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(edit) @1c90985   20 months zab2 recorder → record
(edit) @3498ab0   20 months zab2 define thresholds in seconds, not minutes
(edit) @d809b59   20 months zab2 display filter definition parsing errors in the UI message box
(edit) @c3aa4598   20 months zzz merge of 'cbd8a21f0033ee2af8c73bd2a312059869142c83' and …
(edit) @d389b3b   20 months zzz I2PTunnel: Start/stop POST throttle timer
(edit) @76ee577   20 months zab2 make filter definition text field longer
(edit) @b7d980d   20 months zab2 bump -3 for access filter
(edit) @491cd0a   20 months zab2 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zab.2464' (head …
(edit) @e380b26   20 months zab2 Say that it's an absolute file
(edit) @4790a14   20 months zab2 change UI to allow same filter definition to be used in multiple tunnels
(edit) @194df9d   20 months zab2 link to format spec
(edit) @567bccb   20 months zzz Debian: Fixes for precise/trusty/jessie (ticket #2470)
(edit) @0e8e368   20 months zzz Data: Implement Destroyable for private keys (ticket #2462)
(edit) @d3170de   20 months zzz SAM prep for b33
(edit) @908bf26   20 months zzz javadoc fix
(edit) @e55702b   20 months zab2 stop the filter in destroy method
(edit) @c0c9582   20 months zab2 add logic to start and stop filter timers
(edit) @fc9ad32   20 months zab2 Make the config format consistent (threshold rule [target])
(edit) @7d40dfe   20 months zzz CLI tweak
(edit) @2304e9b   20 months zab2 prettier html
(edit) @944fe47   20 months zzz Crypto: new SigContext? (WIP) (proposal #148)
(edit) @7501e3f   20 months zzz javadoc fix
(edit) @eb0920e2   20 months zzz NetDB: Persistence for blinding cache
(edit) @956a714   20 months zab2 package.html
(edit) @3f990b0   20 months zab2 html in javadoc
(edit) @3dbe8f20   20 months zab2 document format
(edit) @d90fc42   20 months zab2 javadoc
(edit) @85db853   20 months zab2 use curly braces around one-line for and while loops
(edit) @440d557   20 months zab2 Clear all state if the tunnel is closed
(edit) @910a0d8   20 months zab2 fix b32 parsing
(edit) @c5f9aea5   20 months zab2 do not use equalsIgnoreCase
(edit) @84ea533   20 months zab2 use DataHelper?.split instead of String.split
(edit) @fd2819c   20 months zab2 Use Hash objects instead of Strings representing b32s
(edit) @fd6cb07   20 months zab2 use SecureFileOutputStream?
(edit) @6d2270a   20 months zab2 Cancel timers if tunnel is stopped
(edit) @94bde1d   20 months zab2 Exception to be thrown in case of invalid filter definition
(edit) @ba801be   20 months zzz Debconf translation update from …
(edit) @e919271   20 months zab2 revert accidental commit
(edit) @d2bdbcd   20 months zab2 correct io pattern
(edit) @97eb5a5   20 months zab2 add the UI bits of the access rules
(edit) @473ced4   20 months zab2 disable splitting by tabs for now
(edit) @c777109   20 months zab2 hook up loading of filter definitions for server tunnels
(edit) @ea127d3   20 months zzz NetDB: Fix b33 lookup looping after failure
(edit) @b35762b   20 months zab2 factory to rule them all
(edit) @3f6fc7c   20 months zab2 wip on parser of filter definitions
(edit) @82eea0a   20 months zzz NetDB: Cache blinding data for lookups and decryption (proposal #123)
(edit) @670016e   20 months zab2 wip on parser of filter definitions
(edit) @14492d72   20 months zzz log fix
(edit) @de9d968   20 months zzz DatabaseEntry?: Change from volatile to synched
(edit) @7bb76776   20 months zzz SelfSignedGenerator?: improve previous fix
(edit) @841b16ef   20 months zab2 Access list may not exist
(edit) @0d0dd1e   20 months zab2 hook up periodic events to ST2
(edit) @62f7b2c   20 months zab2 Skeleton architecture of access filter
(edit) @a5e568f   21 months zab2 Hooks into streaming for filtering of incoming connections
