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(edit) @16421fa   2 years zzz NTCP: Fix number of SendFinisher? threads (ticket #2438)
(edit) @3c911ee   2 years zzz I2CP: Strip i2p.reseedURL from session options take 2
(edit) @a12058d   2 years zzz I2CP: Strip i2p.reseedURL from session options
(edit) @7ce539a   2 years zzz NetDB: Fix dup publish of RI at startup Improve locking for checking …
(edit) @b76b2ef   2 years zzz Console: Flip order of router logs
(edit) @32797dd4   2 years zzz NTCP: Loop in pumper if more to write (ticket #2440)
(edit) @e1385a7   2 years zzz minor speedup
(edit) @9cd90b0   2 years zzz NetDB: Use published date, not earliest lease expiration, for LS2 …
(edit) @5440a34   2 years zzz I2CP: Force i2cp.leaseSetType option for offline keys
(edit) @9fafc25   2 years zzz Data: Always set unpublished flag for inner LS (Enc LS2) Fix …
(edit) @b37160fa   2 years zzz Crypto: Keygen for RedDSA, allow RedDSA for unblinded keys (Enc LS2)
(edit) @7fbe1ce   2 years zzz Crypto: Sign/verify/encrypt/decrypt for Encrypted LS2 generateAlpha() …
(edit) @17270b15   2 years zzz Crypto: RedDSAEngine and generateAlpha() for Encrypted LS2
(edit) @e34b646   2 years zzz Crypto: New ChaCha20 wrapper around ChaChaCore?, for use with Encrypted LS2
(edit) @14ac8fe5   2 years zzz Crypto: Move ChaChaCore? from router to core, in prep for use with …
(edit) @b3c5974   2 years zzz Crypto: Implement blinding (proposal 123) Add sig type 11 for blinded keys
(edit) @af46e48   2 years slumlord Fix build which broke after themes were removed
(edit) @2aa0937   2 years zzz Tomcat 8.5.38
(edit) @ab7f61d   2 years zzz Console: Drop midnight and classic themes (ticket #2272)
(edit) @2d67d11   2 years zzz Transport: Fixes for NTCP when SSU disabled (ticket #1417) Delay port …
(edit) @d244d17   2 years str4d Gradle: Optionally include jbigi at runtime for core This enables …
(edit) @e662f09   2 years str4d Gradle: Create jbigi configuration
(edit) @ad5301a   2 years str4d Gradle: Integrate JMH benchmarks Run with ./gradlew jmh —no-daemon
(edit) @def9392   2 years str4d Gradle: Disable ScalaTests? when TARGET_JAVA_HOME is set Previously, …
(edit) @f9c1396   2 years str4d Travis CI: Test against JDK 9+
(edit) @4f6b58e   2 years str4d Gradle: Configure —release compiler flag after project evaluation
(edit) @2556c77   2 years str4d Travis CI: Update config to handle cross-compilation
(edit) @9731c20   2 years str4d Gradle: Improve cross-compilation support JDK 9+ have a —release …
(edit) @a1b67e3   2 years str4d Gradle: Parse router version from Java source
(edit) @56c1739d   2 years str4d Gradle: Use plugins DSL where possible
(edit) @1ae9879   2 years str4d Upgrade Gradle wrapper to 5.2.1
(edit) @51b27bb   2 years zzz Console: Hide disabled transports on /peers
(edit) @5b78b53f   2 years zzz SSU: EstablishmentManager? fixes (ticket #2397)
(edit) @3ba0fcf   2 years zzz SAM: Support offline keys
(edit) @7544d0a   2 years zzz Streaming: Fix exception after sig verify fail log tweaks
(edit) @636016d1   2 years zzz NTCP: Add option to disable NTCP1 (ticket #2328) Don't bid for …
(edit) @b310c60   2 years zzz Javadoc fixes
(edit) @19cb85a   2 years zzz i2pcontrol: Javadoc fixes
(edit) @490b81c   2 years zzz Crypto: Shortcut GroupElement? representation conversion
(edit) @3a30f07   2 years zzz I2CP: Prevent use of repliable datagrams with offline keys
(edit) @61c6242   2 years zzz Build: Add targets for alternate debian distros (ticket #2410)
(edit) @16ccc1b   2 years zzz remove exchanged.i2p
(edit) @b8270239   2 years zzz NTCP: Speed up allowConnection() (ticket #2381)
(edit) @8a77db1   2 years zzz Transport: Clean up unreachable() methods (ticket #2382)
(edit) @beb0879   2 years zzz Router: OutNetMessage? cleanup (ticket #2386)
(edit) @6f75680   2 years zzz SSU: PacketHandler? cleanup (ticket #2383)
(edit) @a756c12   2 years zzz I2CP: Change format and message type of CreateLeaseSet2 message to …
(edit) @ead4925   2 years zzz Data: Represent blinding secret as a SigningPrivateKey?
