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(edit) @428fb26   20 months zzz Debian: AppArmor? fix for Oracle JVM (ticket #2319) Allow any JRE or …
(edit) @ec5e2db   20 months zzz i2ptunnel: More localhost checks
(edit) @316011e   20 months zzz Debian: Fix version detection of Tomcat 9 required for reproducible builds
(edit) @68567cb   20 months zzz Build: Fix javac.classpath in junit.compileTest targets (ticket #2333)
(edit) @4eb9368   20 months zzz I2CP: Fixes for CreateLeaseset2 message with multiple keys
(edit) @c555bb6c   20 months zzz i2cp.leaseSetEncType param: Support comma-separated values, check …
(edit) @1bb57c4   20 months zzz EdDSA minor cleanup
(edit) @a51a6d57   20 months zzz rename class
(edit) @8465fe7   20 months zzz fix build warnings
(edit) @0801d20   20 months zzz EdDSA: Make more classes serializable (Github PR #68)
(edit) @9055982   20 months zzz bump after prop
(edit) @8c9ce56   20 months zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.i2pcontrol' (head …
(edit) @0a8ab441   20 months zzz I2PControl: Add manifest for jar build Stub out socketJar build
(edit) @24fd4881   20 months zzz I2PControl: Disable webapp by default Add link in Services section of …
(edit) @3fca0f6   20 months zzz LS2: Honor unpublished flag
(edit) @3cd12ec   20 months zzz LS2: Select first supported encryption key from leaseset OCMOSJ: Fail …
(edit) @0889a75   20 months zzz NDT: Catch exception on DNS lookup failure (ticket #2399) Add support …
(edit) @efb1b7c   20 months zzz Debian: Fix PPA builds for precise and trusty (ticket #2408) Reverts …
(edit) @3527f25   20 months zzz Debian: Add build option for libtomcat9 (ticket #2364)
(edit) @6cdc515   20 months zzz Fix Debian control files (ticket #2401)
(edit) @57de4b1   20 months zzz Debian files for 0.9.38
(edit) @609d594   20 months Meeh Mac OSX Launcher: 0.1.3 Release commit.
(edit) @88d9f1d   20 months zzz 0.9.38 i2p-0.9.38
(edit) @5c0aab4   20 months zzz Minor fixes after review
(edit) @33e96d7   20 months zzz Reseed: Update SSL cert
(edit) @d00e3c7   21 months zzz Debian: Add source param to javadoc target, fixes build on sid
(edit) @318ebb3   21 months zzz Debian: Replace ttf-dejavu with fonts-dejavu (ticket #2395)
(edit) @f224a77   21 months zzz bump for review
(edit) @ebcf187   21 months zzz Pull translations
(edit) @b3cfc89f   21 months zzz remove old file from test script
(edit) @e57606a   21 months Meeh Mac OSX Launcher: Added Carthage file + shell script
(edit) @a367778   21 months Meeh Mac OSX Launcher: Misc changes + xcode project file update
(edit) @605f987   21 months Meeh Mac OSX Launcher: UI code updates, integration of firefox manager.
(edit) @5212591   21 months Meeh Mac OSX Launcher: Storyboard updates, added firefox button, …
(edit) @ba853a8c   21 months Meeh Mac OSX Launcher: The firefox manager code
(edit) @6ad64d5b   21 months Meeh Mac OSX Launcher: Adding the "launcher launcher" for startup functionality.
