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(edit) @d50c12dc   3 years str4d Console: - Add spans to /stats page to avoid summary info breaking …
(edit) @5361571   3 years zzz Crypto: Fix AES NPE on 4-core RPi 2nd try (ticket #1989)
(edit) @13d9322   3 years zzz Debian: Update notes on dependencies
(edit) @d35f260   3 years zzz Console: Don't show add-to-addressbook link for local unpublished clients
(edit) @7338b79e   3 years zzz GeoIP: Fix NPE in Maxmind lookup (thx parg!)
(edit) @edda87d   3 years str4d Snark theme updates, hidpi rating images
(edit) @de0a5c7   3 years zzz i2psnark: Fix bencoded scrape response for zzzot (ticket #1994) …
(edit) @008f421   3 years str4d Fix a minor alignment issue on the address helper page
(edit) @6821e13   3 years str4d Add images for theme updates
(edit) @fa73b48   3 years str4d i2psnark: Integrate ratings and comments into themes
(edit) @63581d3   3 years str4d SusiMail? light theme tweaks
(edit) @0db637e   3 years str4d Clarify choices on address helper save page (ticket #1940)
(edit) @62b3e19   3 years str4d Add router.hideFloodfillParticipant to advanced settings help
(edit) @2b82312   3 years str4d I2PSnark changes: - Make DHT debug section collapsible - Tooltips for …
(edit) @81b8b18   3 years zzz i2psnark: Add ut_comment UI and per-torrent configuration Some UI …
(edit) @769cb40   3 years zzz missed checkin
(edit) @81026c2   3 years zzz build fix
(edit) @dc33ad10   3 years zzz Console: Move /peers page rendering from router to console (ticket …
(edit) @b7baeddc   3 years str4d Bump to -5
(edit) @e6b968e   3 years str4d History for prop
(edit) @96bdfb3   3 years str4d propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head …
(edit) @7002c68   3 years str4d Minor i2psnark style fixes
(edit) @ae7c2f6   3 years str4d Use disabled drop-down in universal theming mode instead of plain text
(edit) @b8c97a1   3 years zzz AES: More cleanups and javadocs
(edit) @a5551c1   3 years zzz Debian: More fixes for lintian
(edit) @7d12921   3 years zzz Debian: Put the i2prouter-nowrapper man page with the binary
(edit) @777d2fc   3 years zzz javadoc fix
(edit) @7f45e97   3 years zzz Reseed: Remove expired SSL cert
(edit) @feee22e   3 years str4d Fix escaping of non-breaking space in time string
(edit) @208372ed   3 years str4d Prevent i2psnark DHT debug info breaking out of the table
(edit) @6fd66c9   3 years str4d Cleanups: - Minor theme updates/fixes - Added #jumplist div to proxy …
(edit) @e8c28ad   3 years str4d Add tooltips to shutdown/restart buttons
(edit) @5caefb5   3 years str4d I2PSnark tweaks: - Replace theme selector with a message when …
(edit) @ac788d9   3 years zzz Router: New method to get bandwidth class, for efficiency
(edit) @e973185   3 years zzz Crypto: Initialize array earlier (ticket #1989)
(edit) @040af11   3 years zzz i2psnark: Fix HTML double-escape (ticket #1992)
(edit) @6f60d64   3 years str4d propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head …
(edit) @8a5967f   3 years str4d Additional <label>s
(edit) @a929b5c6   3 years str4d Theme updates: - Section title images in the tunnel manager + …
(edit) @e32d4b1   3 years str4d String tweaks
(edit) @67b3c46   3 years str4d Shortened button text on /configfamily Helps to avoid overlong …
(edit) @7de815b   3 years str4d CSS sort buttons on /peers - New icons to avoid conflation of tunnel …
(edit) @0aae9716   3 years str4d Use new tabs for a couple of links
(edit) @ac31a13   3 years str4d /news updates: - Updated presentation of news status & view/hide news …
(edit) @e453ea4   3 years str4d /help changes: - Added topnav - Added mini-FAQ - Linked to …
(edit) @8f04aa7   3 years str4d /home changes: - Update some app icons - Rationalise the markup - Add …
(edit) @d7d13d1a   3 years str4d Whitespace
(edit) @6b056ce   3 years str4d Backend HTML changes: - Labels for radio/checkbox icons to increase …
