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(edit) @03d430b   2 years zzz SSU: Catch ISE
(edit) @5592992   2 years zzz SSU: Add volatile (ticket #2260)
(edit) @d500f61   2 years zzz NTCP: Log and fail messages on outbound queue overflow
(edit) @8eb6dc0   2 years zzz GeoIP: Don't log error message when hitting the end of the geoipv6.dat file
(edit) @dd5c4af   2 years zzz Console: Less hats and cats
(edit) @0756306   2 years zzz SusiMail?: CSS fixes (ticket #2242)
(edit) @5e24daa   2 years zzz disable NTCP2 code
(edit) @37bb09ff   2 years zzz new irc server
(edit) @89c9a6d   2 years zzz Push strings to transifex
(edit) @04bf515   2 years zzz build time debug tweak
(edit) @790db37   2 years zzz update build time
(edit) @78b2d24   2 years zzz Jetty: Add TX config for eepsite help page (ticket #2214) and for …
(edit) @14e4cba   2 years zzz SSL Wizard tweaks
(edit) @b1541db   2 years zzz Eepsite help: more edits
(edit) @da5de2f   2 years zzz NTCP: Fix clearing of write interest ops at inbound establishment, …
(edit) @aa98e54   2 years zzz Catch RuntimeException? in BuildRequestor?
(edit) @253c157   2 years zzz Don't exclusively use explicitPeers when specified for testing
(edit) @9c35a55   2 years zzz enforce max family name length
(edit) @a1bf2b8   2 years zzz console changelog disable horizontal scroll
(edit) @3361d14   2 years zzz UPnP: Change port names
(edit) @e687e1d   2 years slumlord #2242 - CSS changes for dark theme so that Folder button and drop-down …
(edit) @56bf844   2 years zzz eepsite: More help page updates (ticket #2214) Rename help page …
(edit) @ee50123   2 years slumlord #2214 - Update instructions for adding a key/hostname on stats.i2p; …
(edit) @3f92d92   2 years zzz eepsite: More help page fixes (ticket #2214) Re-enable dir listings, …
(edit) @2014533   2 years zzz i2psnark: Fix torrent ignoring priority settings when autostart is …
(edit) @7b379162   2 years zzz Eepsite Help: Updates for translation (ticket #2224) Remove dead links …
(edit) @98019bb   2 years slumlord Updates to eepsite help page
(edit) @5c3f264   2 years zzz NTCP: More efficient copying of inbound establish state data More prep …
(edit) @02855a0   2 years zzz NTCP: Fix state lock, should not have been static javadocs
(edit) @b5117ea   2 years zzz NTCP2: Data phase payload generation and parsing
(edit) @05ffa63   2 years zzz NTCP: Start NTCP2 implementation, all disabled for now
(edit) @06106c75   2 years zzz NTCP: Refactor EstablishState? into interface/base/inbound/outbound, in …
(edit) @363aaadb   2 years zzz Console: Sort tunnels within pools by expiration (ticket #2232)
(edit) @7713284   2 years zzz SusiDNS: Fix deleting notes (ticket #1433) Hide advanced fields in …
(edit) @cee45e3   2 years zzz SusiDNS: Add notes form (ticket #1433)
(edit) @24a1cf71   2 years zzz Console: Change Java 10 warning to Java 11, since bionic uses 10
(edit) @481e2875   2 years zzz Console: Fix CSS preventing ordered lists (ticket #2075)
(edit) @8b029db   2 years zzz SusiMail?: Message button tweaks
(edit) @484d4e2   2 years zzz SusiMail?: Don't require confirmation to delete from Trash, Clear …
(edit) @a7db82a   2 years zzz SusiMail?: Fix dup ConnectWaiter? run, no failure message
(edit) @3f2fe39   2 years zzz SusiMail?: Don't store loading/fetching/refresh messages in session …
(edit) @04a9f561   2 years zzz Javadoc fixes
(edit) @884a42b   2 years zzz Build: Remove more files from Debian source tarballs Don't need to …
(edit) @278a814   2 years zzz NTCP: Cleanup, remove commented-out code in prep for NTCP2 Increase …
(edit) @277a161   2 years zzz Console: Tagged string fixes (ticket #2017) CSS tweaks
(edit) @d128bab   2 years zzz SusiMail?: Send deletions after connect so emails don't come back after …
(edit) @550ef2a   2 years zzz SusiMail?: Remove disk null checks, always non-null
(edit) @5feeffa   2 years zzz ministreaming: Add classpath to jar (ticket #2228)
(edit) @36c279f   2 years zzz i2psnark: Hide peers button if no peers on that page (ticket #2152)
(edit) @f320746   2 years zzz i2psnark: Hide column 1 icon for peers (ticket #1996)
(edit) @00acac4   2 years zzz i2psnark: Hide "0 Bps" if no peers (ticket #2152)
