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Adding all new code, removed a lot obsolete code and fixed import paths etc.
Mac OS X launcher:

  • UI built on Swift
    • Why?
      • Apple seems to on purpose make it harder to get into Objective-C these days
      • Swift is compiled to native code, but has easiness of Javascript in programming
      • Perfect for the OS X UI, many guides & tutorials as well
  • "Backend" in Objective-C++ / C++14
    • Why?
      • Originally written in Objective-C / C++14 with C++17 backports
      • Only for backend because of the time the development takes *

Short summary of features:

  • Java
    • It can detect java from:
      • JAVA_HOME environment variable
      • "Internet Plug-Ins" Apple stuff
      • By the /usr/libexec/java_home binary helper
    • It can unpack a new version of I2P
      • Unpacks to ~/Library/I2P
      • Can check currently unpacked version in ~/Library/I2P via i2p.jar's "net.i2p.CoreVersion?"
  • User Interface (a popover, see https://youtu.be/k8L3lQ5rUq0 for example of this concept)
    • Router control tab view
      • It can start the router
      • It can stop the router
      • It can detect already running router, then avoid fireing up one
      • It can show basic information about the router state & version
    • Log view tab (not yet done)
  • While left-click triggers popover, right-click draws a minimal context menu
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