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  • apps/routerconsole/jsp/help.jsp

    r27f0587 reb32e2e2  
    5050The second number is the number of peers seen in the last hour or so.
    5151Do not be concerned if these numbers vary widely.
    52 First enable all stats to <a href="configstats.jsp#router.activePeers">[Enable graphing]</a>.</li>
     52<a href="configstats.jsp#router.activePeers">[Enable graphing]</a>.</li>
    5353<li class="tidylist"><b>Fast:</b>
    5454This is the number of peers you use for building client tunnels. It is generally in the
    5555range 8-30. Your fast peers are shown on the <a href="profiles.jsp">profiles page</a>.
    56 <a href="configstats.jsp#router.fastPeers">[Enable graphing]</a>.</li>
     56<a href="configstats.jsp#router.fastPeers">[Enable graphing]</a></li>
    5757<li class="tidylist"><b>High Capacity:</b>
    5858This is the number of peers you use for building some of your exploratory tunnels. It is generally in the
    5959range 8-75. The fast peers are included in the high capacity tier.
    6060Your high capacity peers are shown on the <a href="profiles.jsp">profiles page</a>.
    61 First enable all stats to <a href="configstats.jsp#router.highCapacityPeers">[Enable graphing]</a>.</li>
     61<a href="configstats.jsp#router.highCapacityPeers">[Enable graphing]</a></li>
    6262<li class="tidylist"><b>Well Integrated:</b>
    6363This is the number of peers you use for network database inquiries.
  • apps/routerconsole/jsp/help_fr.jsp

    r27f0587 reb32e2e2  
    44448-10 à plusieurs centaines, selon votre bande passante et son rapport de partage, et le trafic généré localement. Le
    4545second est celui des pairs vus dans les dernières heures. Ces nombres penvent varier sensiblement sans conséquence.
    46 <a href="configstats.jsp#router.activePeers">[Activer le graphique]</a> (activer auparavant "toutes
    47 les statistiques").</li>
     46<a href="configstats.jsp#router.activePeers">[Activer le graphique]</a></li>
    4847<li class="tidylist"><b>Rapides:</b>
    4948le nombre de pairs que vous mettez à contribution pour construire vos tunnels clients. En général dans une tranche de
    5453Les pairs rapides font partie du groupe des "Hautes capacités". Vos pairs à hautes capacités sont aussi listés sur
    5554la page <a href="profiles.jsp">profils</a>.
    56 <a href="configstats.jsp#router.highCapacityPeers">[Activer le graphique]</a>  (activer auparavant "toutes les
    57 statistiques").</li>
     55<a href="configstats.jsp#router.highCapacityPeers">[Activer le graphique]</a></li>
    5856<li class="tidylist"><b>Bien intégrés:</b>
    5957vous utilisez ce groupe pour vos requêtes à la base de données du réseau. Ils sont souvent des pairs de remplissage par
  • history.txt

    r27f0587 reb32e2e2  
     12011-12-13 kytv
     2  * Don't require that full stats are enabled to be able to graph
     3    router.highCapacityPeers. (closes #450)
    152011-12-12 kytv
    26  * German and Spanish translation updates from Transifex
  • router/java/src/net/i2p/router/tasks/

    r27f0587 reb32e2e2  
    3636        ctx.statManager().createRequiredRateStat("bw.recvRate", _x("Low-level receive rate (bytes/sec)"), "Bandwidth", new long[] { 60*1000l, 5*60*1000l, 10*60*1000l, 60*60*1000l });
    3737        ctx.statManager().createRequiredRateStat("router.activePeers", _x("How many peers we are actively talking with"), "Throttle", new long[] { 60*1000, 5*60*1000, 60*60*1000 });
     38        ctx.statManager().createRequiredRateStat("router.highCapacityPeers", "How many high capacity peers we know", "Throttle", new long[] { 5*60*1000, 60*60*1000 });
    3839        ctx.statManager().createRateStat("router.activeSendPeers", "How many peers we've sent to this minute", "Throttle", new long[] { 60*1000, 5*60*1000, 60*60*1000 });
    39         ctx.statManager().createRateStat("router.highCapacityPeers", "How many high capacity peers we know", "Throttle", new long[] { 5*60*1000, 60*60*1000 });
    4040        ctx.statManager().createRequiredRateStat("router.fastPeers", _x("Known fast peers"), "Throttle", new long[] { 5*60*1000, 60*60*1000 });
    4141        _maxMemory = Runtime.getRuntime().maxMemory();
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