(edit) @e67c750   2 years zzz i2ptunnel: Retry accept after server socket closed (ticket #2003)
(edit) @2d7f0d3   2 years zzz i2ptunnel CLI help tweak
(edit) @3701f71   2 years zzz Jetty: Skip files with [] in default servlet to avoid throwing exception
(edit) @3f64825   2 years zzz SSL Wizard: Cleanups
(edit) @5ca319e   2 years zzz /confignet: Reorganize (ticket #2217)
(edit) @f11104e   2 years zzz Summary Bar: Change header from "I2P Updates" to "Update Status" …
(edit) @39c0f55   2 years zzz Utils: Disable DNSoverHTTPS by default (ticket #2201) Reenable with …
(edit) @c1b9aa9   2 years zzz Router: Fix wrapper.config path in OOM message when installed as …
(edit) @9eb3cc5   2 years zzz i2ptunnel: Fix dup tunnels clicking generate on new tunnel (ticket …
(edit) @2fab97f   2 years zzz Console: Fix changes to wrong tunnel on /configtunnels (ticket #2227)
(edit) @195a2d04   2 years zzz LICENSE.txt clarifications and updates
(edit) @288a6b0   2 years zzz SSL Wiz: Use RSA if EC not available
(edit) @df7c1c6   2 years zzz Certs: Change default from RSA to EC for CA certs
(edit) @598a177   2 years Meeh Removed a "ant-" which wheren't supposed to be commited :)
(edit) @0a1191a   2 years Meeh Small patch to make ant use the SBT wrapper script.
(edit) @5f81a8de   2 years Meeh Mac OS X Launcher - reborn - ALPHA! TLDR; Howto? ant osxLauncher …
(edit) @f6273a1   2 years zzz SSL Wizard: Link fixes Fix lost autostart config Separate messages for …
(edit) @e14a4f0   2 years zzz HTTP Client: Allow SSL to i2p hosts by default
(edit) @543e5bd2   2 years zzz Preliminary .editorconfig
(edit) @d3c28a6   2 years zzz Streaming: Don't send HTTP response to HTTPS request
(edit) @d8516862   2 years zzz SSL Wizard: Add links
(edit) @87329bc3   2 years zzz SSL Wizard: Page cleanup, message box
(edit) @c734b84   2 years zzz doc update
(edit) @6c88eb5   2 years zzz BOB: Register with port mapper
(edit) @7b2355a8   2 years zzz SSL Wizard: Implement Jetty SSL disable
(edit) @b31ebfe   2 years zzz SSL Wizard: Stop and restart Jetty if running Make JettyStart?
(edit) @9a7b582   2 years zzz CLI: Add KeyGenerator?
(edit) @9c52d45   2 years zzz Debug: Case-insensitive sort of PortMapper? and AppManager? tables
(edit) @a548c30   2 years zzz Console: Make Java 10 warning a 10/11 warning
(edit) @2efd544   2 years zzz Tests: Add scala files to UTF-8 tests Make tests less noisy
(edit) @c9a6fab   2 years zzz SSL Wizard: Implement disable-SSL
(edit) @1c677cd   2 years zzz SSL Wizard: Fixes, checks, form improvements
(edit) @70e994fc   2 years Meeh Some changes, after much testing I find it best to spawn an sub java …
(edit) @c326bb7   2 years Meeh Added scala license snippet to LICENSE.txt
(edit) @f6c8e44   2 years Meeh Jar deployment, SBT hacking, and more related to launcher code. Some …
(edit) @345e741   2 years Meeh Change current directory to base directory before starting the router.
(edit) @3488db38   2 years Meeh Moved a function to a more logic place.
(edit) @8957c85   2 years Meeh Disable debug messages.
(edit) @6b0a102c   2 years Meeh Updating code to handle multiple(no limit) recursive levels.
(edit) @975d8a0   2 years Meeh Cleaned up in SBT build file. Sorted assignments, task definitions and …
(edit) @2d15f8e1   2 years Meeh Improved code documentation and readableness in form of syntax cleanup.
(edit) @a3a8ee1   2 years Meeh Major update for the OSX Launcher code. Now it will bundle installer …
(edit) @4e5a2d00   2 years zzz SSL Wizard: Move old keystore before rewriting Fix password setting in …
(edit) @ab039b8   2 years zzz SSL Wizard: Update and save tunnel config
(edit) @8ed1b96   2 years zzz Console: Fix NPE on /configsidebar (ticket #2220) Don't throw NPE …
(edit) @c73b5b9   2 years Meeh merge of '4d8cced5819f256dd03cd1a845bcb08fe8de9319' and …
(edit) @e308804   2 years Meeh Removing some resources.
(edit) @cdd58f1   2 years zzz SSL Wizard: Change cert type, export cert, show in cert helper, relay …
(edit) @4d09e50   2 years zzz SSL Wizard: Move some things to make the classloader happy Rewrite …
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