(edit) @64039ee   21 months zzz button style
(edit) @ce043943   21 months zzz SusiDNS: Add import feature (ticket #2447) Box overlap issue remains …
(edit) @fea5bd4   21 months zzz SelfSignedGenerator?: - Fix generation with Ed25519ph keys (ticket …
(edit) @00d4525   21 months zzz Data: Initial work on b32 format for blinded leasesets (proposal 149, WIP)
(edit) @f17776e   21 months zzz i2ptunnel: Escape {} in URLs (ticket #2130)
(edit) @0584548   21 months zzz Debian files for 0.9.39
(edit) @bb5a8921   21 months zzz 0.9.39 i2p-0.9.39
(edit) @c3ebc00   21 months zzz bump for review
(edit) @a57c277   21 months zzz Pull translations
(edit) @2b00bfa   21 months zzz Fix Debian builds with Jetty 9.4.15 (ticket #2457)
(edit) @8962ea05   21 months zzz Doc updates, BuildTime? update
(edit) @7511de68   21 months zzz Router: Remove unused test support for AES disabled
(edit) @0b5a36d5   21 months zzz GeoIP update 2019-03-11
(edit) @1f861c1   21 months zzz javadoc fix
(edit) @d7d1dcb5   21 months zzz Crypto: Ed25519 check for S < L as in RFC 8032
(edit) @91c59df   21 months zzz Crypto: Fix Ed25519ph conversion
(edit) @9d17066   21 months slumlord Update hyperlinks for forum to point to i2pforum.i2p
(edit) @7db602d   21 months zab2 Make I2pTunnel wait for router to reach RUNNING state (ticket #2377)
(edit) @7e6fd01   21 months zzz New home page icons from Sadie Source: …
(edit) @365f5a8   21 months zzz UPnP redundant casts
(edit) @30dbe24   21 months zzz LS2: Allow UTF-8 for blinding secret
(edit) @e36a3b3   21 months Meeh Mac OSX Launcher: * Fixed startup option so the launcher can start at …
(edit) @5d389c8   21 months zzz I2CP: Add support for blinding secret
(edit) @d6a53cc   21 months zzz Data: Consolidate offline key check i2ptunnel: Prevent registration …
(edit) @409207e0   21 months zzz more selectors
(edit) @95366c0   21 months zzz NetDB: Minor performance improvement in selectors log tweaks
(edit) @5b1b4ac   21 months zzz NetDB: Fix flood version check, add version check for RedDSA
(edit) @10bae6a   21 months zzz Data: Update Encrypted LS2 blinding and encryption to match current …
(edit) @bfafdd34   21 months zzz NetDB: Fix tunnel selection for verify of encrypted ls2 store Fix NPE …
(edit) @0b28965   21 months zzz Console: Fix NPEs displaying encrypted LS2
(edit) @268a3ee   21 months zzz NetDB: Fix finding tunnels to publish encrypted LS2 log tweaks
(edit) @ad1600e   21 months zzz log tweaks
(edit) @f1ed870   21 months zzz Data: Fix NPE in debug logging
(edit) @5d3b7c1   21 months zzz NetDB: Call fail callback when lookup is negative cached (thx zab)
(edit) @cd97718   21 months zzz I2CP, NetDB: More encrypted LS2 fixes (WIP) Marked encrypted LS hash …
(edit) @54d9a29   21 months zzz I2CP, NetDB, Console: Encrypted LS2 handling fixes (WIP) log tweaks
(edit) @7cbb43a   21 months zzz I2CP: Encrypted LS2 handling fixes, log tweaks (WIP) Add number of …
(edit) @335736b   21 months zab2 Fix log strings
(edit) @f0b9986e   21 months zzz Enc LS2 debug logging changes
(edit) @82d1874   21 months zzz Streaming: Fix sending messages with expired times (ticket #2451)
(edit) @d1617dd   21 months zzz Console: Fix router logs not shown if first msg is a dup
(edit) @21c7a341   21 months zzz Console: Change fallback client names to use b32 instead of truncated …
(edit) @302adc2   21 months zzz Console: Drop icons for deleted /home items
(edit) @c8b7e82   21 months zzz Console: Handle zero SSU RTT on /peers (ticket #2443) PeerState? minor …
(edit) @cf1c0cb3   21 months zzz SSU: Fix RTT/RTO calculations (ticket #2443)
(edit) @566df1c   21 months zzz SSU: Fix scheduling of peer test at startup (ticket #2441)
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