(edit) @0e029f8   2 years zzz I2CP: Fix LS2 NPE
(edit) @bd6cf53d   2 years zzz i2ptunnel: Fix HTTP websockets by passing through Connection headers …
(edit) @e20a6a9   2 years zzz i2ptunnel: Fix HTTP websockets by passing through Connection headers …
(edit) @0e710f87   2 years zzz Streaming: Support offline signatures (proposal 123) Don't send FROM …
(edit) @7d11fb26   2 years zzz I2CP: Remove revocation private key from CreateLeaseset2 message Use …
(edit) @d7808cd   2 years zzz Data: Fix length for offline sig verification
(edit) @f288682   2 years zzz Test: Disable NTP in LocalClientManager?
(edit) @19defbe   2 years zzz Debian: Fix build of i2pcontrol
(edit) @175ea0f0   2 years zzz i2ptunnel: Update clearnet UA to match current TBB
(edit) @30015c1   2 years zzz i2ptunnel: Handle PUT like POST
(edit) @4f84550   2 years zzz i2ptunnel: Caching of outproxy selection, avoid last-failed outproxy
(edit) @428fb26   2 years zzz Debian: AppArmor? fix for Oracle JVM (ticket #2319) Allow any JRE or …
(edit) @ec5e2db   2 years zzz i2ptunnel: More localhost checks
(edit) @316011e   3 years zzz Debian: Fix version detection of Tomcat 9 required for reproducible builds
(edit) @68567cb   3 years zzz Build: Fix javac.classpath in junit.compileTest targets (ticket #2333)
(edit) @4eb9368   3 years zzz I2CP: Fixes for CreateLeaseset2 message with multiple keys
(edit) @c555bb6c   3 years zzz i2cp.leaseSetEncType param: Support comma-separated values, check …
(edit) @1bb57c4   3 years zzz EdDSA minor cleanup
(edit) @a51a6d57   3 years zzz rename class
(edit) @8465fe7   3 years zzz fix build warnings
(edit) @0801d20   3 years zzz EdDSA: Make more classes serializable (Github PR #68)
(edit) @9055982   3 years zzz bump after prop
(edit) @8c9ce56   3 years zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.i2pcontrol' (head …
(edit) @0a8ab441   3 years zzz I2PControl: Add manifest for jar build Stub out socketJar build
(edit) @24fd4881   3 years zzz I2PControl: Disable webapp by default Add link in Services section of …
(edit) @3fca0f6   3 years zzz LS2: Honor unpublished flag
(edit) @3cd12ec   3 years zzz LS2: Select first supported encryption key from leaseset OCMOSJ: Fail …
(edit) @0889a75   3 years zzz NDT: Catch exception on DNS lookup failure (ticket #2399) Add support …
(edit) @efb1b7c   3 years zzz Debian: Fix PPA builds for precise and trusty (ticket #2408) Reverts …
(edit) @3527f25   3 years zzz Debian: Add build option for libtomcat9 (ticket #2364)
(edit) @6cdc515   3 years zzz Fix Debian control files (ticket #2401)
(edit) @57de4b1   3 years zzz Debian files for 0.9.38
(edit) @609d594   3 years Meeh Mac OSX Launcher: 0.1.3 Release commit.
(edit) @88d9f1d   3 years zzz 0.9.38 i2p-0.9.38
(edit) @5c0aab4   3 years zzz Minor fixes after review
(edit) @33e96d7   3 years zzz Reseed: Update SSL cert
(edit) @d00e3c7   3 years zzz Debian: Add source param to javadoc target, fixes build on sid
(edit) @318ebb3   3 years zzz Debian: Replace ttf-dejavu with fonts-dejavu (ticket #2395)
(edit) @f224a77   3 years zzz bump for review
(edit) @ebcf187   3 years zzz Pull translations
(edit) @b3cfc89f   3 years zzz remove old file from test script
(edit) @e57606a   3 years Meeh Mac OSX Launcher: Added Carthage file + shell script
(edit) @a367778   3 years Meeh Mac OSX Launcher: Misc changes + xcode project file update
(edit) @605f987   3 years Meeh Mac OSX Launcher: UI code updates, integration of firefox manager.
(edit) @5212591   3 years Meeh Mac OSX Launcher: Storyboard updates, added firefox button, …
(edit) @ba853a8c   3 years Meeh Mac OSX Launcher: The firefox manager code
(edit) @6ad64d5b   3 years Meeh Mac OSX Launcher: Adding the "launcher launcher" for startup functionality.
(edit) @272588d   3 years zzz Debian: Add Disco files, refresh patch for Jetty 9.4
(edit) @344c812   3 years zzz NTCP: Stop X25519KeyFactory on shutdown (ticket #2388)
(edit) @b4e2619   3 years zzz Plugins: Fix loading of webapp configuration classes on Jetty 9.4 by …
(edit) @6ca38307   3 years zzz Debian: AppArmor? updates (ticket #2319)
(edit) @d8516314   3 years zzz SusiMail?: Fix sending mail with attachments (ticket #2373) Fix …
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