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(edit) @d9c6360   3 years zzz Build: Set up man pages for translation. No ant targets yet.
(edit) @8137661   3 years zzz i2prouter: Add root check to restart and condrestart commands (ticket …
(edit) @e47c628   3 years zzz jbigi: Update GMP version (ticket #1840)
(edit) @7b0a5bc   3 years zzz debian doc update
(edit) @6e7dedb   3 years zzz javadoc clarification
(edit) @83e3561   3 years zzz i2ptunnel: Change eepsite sigtype to EdDSA for new installs
(edit) @b66c780   3 years zzz Add new reseed
(edit) @7311cf3   3 years zzz Utils: Gzip test code refresh
(edit) @60c93f1   3 years zzz Client: Don't log error on datagram dissector fail (ticket #1915), let …
(edit) @a36083a   3 years zzz Utils: Java 9 yakkety workarounds
(edit) @7cae467   3 years zzz DTG: Don't try to start if headless (ticket #1924)
(edit) @2df64cd   3 years zzz Copy README.txt contents to so the github page is restored.
(edit) @5dd6f2d   3 years str4d merge of 'a84cabd267418e1cf436c975915ed5b91e39ae86' and …
(edit) @7f9a211   3 years Meeh Adding Dockerfile with support files to build a minimal docker image …
(edit) @ca440a50   3 years zzz i2ptunnel: Fix NPE on proxy.i2p/add when no params
(edit) @fc0ddb0   3 years zzz eepget: recognize more status codes
(edit) @f0e6baa   3 years zzz add package dependency document
(edit) @6ad4cb0   4 years zzz Data: No longer sort addresses in an RI by SHA256, it's undocumented, …
(edit) @9116394   4 years zzz Router: Replace random tunnel keys when rekeying
(edit) @e16cf2c   4 years zzz javadoc
(edit) @307a03f0   4 years zzz RouterAppManager?: Logging
(edit) @b63d44b   4 years zzz Sybil: Start analysis 3 days before
(edit) @57be0df   4 years zzz Webapps: Remove classpath system log
(edit) @6843950   4 years zzz DataHelper?: Release resources in finally block
(edit) @134cbd4   4 years zzz Crypto: Enforce correct seed and hash lengths in EdDSAPrivateKeySpec …
(edit) @91007735   4 years str4d Update tests to use ScalaTest? 3.0.1
(edit) @14ca463   4 years str4d Add Maven Central upload to release checklist
(edit) @a749226   4 years zzz RKG command line tool multiple args
(edit) @074c630a   4 years zzz Utils: Add RKG command line tool
(edit) @f902a63   4 years zzz Console: Add Referrer-Policy header
(edit) @ffcd2d4   4 years zzz Clock: Fix duplicate notification of clock shift listeners
(edit) @dd400bb   4 years zzz Update: Fix JVM crash and i2p.jar corruption when updating from -1
(edit) @63a2a6d   4 years zzz Router: Check blocklist when loading RIs Ensure blocklist is …
(edit) @3846e08   4 years zzz Router: More efficiently check blocklist when receiving new RI
(edit) @e625e67b   4 years zzz Console: Limit age of news entries displayed
(edit) @0819857   4 years zzz add toopie
(edit) @fbbfd8a   4 years zzz NTP: - Verify source address and port - Add to command line - …
(edit) @95fb2df6   4 years zzz Tools: Fix installer compile fail
(edit) @c1baee6   4 years zzz reseed updates
(edit) @ce47d4ea   4 years zzz Profiles: length check on file names
(edit) @14a839e   4 years zzz synch graceful exit code
(edit) @636badc   4 years zzz reduce buffer size
(edit) @6093f26   4 years zzz minor cleanup
(edit) @4615fce   4 years zzz Update: Register blocklist version with update manager
(edit) @328f544   4 years zzz minor optimization
(edit) @0c76201   4 years zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head …
(edit) @0a1cd20   4 years zzz Debian: Updates - Fix jetty version in build.xml - Make javadoc …
(edit) @26a9e8b   4 years zzz 0.9.28 i2p-0.9.28
(edit) @f5e8220   4 years zzz add java version to manifest
