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     12012-03-04 zzz
     2  * Jetty: Upgrade to Jetty 6.1.26, Tomcat 6.0.35, and JSTL 1.2.
     3    - Supports Servlet 2.5 / JSP 2.1 standards
     4    - Jetty and Tomcat jars are checked in, no more need to
     5      download Jetty in the build process.
     6    - Bundle Jetty 6 rewrite handler and JMX
     7    - Bundle sample Jetty config files for rewrite, JMX, and SSL
     8    - Use ant's ant.jar instead of the one from Jetty
     9    - Port router console, i2psnark, and I2PRequestLog code to Jetty 6
     10    - Remove all old Jetty 5 patches and the custom Server() constructor,
     11      this will break Seedless use of the custom constructor
     12    - Fix up all .jsps to JSP 2.1 standards
     13    - Include automatic migration of clients.config,
     14      and of jetty.xml files for an eepsite at port 7658.
     15      New config includes files in eepsite/contexts and eepsite/etc
     16      Any other Jetty-hosted eepsites,
     17      or an eepsite not at port 7658 or with custom
     18      modifications of the jetty.xml file, will require
     19      manual editing of the new Jetty config files.
     20      This includes modifications for the seedless server in jetty.xml.
     21    - The following plugins are not compatible with Jetty 6
     22      and will be disabled until updates are available:
     23         i2pcontrol, pebble, and zzzot
     24    - Users updating must use the updaterWithJetty build target once,
     25      to get the new Jetty and Tomcat.
     26    - Put I2PRequestLog in its own jetty-i2p.jar
     27    - Jetty logging moved from wrapper to I2P log using the new I2PLogger class,
     28      also in jetty-i2p.jar
     29  * Console: Start all wars after the main console war,
     30    for faster startup and to prevent one failed war from preventing
     31    startup of the entire console
     32  * i2psnark: Disable i2psnark RunStandalone, unused and instantiated Jetty 5
     33  * i2ptunnel: Move i2ptunnel Bean classes from the jar to the war.
     34    These were deprecated for external use long ago.
     35    This will break very old seedless plugins; updates have
     36    been available for months.
     37  * susimail: Copy MultiPartRequest and other required classes from Jetty 5.1.15
     38    and add it to susimail, as the replacement MultiPartFilter in
     39    Jetty 6 is difficult to migrate to, and does not support content-type
    1412012-03-03 zzz
    242  * Console:
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