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(edit) @f867a9d   4 years zzz Debian: Update launchpad instructions Add debian build instructions
(edit) @a834cef   4 years echelon2 added devscripts to list of needed debian packages
(edit) @f3c679e   4 years zzz Debian: Update debian-alt files based on 0.9.25 released packages. …
(edit) @b95f30b   4 years zzz build: add missing distclean targets
(edit) @17b1d524   4 years zzz Debian: Delete debian-alt in debian-tarball target Add …
(edit) @66be140   4 years zzz Debian: Add alternate debian files for other series
(edit) @4be46d8   4 years zzz Debian: Restore —with quilt in debian/rules, inadvertently removed in …
(edit) @2fb0572   4 years echelon2 updated ant debianhowto to reflect the needed libwrapper package on debian
(edit) @97a6cbd   4 years zzz Debian: Set bootclasspath in Require openjdk-7-jdk …
(edit) @51e04f7   4 years zzz Debian: Remove libcommons-logging-java build dependency mtn-ignore tweak
(edit) @ee138a2   4 years zzz Build: Don't bundle launch4j licenses in non-windows builds Clarify in …
(edit) @5405792   4 years zzz Debian: Add missing patch with update for .25 Add missing line to …
(edit) @49ff78cf   4 years zzz 0.9.25 i2p-0.9.25
(edit) @c1b6e1b   4 years zzz BuildHandler?: Fix for leaky counter of outstanding lookups
(edit) @c84dd52   4 years zzz Debian: Updates from the 0.9.24 release, including patch refresh, not …
(edit) @b0aaf64   4 years zzz Console: Use i2pwiki.i2p for plugins directory link
(edit) @25514e9   4 years zzz tx pull
(edit) @d00c08d   4 years zzz disable torontocrypto reseed, no ETA for restoration
(edit) @d64e6bb   4 years zzz new backup news url
(edit) @855215e8   4 years zzz SU3File: fix bulksign of .xml and .xml.gz files
(edit) @674a77ba   4 years zzz SU3File: bulksign .xml.gz files
(edit) @c9f025a   4 years zzz GeoIP update 2006-03-02 add v4 script
(edit) @a61c44b   4 years zzz remove update.killyourtv.i2p
(edit) @c869d3a   4 years zzz jetty config to disable context listing
(edit) @387dc98   4 years zzz remove dead kytv sites
(edit) @319d4014   4 years zzz Router: Fix corner cases maintaining local leasesets (ticket #1768)
(edit) @2e3f5d0d   4 years zzz UPnP: Fix NPE in HTML output on /peers (ticket #1779)
(edit) @dc36de6   4 years zzz Home page: Replace pastethis with zerobin
(edit) @0904500   4 years zzz Susimail: Fix NPE
(edit) @74e8cf7   4 years zzz Peer selection: Don't truncate data used for random slice
(edit) @b7498b5   4 years zzz add reseed
(edit) @6d40e870   4 years zzz tweak for consistent tagging
(edit) @1f088ff   4 years zzz NetDb?: Look in all SSU addresses for introducers in the expiration check
(edit) @50d038a   4 years zzz NetDb?: Search for new leaseset before expiration Reduce expiration for …
(edit) @ffa4d65   4 years zzz i2psnark: Fix handling of HAVE messages received before metainfo
(edit) @bf2f376   4 years zzz add missing reseed cert
(edit) @35e4b3c   4 years zzz javadoc typo
(edit) @49104134   4 years zzz fail javadoc task if it has errors
(edit) @7ccca9e   4 years str4d EdDSAEngine: one-shot mode tests
(edit) @6e7f015   4 years str4d Add tests to check that an EdDSAEngine object can be reused with the …
(edit) @8086023   4 years zzz i2ptunnel: Don't default to a private key file that exists (ticket …
(edit) @d28f983c   4 years zzz Utils: Add main classes to i2p.jar and router.jar for simple command …
(edit) @b3f37db3   4 years zzz i2ptunnel: - Fix hostname signature not finding private key file - …
(edit) @5f7d636   4 years zzz Console: Don't display error after clicking restart on /graph page …
(edit) @90a915b   4 years zzz log message clarification
(edit) @248deae   4 years zzz Console: Add X-Content-Type-Options header everywhere (ticket #1763)
(edit) @a79b25d   4 years zzz Router: Log full path to wrapper.log when dumping threads
(edit) @d9a7dc0   4 years zzz Transports: Increase connection limits for class N and higher
(edit) @f34a05c   4 years zzz i2ptunnel: Fix default shouldBundleReplyInfo setting for non-http servers
(edit) @8e4b7e3   4 years zzz News: Set initial news to current date
(edit) @eb094ba0   4 years zzz Console: Improve news CSS (ticket #1710)
