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  • checklist.txt

    rad6cd05 r7ffb3f4  
    5151Generate hashes:
    52         sha1sum i2p*0.7.xx.*
    53         sha1sum i2pupdate.sud
     52        sha256sum i2p*0.7.xx.*
     53        sha256sum i2pupdate.sud
    5454        now GPG-sign an announcement with the hashes
    6666        announcements.html
    6767        announcements_de.html
    68         download.html (change SHA1s)
    69         download_de.html (change SHA1s)
     68        download.html (change SHA256s)
     69        download_de.html (change SHA256s)
    7070        index.html
    7171        index_de.html
    7474        Sync with mtn.i2p2.i2p
    76 Copy news.xml to subscription location
    78 Announce on #i2p, forum.i2p, Syndie, freshmeat
     76Announce on #i2p, forum.i2p
  • core/java/src/net/i2p/

    rad6cd05 r7ffb3f4  
    1515 */
    1616public class CoreVersion {
    17     public final static String ID = "$Revision: 1.72 $ $Date: 2008-08-24 12:00:00 $";
    18     public final static String VERSION = "0.7.5";
     17    /** deprecated */
     18    public final static String ID = "Monotone";
     19    public final static String VERSION = "0.7.6";
    2021    public static void main(String args[]) {
  • history.txt

    rad6cd05 r7ffb3f4  
     1* 2009-07-31  0.7.6 released
     32009-07-31 zzz
     4    * Update versions, package release
     5    * Fix snark.css link
     6    * Revert graph antialias enable
     7    * Remove <center> from iframe head
     8    * Fix tunnels.jsp HTML
     9    * Prevent linux-only installer screen from displaying on windows
    1112009-07-28 zzz
    212    * Add new reseed URL (thanks eche|on!)
  • initialNews.xml

    rad6cd05 r7ffb3f4  
    1 < date="$Date: 2009-06-29 00:00:00 $">
    2  <i2p.release version="0.7.5" date="2009/06/29" minVersion="0.6"/>
     1< date="$Date: 2009-07-31 00:00:00 $">
     2 <i2p.release version="0.7.6" date="2009/07/31" minVersion="0.6"/>
    33<h4>Congratulations on getting I2P installed!</h4>
  • installer/install.xml

    rad6cd05 r7ffb3f4  
    55    <info>
    66        <appname>i2p</appname>
    7         <appversion>0.7.5</appversion>
     7        <appversion>0.7.6</appversion>
    88        <authors>
    99            <author name="I2P" email=""/>
    9696        <panel classname="ShortcutPanel"><os family="windows" /></panel>
    9797        <!-- <panel classname="ProcessPanel"><os family="windows" /></panel> -->
    98         <panel classname="XInfoPanel" ><os family="unix|mac" /></panel>
     98        <!-- unix|mac doesn't work, displays for windows too -->
     99        <panel classname="XInfoPanel" ><os family="unix" /></panel>
     100        <panel classname="XInfoPanel" ><os family="mac" /></panel>
    99101        <panel classname="SimpleFinishPanel"/>
    100102    </panels>
  • news.xml

