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(edit) @97267a4   3 years str4d /graphs: - Add option to hide legends - Adjust size of up/down bw …
(edit) @3f4df231   3 years zzz UDP: Reduce log level on IP change (ticket #2053)
(edit) @c7a3e27   3 years zzz Console: Validate host header (thx Kevin Froman)
(edit) @37e0b2c   3 years zzz Router: Honor IPv6 setting when converting configured hostnames to IP …
(edit) @e3751b36   3 years zzz checklist update
(edit) @cd21cda4   3 years zzz BuildTime? update
(edit) @5fb6b2c   3 years zzz Router: Convert configured hostnames to IP addresses before publishing …
(edit) @c4a932b   3 years zzz missing paren
(edit) @30b9f06   3 years zzz Debian: Backport fixes from 0.9.30-4 package (ticket #2027) and add …
(edit) @de48741   3 years zzz Router: Don't lookup hostnames in addresses (proposal #141)
(edit) @bcd7b7e   3 years str4d Update history after prop
(edit) @8f4f7b7b   3 years str4d propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.bench' (head …
(edit) @10cfa6e   3 years str4d Add NativeBigInteger? benchmarks
(edit) @9e2bd4a   3 years str4d Fix bench.jarUpToDate
(edit) @1a49309   3 years str4d Add usage info to benchmark script
(edit) @3d24cc9   3 years str4d Move benchmarks into core
(edit) @7346ce1   3 years str4d Enable to run with everything in one directory
(edit) @d5e97d2   3 years str4d Clean up benchmarks dir
(edit) @2cd9b34   3 years zzz Data: Prohibit excess key data in certs (ticket #2035)
(edit) @94738c1   3 years zzz new opentrackers
(edit) @8d89d1ee   3 years zzz new reseed
(edit) @8fd354e   3 years zzz Startup: Add property to disable output redirect (ticket #2037)
(edit) @f611f4c9   3 years str4d Minor cosmetic issues in the default console and snark themes
(edit) @40642c8   3 years str4d Remove old benchmarks
(edit) @2bb0ca9   3 years str4d Use I2PAppContext for obtaining instances of AES and SHA256 This …
(edit) @d828ed4   3 years str4d Shorten the benchmark names
(edit) @a06c3fe   3 years str4d Add a script for running the benchmarks with or without jbigi
(edit) @d77cd04   3 years zzz Transport: More invalid ports
(edit) @1efc167   3 years zzz i2ptunnel: Check for RFC 7239 Forwarded header
(edit) @2071cf8   3 years zzz more Skylakes
(edit) @51d4827   3 years zzz i2psnark: finals for Message class recognize BiglyBT cleanups
(edit) @6615586   3 years str4d Add benchmarks for ElGamal?
(edit) @3d38522   3 years zzz findbugs all over
(edit) @2441484   3 years zzz Package changelogs Fix extra chars in patch 1 Fix javadoc causing …
(edit) @2c76b87   3 years zzz 0.9.31 i2p-0.9.31
(edit) @bbe3a71   3 years zzz bump for review
(edit) @9d1097b   3 years zzz merge of '11dcbebf6657486cbeae1d8bfe43ede3f4a5b314' and …
(edit) @8beb75be   3 years zzz refresh deb patch
(edit) @80c55c1   3 years str4d Console: fix router family page form (ticket #2022)
(edit) @8280609   3 years str4d Console theme tweaks: - Use plugin icon for unidentified sidebar …
(edit) @903f46f   3 years zzz man page translation updates
(edit) @d99a6998   3 years zzz translation updates
(edit) @9f15ae6   3 years str4d Add a0.png to update files
(edit) @26bc83c   3 years str4d Console theme fixes - light theme: - Fix spacing issue with banned …
(edit) @5dd5a99   3 years str4d Theme fixes Console: - Enhance presentation of show/hide news links …
(edit) @ac75327   3 years str4d Refactor
(edit) @2f48af5   3 years str4d Bump -21-rc
(edit) @e284675e   3 years str4d UI fixes 'light' theme (console & apps): - Rework to reduce contrast …
(edit) @674f523   3 years str4d Add JavaScript? snippet to reset dest address scroll position onblur …
(edit) @2bfe27d   3 years str4d /jars: - JARs, WARs & individual plugins separated with headers - …
(edit) @fe2387e   3 years str4d Missing from previous commit
(edit) @30eb089   3 years str4d /debug: - Add container divs and styling markup - Add top navigation menu