(edit) @b340f4a   3 years zzz i2psnark: Better handling of read-only i2psnark dir (ticket #1990) …
(edit) @93cb2a0   3 years zzz Debian: Fix apparmor profile (ticket #1986)
(edit) @610af51   3 years zzz show suggested paths
(edit) @efd7d65   3 years zzz AES: Cleanups (ticket #1989)
(edit) @d139892   3 years zzz SusiDNS: Fix display of default subscription when no subscriptions.txt …
(edit) @45f3695f   3 years zzz Debian: Restore systemd for trusty Fix date in changelogs doc update
(edit) @3e354f2   3 years zzz Jetty: New default servlet for eepsite, with locale-independent …
(edit) @b0514cc5   3 years zzz move BFNS test
(edit) @3718c73   3 years zzz Reseed: Fix messages about reseed disabled
(edit) @cd76457   3 years zzz i2psnark: Initial support for ut_comment, no UI yet
(edit) @f3d931d   3 years zzz Blockfile: Move from i2p.jar to addressbook.jar http://zzz.i2p/topics/2274
(edit) @ffb3e27c   3 years zzz launchpad build fixes
(edit) @8d6ca64   3 years zzz fix build.xml XML error
(edit) @920b142   3 years zzz 0.9.30 i2p-0.9.30
(edit) @1e9c688   3 years zzz fix null check
(edit) @e390e67   3 years str4d Package I2P servlet classes for Maven Central RequestWrapper? and its …
(edit) @d27d0603   3 years zzz Jetty: Rollover log files at midnight, not noon This is a separate …
(edit) @baa314d   3 years zzz pull translations
(edit) @d98c3d8   3 years zzz fix another test
(edit) @5e497f79   3 years zzz Tests: Temporarily change cert threshold so Vuze's old cert won't fail
(edit) @3dbbc29   3 years zzz Jetty: backport patch from 9.4.4 to 9.2.21 to fix Timer crash in …
(edit) @925cacc   3 years zzz Jetty: Set up to add patch for RolloverFileOutputStream? checked in …
(edit) @a21e0274   3 years zzz Console: Revert previous checkin, unrelated to the Jetty Timer bug
(edit) @4dec365   3 years zzz Console: Disable Jetty timer thread consolidation causing log file …
(edit) @06f78d7c   3 years zzz HTTP Proxy: Add delay before jump page
(edit) @6901914   3 years zzz remove reseed
(edit) @75db7fa   3 years zzz geoip 2017-04-06
(edit) @f8ea882   3 years zzz SSU: Reuse previous introducer expiration if available, so we don't …
(edit) @dd0153e2   3 years zzz SSU: Publish introducer expiration (proposal 133)
(edit) @9dd1466   3 years zzz fix eepget man page formatting
(edit) @5fa6583   3 years zzz Console: Fix detection of UPnP setting changing
(edit) @4866136   3 years str4d Minor theme tweaks
(edit) @4747172   3 years str4d Tweak placement of caps info
(edit) @f541dbe   3 years str4d Add link to /configplugins on /home
(edit) @a3e146a8   3 years str4d propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head …
(edit) @fa6fc84   3 years str4d Theme updates: - Subtler, softer colors & shadows and cleaner lines …
(edit) @a0911a4   3 years str4d I2PSnark: hidpi navbar images
(edit) @b6c6a5d   3 years str4d Whitespace
(edit) @5353fd9   3 years str4d Tidy up /profiles, add definitions for capabilities
(edit) @3f40af54   3 years str4d Add id for for sidebar help & faq h3
(edit) @9e8d4fb   3 years str4d Reorder sidebar sections for new installs
(edit) @cb3326f   3 years str4d Minor updates to imagegen page
(edit) @12347343   3 years str4d Fix "Advanced" links on sidebar with leading /
(edit) @c12312f   3 years str4d i2psnark: Remove hard-coded topnav image
(edit) @dd8f763   3 years zzz add bash completion scripts
(edit) @4edc407   3 years zzz Gentoo: Fix config dir location http://zzz.i2p/topics/2285
(edit) @0d3b1fa   3 years zzz hosts.txt and blocklist update
(edit) @828b095   3 years zzz add BuildTime? note to checklist
(edit) @ec82912   3 years zzz instructions for adding RPC support to i2psnark-standalone
(edit) @021067d   3 years zzz deprecate ZipFileComment?
(edit) @bfc0417   3 years zzz i2psnark: Fix standalone configuration for Jetty 9 Context: Fix …
(edit) @f390831   3 years zzz Console: Fix stopping of webapps when console stops (ticket #1893) …
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