(edit) @87d7e10   4 years zzz I2CP: Improve client error message when internal router connection fails
(edit) @7d35a4e   4 years zzz Transports: Increase default max inbound bandwidth Increase minimum …
(edit) @fc1268d   4 years zzz Graphs: Increase font size
(edit) @abb5233   4 years zzz /configfamily tweaks
(edit) @fa44a95   4 years zzz make renderers package private
(edit) @a3cac88   4 years zzz h1 css tweak
(edit) @04614ac6   4 years zzz add i2pd-dev family cert
(edit) @bd49b1d   4 years zzz Crypto: Blacklist certificates by SHA1 hash, not by serial/CN/OU
(edit) @4089466   4 years zzz Clock: Add sanity checks to detect invalid system clock
(edit) @7d6fe01   4 years zzz i2ptunnel: Change Content-encoding to Content-Encoding (thx orignal)
(edit) @451cb25   4 years zzz log tweak
(edit) @238ebc2   4 years zzz Crypto: Check for revocation when reading in certificates
(edit) @910822e   4 years zzz Add utilities for loading CRLs from disk and checking certs for revocation
(edit) @9fba125   4 years zzz Transport: - Implement mayDisconnect() for outbound connections also - …
(edit) @3a28680   4 years zzz /confignet: Clean up display and form handling for specifying a fixed …
(edit) @fa129678   4 years zzz Add qr icon, to be used in buttons created by me, public domain
(edit) @9f0640c   4 years zzz log tweak
(edit) @c385ad8   4 years zzz OCMOSJ: Don't wait until lease grace period has expired to switch to a …
(edit) @8faafc0   4 years zzz set request encoding
(edit) @8498d7d   4 years zzz i2psnark: Increase max files per torrent to 2000
(edit) @455f32f   4 years zzz SAM: Don't log an error on datagram send success! set …
(edit) @27d0a81   4 years zzz i2ptunnel: Improve layout of blacklist radio buttons on editServer.jsp
(edit) @52a37d17   4 years zzz Imagegen: Add text to QR codes
(edit) @23615579   4 years zzz Console: Add translation debug option
(edit) @8ef593f   4 years zzz Data: New Hash.toBase32() method
(edit) @e65bd26   4 years zzz I2PTunnel: - Add options to block by referer and user-agent - Increase …
(edit) @0717696   4 years zzz Javadoc fixes in imagegen, sam, crypto package.html files for imagegen
(edit) @6ab5b84   4 years zzz Crypto: EdDSA precedence fix
(edit) @981b708   4 years zzz Crypto: Use new internal key generation instead of calling out to …
(edit) @651c1b6   4 years zzz Crypto: Fix raw (su3) signing, broken in test2 prop (-2)
(edit) @e402bfa   4 years zzz history for prop, -3
(edit) @241bb38   4 years zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.sam' (head …
(edit) @55addfc   4 years zzz Fix bug receiving datagrams on v3 sessions with UTF-8 IDs Add test for …
(edit) @84b9436   4 years zzz BOB: Fix invalid output after getnick (ticket #1204)
(edit) @8f667a0   4 years zzz Use I2CP option names, not SAM option names, for setting tag options …
(edit) @d962be9   4 years zzz SAM v3.3: - More master session option checks - Add support for …
(edit) @691e274   4 years z3r0fox Linting dep-ann: Added @Deprecated annotations in i2psnark, i2ptunnel, …
(edit) @b1eaa77   4 years z3r0fox Linting dep-ann: Added @Deprecated annotations in BOB and i2p_sdk
(edit) @79bb3f6   4 years z3r0fox Added @Deprecated annotations to router classes/methods
(edit) @b6deae9   4 years zzz SAM v3.3: Tests and fixes for REMOVE; don't close underlying …
(edit) @edde533   4 years zzz SAM v3.3: Fixes after testing - More error checking - Better error …
(edit) @ceb7791   4 years zzz test tweaks
(edit) @68c6179   4 years zzz SAM v3.3: Fixes after testing - Fix master acceptor - Clean up error …
(edit) @62ad799   4 years zzz SAM v3.3: Fixes after testing - Set Master properties in handler, not …
(edit) @270bc24   4 years zzz SAM: Add start() to session interface, don't start threads in …
(edit) @9b004bc   4 years zzz SAM v3.3 master sessions. Compiles only. Untested, not regression …
(edit) @f9cf6bd   4 years zzz Fix typos, history for prop, -2
(edit) @ebc4ca86   4 years zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head …
(edit) @d4d7205   4 years zzz hashCode() and equals() for ElGamalParameterSpec? comments for I2PProvider
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