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(edit) @e82a547   20 months zzz CPUID/NBI: Prep for GMP 6.1.2 Add Skylake support (ticket #1869) …
(edit) @6d72aee   20 months zzz cleanup and logging
(edit) @c01bf47   20 months zzz NetDb?: Fix to set netDb ready immediately after reseed
(edit) @4bd0f06   20 months zzz jbigi: Support android builds using NDK Prep for GMP 6.1.2
(edit) @aab6529   20 months zzz Data: Fix for change of default auth type, handle old value from …
(edit) @7cd60bb   20 months zzz Util: Add EKU to selfsigned certs
(edit) @697b617c   20 months zzz finals
(edit) @fe6c7cd   20 months zzz Transport: Fix large messages in SSU (ticket #2505)
(edit) @eea0990   20 months zzz Use hasWrapper() util method
(edit) @aa0bafb   20 months zzz Update PAC file for additional security
(edit) @c4ebc73   20 months zzz TCG: Add new getInstance() method for Android so instance with stale …
(edit) @471c5d4   20 months zzz I2CP: Cleanups for single-byte reads Stub out new error codes for prop. 123
(edit) @eff2bdbf   20 months zzz Build: Fix Debian (ticket #2517)
(edit) @b5de815   20 months zzz more renaming protection
(edit) @500246e   20 months zzz NetDB: Don't wait for all RIs to be read in on Android to tell the …
(edit) @0a774c6c   20 months zzz remove cryptic logging
(edit) @f44a8e4   20 months zzz Tunnels: Ensure GW Pumper threads stop on Android
(edit) @1109331   20 months zzz Transport: UPnP fixes for Android
(edit) @8a4c469   20 months zzz Blinding: cache b32, sort by b32 on /configkeyring
(edit) @b4f331e6   20 months zzz Router: Fix persistence of blinded privkey and timestamp
(edit) @6722485   20 months zzz whitespace
(edit) @447e29e   20 months zzz Console: More reword of tooltips
(edit) @aae81a7b   20 months zzz Console, i2ptunnel: Reword blinding options and tooltips i2ptunnel: …
(edit) @f049319   20 months zzz Console: Support deleting blinded entries on /configkeyring
(edit) @6b3896c   20 months zzz increase default max conns per minute
(edit) @652c3d5   20 months zzz Build: More mavenLocal cleanup
(edit) @4d29bfe   20 months zzz i2ptunnel: Fix double-b64 of default client name Add new default …
(edit) @16ac93c   20 months zzz maven script cleanups
(edit) @040e092   20 months zzz Blinding: - Fix bugs with lookup password - Log tweaks
(edit) @098bde2   20 months Meeh New ant target 'mavenLocal' + changes in the script to support this.
(edit) @f94d2d5   20 months Meeh Script to install development builds to local maven.
(edit) @30a34ac   20 months zzz log fix
(edit) @dca04f7f   20 months zzz store save time in config files
(edit) @307a8239   20 months zzz log tweaks
(edit) @e189236   20 months zzz flip LS tab order
(edit) @a3fe746   20 months zzz store ls secret as b64
(edit) @973aab8   20 months zzz Blinding: - Blinding only throws IAE - Remove context arg from …
(edit) @0c7c1945   20 months zzz missed file from previous checkin
(edit) @73b00eb   20 months zzz Console: Start rework of /configkeyring for LS2 Not hooked up yet - WIP
(edit) @90e6458   20 months zzz I2CP: Add per-client auth to generated leaseset Set key on router side …
(edit) @c2e2cc2   20 months zzz i2ptunnel: Revert user-select, already in css, doesn't work on input
(edit) @2abd59e   20 months zzz i2ptunnel: Per-client auth config Hide encryption key for per-client …
(edit) @47c64c2e   20 months zzz i2ptunnel: Rework server encryption key UI in prep for blinded keys …
(edit) @7bdfd07   20 months zzz i2ptunnel: select box for sig type
(edit) @7858dbe   20 months zzz i2ptunnel: Add LS2 option, change to select box
(edit) @ea5ddfc   20 months zzz i2ptunnel: Shared key is PSK
(edit) @3328983   20 months zzz i2ptunnel: Per-client auth options (WIP)
(edit) @2ec34f4   20 months zzz I2CP: Set local privkey for encls2
(edit) @7489a64   20 months zzz NetDB: Set secret and privkey before decrypting encls2
(edit) @06fa817   20 months zzz Data: Per-client auth for enc. LS2 (proposal 123)
(edit) @cb76235   20 months zzz Data: Cache data for per-client auth
(edit) @62649a6   20 months zzz Crypto: Add X25519 DH method, prep for enc. ls2 auth.
