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propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.ecdsa' (head 1dd9522809f801ca68dd331cfba1c5c914dc1481)

to branch 'i2p.i2p' (head a1c2ba4663abc7470f427c6a14854707d58b486a)

Prop from branch i2p.i2p.zzz.ecdsa:

  • Build:
    • Generate su3 file in release target
    • Add zzz's new RSA 4096 pubkey cert for updates
    • Fix
  • Console: Move advanced setting to HelperBase?
  • DSAEngine changes:
    • Implement raw sign/verify for other SigTypes?
    • Add sign/verify methods using Java keys
  • ECDSA Support:
    • Add ECConstants which looks for named curves and falls back to explicitly defining the curves
    • Add support for ECDSA to SigType?, DSAEngine and KeyGenerator?
    • Attempt to add BC as a Provider
    • genSpec: fallback to BC provider
  • EepGet?:
    • Fix non-proxied PartialEepGet?
    • Prevent non-proxied eepget for an I2P host
  • KeyGenerator? changes:
  • KeyRing? and DirKeyRing? added: simple backend for storing X.509 certs
  • KeyStoreUtil? added:
    • Consolidate KeyStore? code from SSLEepGet, I2CPSSLSocketFactory, SSLClientListenerRunner, and RouterConsoleRunner? into new KeyStoreUtil? and CertUtil? classes in net.i2p.crypto (ticket #744)
    • Change default to RSA 2048 (ticket #1017)
    • Set file modes on written keys
    • Overwrite check in createKeys()
    • New getCert(), getKey()
    • Extend keygen max wait
    • Read back private key to verify after keygen
    • Validate cert after reading from file
    • Validate CN in cert
    • Specify cert signature algorithm when generating keys
  • NativeBigInteger?: Tweak to prevent early context instantiation
  • RSA support added: constants, parameters, sig types, support in DSAEngine, KeyGenerator?, SigUtil?
  • SHA1Hash: Add no-arg constructor
  • SigType? changes:
    • Add parameters (curve specs) to SigTypes?
    • Add getHashInstance()
    • Add RSA, fix ECDSA
    • Renumber, rename, comment out types that are too short.
  • SigUtil? added:
    • Converters from Java formats (ASN.1, X.509, PKCS#8) to I2P formats for Signatures and SigningKeys?
    • Move ASN.1 converter from DSAEngine to SigUtil?, generalize for variable length, add support for longer sequences, add more sanity checks, add more exceptions
    • Move I2P-to-Java DSA key conversion from DSAEngine to SigUtil?
    • Add Java-to-I2P DSA key conversion
    • Add Java key import
    • New split() and combine() methods
  • SSLEepGet: Move all certificates to certificates/ssl, in preparation for other certificate uses by SU3File
  • SU3File changes:
    • Support all SigTypes?
    • Implement keygen
    • Readahead to get sigtype on verify, as we need the hash type
    • Enum for content type
    • Add unknown content type, make default
    • Fix NPE if private key not found or sign fails
    • Store generated keys in keystore, and get private key from keystore for signing, in Java format
    • Use Java keys to sign and verify so we don't lose the key parameters in the conversion to I2P keys
    • Type checking of Java private key vs. type when signing
    • Use certs instead of public keys for verification
    • Fix arg processing
    • Improve validate-without-extract
    • New extract command
    • Change static fields to avoid early context init
    • Reduce PRNG buffer size for faster signing
  • Update: Preliminary work for su3 router updates:
    • New ROUTER_SIGNED_SU3 UpdateType?
    • Add support for torrent and HTTP
    • Refactor UpdateRunners? to return actual UpdateType?
    • Deal with signed/su3 conflicts
    • Verify and extract su3 files.
    • Stub out support for clearnet su3 updating
    • New config for proxying news, separate from proxying update
    • PartialEepGet? and SSLEepGet tweaks to support clearnet update
    • Remove proxy, key, and url config from /configupdate
    • More URI checks in UpdateRunner?
    • Add https support for news fetch
    • Add su3 mime type
    • Reset found version in update loop so we don't fetch from the next host too.
    • Prevent NPE on version after SSL fetch
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  • build.xml

    r82b1eb7 r6bb1505d  
    13811381        <exec executable="tests/scripts/" failonerror="true" />
    13821382        <exec executable="tests/scripts/" failonerror="true" />
     1383        <exec executable="tests/scripts/" failonerror="true" />
    13831384    </target>
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