(edit) @ee1112cc   3 years str4d SusiMail?: Dismiss notifications on click
(edit) @a39fb3d7   3 years str4d I2PSnark: - Mitigate truncation of ratings dropdown in comments …
(edit) @0feb16d   3 years str4d history.txt: Tweak my older entries to fit 80 character per line limit …
(edit) @b8f5c95   3 years str4d Console: Move JRobin default color and font changes into …
(edit) @f9b8a5ec   3 years str4d JavaDoc? fix
(edit) @32968af   3 years str4d Add benchmarks for AES and SHA-256
(edit) @49ed170   3 years str4d Add a benchmarks subproject
(edit) @70393fd   3 years zzz Console: Fixup /imagegen text
(edit) @d4a139f2   3 years zzz Console: Fix compile error with Jetty 9.2.22 (ticket #2019)
(edit) @0b85bff   3 years zzz Crypto: Preserve CRT parameters for RSA private keys (ticket #2005)
(edit) @5ddb4ed   3 years zzz fixups after review
(edit) @d2da262   3 years str4d Theme fixes Console: - /tunnels: Fix display issue with …
(edit) @3c19bb4   3 years str4d Console: Increase displayed changelog lines to show entire release cycle
(edit) @123c0de   3 years str4d Correct some history entries
(edit) @19fcb9e   3 years str4d Comments
(edit) @281534b   3 years str4d Fix HTML tags across non-default conditional branches
(edit) @4fff747   3 years str4d I2PSnark: Fix I2PSnarkUtil.getCommentsName() to match its JavaDoc?
(edit) @7d62c43   3 years zzz bump -18-rc
(edit) @0038867   3 years zzz new translations
(edit) @4ddca95   3 years zzz translations update
(edit) @2abaa4a   3 years zzz fix html errors in help files
(edit) @402a2af   3 years zzz GeoIP 2017-07-04, blocklist update
(edit) @4e8ed90   3 years str4d Bump -17-rc
(edit) @5c670fc   3 years str4d Show advanced sidebar links by default in advanced mode (ticket #1996)
(edit) @e83d31f   3 years str4d /logs: Correctly format unavailable crypto warnings (ticket #1996)
(edit) @d8831151   3 years str4d Console: Fix log file size config bug on /configlogging bug (ticket #1996)
(edit) @87d6c30   3 years str4d Minor theme tweaks: - Console: - Cosmetic changes to new firewalled …
(edit) @afec920   3 years str4d Bump -16
(edit) @873b0b0   3 years str4d SusiDNS: Default to the console theme
(edit) @96c73e7   3 years str4d i2psnark: ubergine fix for hidpi
(edit) @56f6a68   3 years str4d Console: Show correct icon for "Firewalled" network status
(edit) @7cd7f01   3 years str4d Console light theme: prevent identicon breaking out of its container
(edit) @1650cbe8   3 years str4d Bump -15
(edit) @dc46f00   3 years str4d merge of '95d429bc46db23b3e3181caf4e622b763cff51eb' and …
(edit) @d2edce8   3 years str4d I2PSnark: - Standalone: - Better target the per-theme resources - …
(edit) @bd84ba2   3 years str4d SusiMail?: set button widths
(edit) @bd74b22   3 years str4d Console: - /netdb: - All Routers/Leasesets/Sybil? sections: - …
(edit) @c768b8f   3 years zzz DNS (ticket #1998): - Data: Cache hostname lookups in RouterAddress? - …
(edit) @56c0fbe   3 years str4d Tag "local" strings on /tunnels (tagged for translation elsewhere …
(edit) @5bc9d0a   3 years str4d I2PSnark: Fix unclosed <label>
(edit) @12cbbfb   3 years str4d Bump -13
(edit) @4aa4ff7   3 years str4d Console: - Add untagged strings for /tunnels tooltips and local …
(edit) @3d535a22   3 years str4d I2PSnark: - Disable JavaScript? td:onclick (handled by css) - Fix …
(edit) @36030ae1   3 years str4d i2ptunnel: consistent tooltips and Destinations for editClient and …
(edit) @e21479a   3 years str4d Cleanup & formatting tidyups for welcome page readmes, remove unneeded …
(edit) @32efa2e   3 years zzz DNS (ticket #1998): - Data: Cache hostname lookups in RouterAddress? - …
(edit) @8216b68   3 years str4d bump -11
(edit) @3e4318c   3 years str4d /netdb: Fix UI bug with unpublished LeaseSets?
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