     37        <delete dir="jetty-5.1.2" />
    1838    </target>
    1939    <target name="build" depends="fetchJettylib" />
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