(edit) @a6434fb   20 months zzz NTCP2: Use KeyGenerator? for X25519 keys
(edit) @a8f11d1   20 months zzz Profiles: Omit comments from stored profiles
(edit) @67e7e45   20 months zzz Sybil: Skip comment lines in stored files Escape % in stored reasons …
(edit) @cafdca9   20 months zzz proxynet.i2p 2LD host
(edit) @7efb290f   20 months zzz addressbook: remove log info message
(edit) @b3cb094   20 months zzz Console: Hide some columns on SSU tab unless advanced
(edit) @f543a45   20 months zzz Tunnels: Increase tunnel reuse probability
(edit) @099cacd   20 months zzz Installer: Fix -console install for izpack 5 (ticket #2492) Switch to …
(edit) @b89720e   20 months zzz Sybil: Delete old stored analysis if configured Fix display of config tab
(edit) @1ffc006   20 months zzz Build: Remove dependencies on Nashorn (ticket #2367)
(edit) @f2f5df0   20 months zzz Sybil: Run IP and family tests on all routers Hide some n/a fields, …
(edit) @10354df   20 months zzz Sybil: Option to run on non-floodfills too
(edit) @03bd3e2   20 months zzz checklist/doc updates
(edit) @11b391b   20 months zzz Javadoc fixes from FreeBSD ports …
(edit) @a6e6d29d   20 months zzz Sybil: Show routers in analysis even if no RI available Date format …
(edit) @6600f37   20 months zzz Streaming: Fix NPE in debug logging (ticket #2504)
(edit) @efa72db   20 months zzz EepGet?: Don't continue when requested a partial but didn't get it, and …
(edit) @4e267f6   20 months zzz Util: Don't set restrictive permissions on exported certs
(edit) @0531801   20 months zzz Console: Prevent editing a client while it's starting
(edit) @8840532   20 months zzz Sybil: Auto-blocking
(edit) @48a92ca   20 months zzz Sybil: Auto-block UI
(edit) @ff71540   20 months zzz Snark: remove italics on speeds
(edit) @f04b41c   20 months zzz Console: Hide transport table unless advanced
(edit) @847ebda   20 months zzz Tunnels: Fix connection checker for NTCP2
(edit) @e174a46   20 months zzz javadoc fixes
(edit) @04a985cd   20 months zzz Consolidate Java version checking code, fix bugs where versions are in …
(edit) @adb1c6f   20 months zzz Jetty: Fix webapps in eepsite (ticket #2477)
(edit) @9eec357   21 months zzz Utils: Allow absolute path to certs in I2PSSLSocketFactory
(edit) @f6efdcea   21 months Meeh Update test/check to support FreeBSD/MacOSX iconv which don't support …
(edit) @c1adcfc   21 months zzz NetDB: Use expl. tunnels to verify Meta LS2 (proposal #123)
(edit) @0a73303   21 months zzz NetDB: Store Meta LS2 to floodfills (proposal #123)
(edit) @d8980d1   21 months zzz Transport: Revert GeoIP changes that broke BundleRouterInfos?
(edit) @c7d0526   21 months zzz Transport: Start first GeoIP lookup when netdb is ready
(edit) @de8a079   21 months zzz Console: Remove plugin install success message (ticket #2494)
(edit) @fc8b55df   21 months zzz Wrapper: Update to wrapper 3.5.39 All binaries from Tanuki Delta Pack …
(edit) @be6b200   21 months zzz remove Java 9 warning
(edit) @cbeaca6   21 months zzz rename method
(edit) @585778cd   21 months zzz Console: Delay plugin update check until router is ready
(edit) @cb0235b   21 months zzz Utils: su3file fix for extract -x w/o filename
(edit) @558592a   21 months zzz Utils: Auto-generate su3 output file for extract if not specified
(edit) @41e8b6d   21 months zzz 0.9.40 debian files
(edit) @5aae625   21 months Meeh Mac OSX Launcher: Version bump etc. 0.9.40, launcher version 0.1.5
(edit) @16d2bdc   21 months zzz 0.9.40 i2p-0.9.40
(edit) @edb352b9   21 months zzz replace news cert
(edit) @ffbf3d2   21 months zzz javadocs after review
(edit) @0147f00   21 months zzz Star icons update
(edit) @50d93b19   21 months zzz regenerate tr man pages
(edit) @a39549a   21 months zzz pull translations from transifex
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