(edit) @272588d   21 months zzz Debian: Add Disco files, refresh patch for Jetty 9.4
(edit) @344c812   21 months zzz NTCP: Stop X25519KeyFactory on shutdown (ticket #2388)
(edit) @b4e2619   21 months zzz Plugins: Fix loading of webapp configuration classes on Jetty 9.4 by …
(edit) @6ca38307   21 months zzz Debian: AppArmor? updates (ticket #2319)
(edit) @d8516314   21 months zzz SusiMail?: Fix sending mail with attachments (ticket #2373) Fix …
(edit) @16f4f04   21 months zzz change firefox profile installer link
(edit) @ca86bbe4   21 months zzz EncType? javadoc update
(edit) @cf27938   21 months zab2 fix compilation with Gradle to account for GeoIP2 and systray changes
(edit) @4283d71   21 months zzz I2CP: Set LS2 unpublished bit, show in debug output
(edit) @10f2d83   21 months zzz SSU: More consolidation of clock().now() calls
(edit) @f5ca17c   21 months zzz NetDB: Use isSlow() in floodfill criteria
(edit) @b62732b   21 months zzz Console: More LS2 debug output I2CP: Bump min LS2 router version for …
(edit) @47beb82   21 months zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head …
(edit) @17228de   21 months zzz I2CP: Remove client-side-only options from those sent to router
(edit) @5ca9802   21 months zzz I2CP: Router-side stub for enc. ls2; throw for now
(edit) @0c15936   21 months zzz I2CP: Router-side fix for meta LS2
(edit) @e02a0df   21 months zzz NTCP: Avoid Java 8/9 bootclasspath issue
(edit) @0d330ca   21 months zzz I2CP: Basic router-side handling of meta LS2 Improve error handling of …
(edit) @8cd7e7d   21 months zzz poupdate-source for 0.9.38 Fix poupdate script to not pick up tags in …
(edit) @671e9dd   21 months zzz I2CP: Stub out client-side creation of meta and enc. LS2
(edit) @4ff9092   21 months zzz Wrapper: Increase default heap to 256 MB
(edit) @fb8665b   21 months zzz Console: Fix broken image link on /configui
(edit) @2c703300   21 months zzz Console: Remove firefox anchor in link
(edit) @30ea6f3   21 months zzz Console: Remove test code that forces wizard run on dev builds
(edit) @5634055   21 months zzz Crypto: Stub out EdDSA blinding (proposal 123)
(edit) @3b7284c   21 months zzz I2CP: Add support for multiple private keys in CreateLS2Message
(edit) @74ed9741   21 months zzz NetDb?: Prevent ISJ deadlock (ticket #2366)
(edit) @4786081   21 months zzz Build: Check cert validity Reseed updates
(edit) @150cee9a   21 months zzz Data: Add type byte to MetaLease?, add EmptyProperties? to reduce object …
(edit) @941a9944   21 months zzz remove temp wizard text
(edit) @d10d7227   21 months zzz Wizard: Styling, fix links, change button icons back.png: Arrow …
(edit) @9951e34   21 months zzz Data: More work on Encrypted LS2 (proposal 123)
(edit) @62fd049   21 months zzz Debian: Split up conffiles into subpackages
(edit) @a0d2288   21 months zzz Debian: Remove obsolete systray.config
(edit) @149359f   21 months zzz Data: Fix LS2 size(), fix Meta LS2, fix date rouding
(edit) @4ae57f4   21 months zzz Data: Fix LS2 support for unknown enc. types (proposal 123)
(edit) @d95d81a   21 months zzz Data: Add support for LS2 multiple encryption keys (proposal 123)
(edit) @92ad4d1   21 months zzz NBI: Add lookup tables for ARMv8
(edit) @3c0ba5c   21 months zzz Console: Add warning for OpenJDK Zero VM
(edit) @f221e72   21 months zzz Console: New light background (ticket #738) thx Alex
(edit) @0fdede8   21 months slumlord Fix _isArm
(edit) @47629bf   21 months zzz Console: Update ARM warning (ticket #2368), remove Java 11 warning
(edit) @0474876   21 months zzz NDT: Fix deprecation
(edit) @edae8e3   21 months zzz Sybil: Translate strings that we already have tagged elsewhere
(edit) @1411d0c   21 months zzz Sybil: Change persistence format to prevent errors in some locales
(edit) @aad80eb   21 months zzz Console: _action cannot be null in processForm() GraphHelper? minor cleanup
(edit) @af49a90   21 months zzz Sybil: Add background run form
(edit) @fa6a4ca1   21 months zzz Console: Convert NetDbHelper? to a FormHandler?, change SybilRenderer?
(edit) @e122393   21 months zzz FormHandler?: move things around
(edit) @2d026d5   21 months zzz Console: isAdvanced() cleanup
(edit) @367e5ac   22 months zzz javadoc fix
(edit) @f3a4b11   22 months zzz Console: More links on sybil page
(edit) @9f64cc7   22 months zzz TLSv1.3 notes
(edit) @0365129   22 months zzz thread name change
(edit) @94fd60d   22 months zzz Transports: Improve banning of routers from wrong network
(edit) @18b7d97   22 months zzz new reseed
(edit) @021375b   22 months zzz NTCP: More now() calls out of loops
(edit) @8a06027   22 months zab2 Get call to system timer out of tight loop when counting connections
(edit) @20876ff   22 months zzz Sybil page date formatting
(edit) @bf3a7d6   22 months zzz Data: More work on Encrypted LS2 (proposal 123)
(edit) @35a771c7   22 months zzz NTCP2: Use new HKDF class
(edit) @eb8178ea   22 months zzz Sybil: Linkify IP reasons Adjust IP points
(edit) @3867beb1   22 months zzz GeoIP: Fix NPE (thx parg)
(edit) @cae5dcd   22 months zzz Sybil: Refactoring part 6 Make Analysis class a JobImpl?, run on …
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