    rad6cd05 r7ffb3f4  
    1 < date="$Date: 2009-06-29 00:00:00 $">
    2  <i2p.release version="0.7.5" date="2009/06/29" minVersion="0.6"
     1< date="$Date: 2009-07-31 00:00:00 $">
     2 <i2p.release version="0.7.6" date="2009/07/31" minVersion="0.6"
    33              anonurl="http://i2p/NF2RLVUxVulR3IqK0sGJR0dHQcGXAzwa6rEO4WAWYXOHw-DoZhKnlbf1nzHXwMEJoex5nFTyiNMqxJMWlY54cvU~UenZdkyQQeUSBZXyuSweflUXFqKN-y8xIoK2w9Ylq1k8IcrAFDsITyOzjUKoOPfVq34rKNDo7fYyis4kT5bAHy~2N1EVMs34pi2RFabATIOBk38Qhab57Umpa6yEoE~rbyR~suDRvD7gjBvBiIKFqhFueXsR2uSrPB-yzwAGofTXuklofK3DdKspciclTVzqbDjsk5UXfu2nTrC1agkhLyqlOfjhyqC~t1IXm-Vs2o7911k7KKLGjB4lmH508YJ7G9fLAUyjuB-wwwhejoWqvg7oWvqo4oIok8LG6ECR71C3dzCvIjY2QcrhoaazA9G4zcGMm6NKND-H4XY6tUWhpB~5GefB3YczOqMbHq4wi0O9MzBFrOJEOs3X4hwboKWANf7DT5PZKJZ5KorQPsYRSq0E3wSOsFCSsdVCKUGsAAAA/i2p/i2pupdate.sud"
    44              publicurl=""
    1111            publiclogs="" />
    13 <h4><ul><li>2009-06-29: <b>0.7.5 <a href="http://www.i2p2.i2p/release-0.7.5.html">Released</a></b></li></ul></h4>
     13<h4><ul><li>2009-07-31: <b>0.7.6 <a href="http://www.i2p2.i2p/release-0.7.6.html">Released</a></b></li></ul></h4>
    15 I2P version 0.7.5 foremost addresses network stability issues
    16 by adjusting how exploratory tunnels are built if a router nears
    17 its connection limit, and also by distinguishing between
    18 connected peers and other non-failing peers while picking them
    19 for inclusion in tunnels.
     15I2P version 0.7.6 contains additional fixes for network stability issues
     16related to tunnel building and connection limits.
     17While the 0.7.5 release greatly improved the congestion that
     18appeared UTC evenings and weekends, it was not eliminated;
     19this release should improve the situation further.
    21 This version also delivers fixes to installer behaviour on Windows,
    22 to the Router Console, NTCP transport and UPnP mechanism.
     21This version also has new console themes by dr|z3d,
     22which may be selected on <a href="/configui.jsp">the new UI configuration page</a>.
     23Sorry, the new themes are not available for IE browsers.
    24 Additionally, version 0.7.5 changes the "news.xml" file location
    25 where I2P routers check whether a new version is available.
    26 Instead of the old URL (http://complication.i2p/news.xml)
    27 a new location (http://echelon.i2p./news.xml) will be used.
    28 If your router uses default updater settings, it will start using
    29 the new URL automatically. If not, you will need to visit
    30 <a href="configupdate.jsp">configupdate.jsp</a>, and change it manually.
    31 For a while after this update, the old news.xml location will also
    32 redirect all HTTP requests to the new one.
     25The default tunnel length variance is changed from 1 to 0.
     26This mainly affects exploratory tunnels and iMule.
     27<a href="http://zzz.i2p/topics/260">As explained on zzz.i2p</a>,
     28a non-zero variance adds very little protection, at great cost
     29in resources.
     30Should you wish to reconfigure your exploratory settings back to the old variance of 1,
     31or change to length 3 variance 0,
     32you may do so on <a href="configtunnels.jsp">the config tunnels page</a>.
     33iMule settings are best changed within that application.
    34 Finally, since Complication is withdrawing from the I2P project,
    35 to make some far-reaching changes in his life, this update removes
    36 Complication's public key from the list of release signing keys.
    37 You should expect the next release to be signed by zzz instead.
    38 If you have non-default updater settings, you may want to remove
    39 Complication's public key manually, by visiting <a href="configupdate.jsp">configupdate.jsp</a>,
    40 and removing the key line starting with the characters "JHFA".
    41 If you wish to verify whether this information is correct,
    42 please check the GPG-signed release announcement.
     35I2P now stores temporary data in the system temp directory
     36(generally /var/tmp on Linux and %TEMP% on Windows).
     37For new installs only,
     38user data is in $HOME/.i2p on Linux/Mac and
     39%APPDATA%\I2P on Windows.
     41The release contains several changes to reduce resource usage
     42(memory, CPU, and connections) and the usual assortment of bug fixes.
     43Upgrading is recommended.
     45This is the first release built and signed by zzz.
     46Thanks again to Complication for his many contributions to the project
     47over the past five years.
     48I2P is undergoing the most rapid development in years. Please give the
     49developers feedback on IRC #i2p or <a href="http://forum.i2p">forum.i2p</a>
     50and <a href="http://www.i2p2.i2p/getinvolved.html">get involved</a>!
  • router/java/src/net/i2p/router/

    rad6cd05 r7ffb3f4  
    1919    public final static String ID = "Monotone";
    2020    public final static String VERSION = CoreVersion.VERSION;
    21     public final static long BUILD = 34;
     21    public final static long BUILD = 0;
    2222    /** for example "-test" */
    23     public final static String EXTRA = "-rc";
     23    public final static String EXTRA = "";
    2424    public final static String FULL_VERSION = VERSION + "-" + BUILD + EXTRA;
    2525    public static void main(String args[]) {
  • router/java/src/net/i2p/router/tunnel/pool/

    rad6cd05 r7ffb3f4  
    623623        }
    624624        out.write("<tr><td align=\"center\"><b>Tunnels</b><td align=\"center\"><b>" + tunnelCount);
    625         out.write("</b><td align=\"center\">&nbsp;<td align=\"center\"><b>" + partCount);
    626         out.write("<td align=\"center\">&nbsp;</b></table>\n");
     625        out.write("</b><td>&nbsp;</td><td align=\"center\"><b>" + partCount);
     626        out.write("</b><td>&nbsp;</td></tr></table>\n");
    627627    }
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