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Debian: Update launchpad instructions
Add debian build instructions

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  • debian-alt/doc/launchpad.txt

    ra834cef rf867a9d  
    3434- check out clean copy of release:
    35   mtn co -d i2p.mtn -b i2p.i2p i2p.i2p.foobar
     35  mtn co -d i2p.mtn -b i2p.i2p i2p.i2p.foobar -r t:i2p-0.9.xx
    3737Generate files to upload
    4646  * name and email MUST EXACTLY match what's in your GPG keyring
    4747    or the signing will fail.
    48     (or add -k keyid argument to debuild, which you must do
     48    (or add -kkeyid argument to debuild, which you must do
    4949     if you want to sign with a subkey)
    5050    run gpg -K to list your private keys
    5151- edit debian/control to uncomment libservice-wrapper-java line
    52 - ant debian-tarball
     52- ant debian-release-tarball
    5353  this will make a directory ../i2p-0.9.XX-0-xxxxxxxx/
    54   and a tarball ../i2p_0.9.XX-0-xxxxxxxx.orig.tar.bz2
    55 - mv ../i2p_0.9.XX-0-xxxxxxxx.orig.tar.bz2 ../i2p_0.9.XX.orig.tar.bz2
     54  and a tarball ../i2p_0.9.XX.orig.tar.bz2
    5655- cp debian/changelog ../i2p-0.9.XX-0-xxxxxxxx/debian/
    5756- cd ../i2p-0.9.XX-0-xxxxxxxx/
    5857- Build the *1ubuntu1* files:
    5958  If you have NOT done a successful dput for this release yet:
    60     debuild -S -sa
     59    debuild -S -sa -kkeyid
    6160  otherwise, if just fixing up the control files, patches, etc:
    62     debuild -S -sd
     61    debuild -S -sd -kkeyid
     62  (note: no space allowed in -kkeyid)
    6363- If patches fail, you must fix them up, either manually or with quilt
    6464  (quilt instructions go here)
    127127  (select "copy existing binaries")
    128128  Copy trusty first and wait for it to be published in i2p-maintainers or the others will fail.
     131Creating milestone, release, and uploading files
     134You must first create a milestone, then create a release
     135and attach it to the milestone.
     136Go to https://launchpad.net/i2p/trunk
     137Down at bottom, click 'create milestone'
     138    Name: 0.9.xx (NOT i2p 0.9.xx)
     139    Code name: empty
     140    Date targeted: Actual release date
     141    Tags: empty
     142    Summary: empty
     143Click 'register milestone'
     144Now you are back on https://launchpad.net/i2p/trunk
     145At your milestone, 'release now'
     146    Date released: Actual release date
     147    Release notes: empty
     148    Changelog: empty
     149Click 'create release'
     150Now you on the page for that milestone
     151Click 'add download file'
     152For each of the four files
     153    i2psource_0.9.xx.tar.bz2
     154      Description: I2P 0.9.xx Source Code
     155      Sig: i2psource_0.9.xx.tar.bz2.sig
     156      File Content Type: Code Release Tarball
     157    i2pinstall_0.9.xx_windows.exe
     158      Description: I2P 0.9.xx Installer for Windows
     159      Sig: i2pinstall_0.9.xx_windows.exe.sig
     160      File Content Type: Installer File
     161    i2pinstall_0.9.xx.jar
     162      Description: I2P 0.9.xx Installer (Linux / OSX / FreeBSD / Solaris)
     163      Sig: i2pinstall_0.9.xx.jar.sig
     164      File Content Type: Installer File
     165    i2pupdate_0.9.xx.zip
     166      Description: I2P 0.9.xx Update
     167      Sig: i2pupdate_0.9.xx.zip.sig
     168      File Content Type: Installer File
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