(edit) @b7c7e02   4 years zzz remove reseed serving old files
(edit) @7eadc3d   4 years zzz restore two sites up again
(edit) @2f3f01c   4 years zzz remove git.repo.i2p
(edit) @5d75465   4 years zzz remove zerobin
(edit) @434e3ba   4 years zzz translation updates
(edit) @541e9e6   4 years zzz Remove DOS line endings in cert (fails ant testscripts)
(edit) @8a3a7257   4 years zzz GeoIP: Update from Maxmind 2016-12-06
(edit) @74cd5ce   4 years zzz Router: Revert default family sig type back to ECDSA, as the OIDs are …
(edit) @b78b3cb   4 years zzz configpeer: Remove hr at bottom
(edit) @62b5b49   4 years zzz Console: Sort banlist and floodfills in true binary order, not by …
(edit) @7734d3d   4 years zzz Consolidate base64 alphabet string
(edit) @27724a80   4 years zzz BOB: - Change NamedDB implementation to HashMap? - Change NamedDB …
(edit) @1d6fc40   4 years zzz BOB finals
(edit) @176ecaa   4 years zzz use new copy
(edit) @42efed5   4 years zzz Clean up single char indexOf()
(edit) @f461d48   4 years zzz javadoc fixes
(edit) @5be077e2   4 years zzz Clean up single char indexOf()
(edit) @5b31540   4 years zzz Console: Version the css links
(edit) @ec94a6e   4 years zzz NetDb?: Peer selection tweaks
(edit) @04321e6   4 years zzz remove jump server
(edit) @25fd488   4 years zzz Blocklist: Read feed file before user-specified file
(edit) @850f150   4 years zzz NetDb?: Add MTU, SSU caps, IPv6 prefix, and cost lookups
(edit) @2318a2b   4 years zzz NetDb?: Add same-port check in peer selector Convert …
(edit) @8d494ad   4 years zzz Lookup by port and sig type
(edit) @5a87c23   4 years zzz NetDb?: Add advanced lookup form Fix /16 and /8 lookup Fix tab …
(edit) @f6778c5   4 years zzz SU3File: Add types for blocklist (proposal #130)
(edit) @ffb3a758   4 years zzz add converttohash to commandline
(edit) @e3435dc   4 years zzz sybil tweaks
(edit) @497d088   4 years zzz add links
(edit) @cc6cd9e   4 years zzz Sybil tool enhancements
(edit) @64f5fed0   4 years zzz blocklist feed tweaks
(edit) @1d28015   4 years zzz Console: Lookup RI by IP with netmask
(edit) @08f7e5d   4 years zzz ip links
(edit) @b72b768   4 years zzz Console: Lookup RI by IP
(edit) @8973325   4 years zzz Console: Lookup RI by caps stub out lookup by IP
(edit) @8146f6f   4 years zzz FFPeerSelector: Penalize new and slow peers
(edit) @625e992   4 years zzz News: Add command line support
(edit) @62064da   4 years zzz News: Support blocklist in the news feed (proposal 129)
(edit) @86c0fe3   4 years zzz NetDB: Fix detection of bandwidth class when multiple values are specified
(edit) @bbb9218   4 years zzz NetDB: When doing lookups, don't use floodfills too close
(edit) @fdff5ec   4 years zzz Router: Change default family sig type to EdDSA
(edit) @97af7d0   4 years zzz margins on /configlogging
(edit) @11579b9   4 years str4d merge of '8bf9850eb3fe4fcfb63053838a188969b7ba9c5b' and …
(edit) @01cfb7b   4 years str4d merge of '348832602d6528cc162d427742d0910df3db76ef' and …
(edit) @b0bba18   4 years zzz Build: Add manifest attributes for java version to all jars and wars
(edit) @70902bd   4 years zzz Tomcat 6.0.48
(edit) @cd4d5a3   4 years zzz Console: Add netdb lookup by family
(edit) @7a1a1d5   4 years zzz NetDB: When verifying store, don't use floodfills too close to the store
(edit) @66c2664   4 years zzz Blocklist: Add support for IPv6 in blocklist.txt fixup main() test, …
(edit) @68e5fd6   4 years zzz Profiles: Pull same-IP detection into a utility class, for use by netdb
(edit) @37d3204   4 years zzz Router: Add methods to verify and track members of our family; use on …
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