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(edit) @fc7939b   5 years killyourtv's backup acct Translation updates
(edit) @dd6a3f1   5 years killyourtv's backup acct geoip updates based on Maxmind GeoLite? Country database from 2015-11-03.
(edit) @7a75e2e6   5 years zab2 up version for interrupt()
(edit) @e664423   5 years zab2 Interrupt when cancelling events
(edit) @8a1f02aa   5 years zzz Console: Fix lifetime participating bandwidth display (ticket #1706) …
(edit) @a028bba   5 years zzz Console: Fix filtering and escaping on /configclients Fix autostart …
(edit) @e93e76a   5 years killyourtv's backup acct Remove and its associated certs The DNS record for the …
(edit) @3fa2fb4   5 years zzz Timers: State fix 4th try (tickets #1694, #1705) log tweaks
(edit) @ffddf41   5 years zzz snark add .cue mime type
(edit) @03a99ada   5 years zzz snark increase max pieces
(edit) @48f29402   5 years zzz snark log tweak
(edit) @123b4ca   5 years zab2 Fix locking on _nextExpire field
(edit) @c944fcce   5 years zab2 log if we can't cancel the future
(edit) @077c4a0   5 years zzz replaceAll → replace
(edit) @f5bf4ec   5 years zzz escape referer
(edit) @c901010d   5 years zab2 Make parameters of NegativeLookupCache? configurable
(edit) @9f0f1f5   5 years zab2 Make more ISJ parameters configurable
(edit) @7175b1c   5 years zab2 Make the search limit configurable
(edit) @ca4642e   5 years zab2 Reduce the memory footprint of Rate objects by changing longs to ints …
(edit) @6bb156a4   5 years zab2 Do not expose ISJ lock
(edit) @1909034   5 years zzz add more links in README
(edit) @b15138d   5 years zzz i2pwiki.i2p icon license: creative commons
(edit) @5f50f23   5 years zzz Streaming: Split blacklist into one for EC and one for Ed
(edit) @d5e2def   5 years zzz synch fix
(edit) @c1d77dfe   5 years zzz I2CP: Fix additional connections getting rejected during tunnel open …
(edit) @eca234c   5 years zzz i2ptunnel: Add longer tunnel options in advanced mode
(edit) @1a6074a   5 years zzz Add lenta.i2p icon, public domain
(edit) @9baeedb   5 years zab2 merge of '380c87670c1c931cf39e93d5600c4954c6e13d1e' and …
(edit) @3f91e44   5 years zab2 Add serialization methods to StatManager?, FrequencyStat? and Frequency …
(edit) @3e25ff2   5 years zzz Console: Add new home page links as approved at meeting exchanged.i2p …
(edit) @f8830a7   5 years zzz Threads: More conversions to I2PAppThread
(edit) @b15ea8b   5 years zzz Timers: Improve OutboundMessageRegistry? locking SimpleTimer2 cleanups …
(edit) @ef428d5   5 years zzz merge of '7db2f97711361f598cb14aa579cb008ac8438577' and …
(edit) @39d749b   5 years z3r0fox Fixed generation of eepget target filenames for basic page URLs, URLs …
(edit) @a3a092a   5 years zzz Utils: Double IP lookup cache size (ticket #1700)
(edit) @787921a   5 years zzz spelling
(edit) @bbb6da2   5 years zzz cleanups, javadoc
(edit) @b7dc55e3   5 years zzz checklist update
(edit) @805979b   5 years zzz UPnP: Fix deadlock in callbacks (ticket #1699) possibly more to do
(edit) @c37cc7a   5 years zzz Convert remaining Threads to I2PThread or I2PAppThread
(edit) @02c1417   5 years zzz update ancient snark docs
(edit) @627d0d2   5 years zzz Router: Fix cascading I2CP error (ticket #1692) caused by not setting …
(edit) @c595895   5 years zzz i2psnark: More consistency and torrent links in messages
(edit) @6efce31   5 years zzz Increase timer thread priority
(edit) @f713a19   5 years zzz Disable TLS_DHE_DSS_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA
(edit) @abc0f4c   5 years zzz lint core, console, i2ptunnel, jetty
(edit) @71bc55b   5 years zzz lint core, i2psnark, jetty, susimail
(edit) @5f175455   5 years zzz lint console,streaming
(edit) @9bddba5   5 years zzz lint router
(edit) @4e6ddfc   5 years zzz lint core
(edit) @3411a7c   5 years zzz Crypto: Consolidate duplicate unlimited strength crypto check code
(edit) @70921a2   5 years zzz i2psnark: Don't balloon files on ARM (ticket #1684)
(edit) @dd36176   5 years zzz big fat Java 6 warning
(edit) @fe26052   5 years zzz add mime type for .mka
(edit) @ba1488b   5 years zzz i2psnark: Add "smart sort" option, set sort based on language (tickets …
(edit) @39b218b   5 years zzz i2psnark: Fix deadlock (ticket #1432)
(edit) @b43417bf   5 years zzz update jetty javadoc link
(edit) @649a63d   5 years zzz Update: Fix persistence of the available dev version Java 7 check at …
(edit) @6aa8ed1   5 years zzz Update: Require Java 7 to download dev builds
(edit) @9224afb   5 years zzz i2psnark: Don't show empty fields on details page
(edit) @5e879b85   5 years zzz fix installer build
(edit) @2c03b43   5 years zzz Startup: Delete our old RI from netDB when rekeying
(edit) @55a6f44   5 years zzz Crypto: Test for broken Gentoo ECDSA support Add SystemVersion?.isJava9()
(edit) @971a265   5 years zzz adjust date in warning
(edit) @68aa8800   5 years zzz increase rekey probability
(edit) @dd4d12f   5 years zzz i2psnark: Increase max piece size to 16 MB, max files to 999, close …
(edit) @7063609   5 years zzz JobQueue?: Only adjust timing for negative clock shifts
(edit) @b32c8d5   5 years zzz NamingServices?: Add support for lookups prefixed with "www."
(edit) @419d6a8e   5 years zzz SimpleTimer2: Additional fix for uncaught IllegalStateException?
(edit) @03f9df4   5 years dg2-new JobQueue?: Listen to clock shifts as well as clock changes (ticket …
(edit) @f4a6cf2   5 years zzz Show 'none' if no part. tunnels on /tunnels
(edit) @f93da93   5 years zzz Router: Minor cleanup, remove some deprecated and small methods
(edit) @b068f9a   5 years zzz Router: Don't check config files for reload on Android
(edit) @5fa059b4   5 years killyourtv's backup acct Adding the new reseed server hosted by our friends at TorontoCrypto?. …
(edit) @2f92b27   5 years killyourtv's backup acct Ticket #1596 - part 2 Removing as a reseed host from …
(edit) @5d345f6   5 years zzz SusiDNS: Hide table headers and buttons if there are no search results
(edit) @ccc8c04   5 years zzz i2psnark: Support adding plain base 32 hashes convert plain hashes to …
(edit) @58ccfed   5 years zzz Addressbook: - Use Patterns instead of replaceAll() - Fix …
(edit) @59b05d4   5 years zzz Util: Speed up IP address validation by using Apache's implementation …
(edit) @f46a902   5 years dg2-new Router: Fix soft restarts for 'massive' clock jumps (over +150s or …
(edit) @39b810b   5 years zzz Tunnels: Use max of 2 not-failing peers in an exploratory tunnel, use …
(edit) @2241771   5 years zzz javadoc
(edit) @d21777f   5 years zzz log tweak
(edit) @b22a6bc   5 years zzz log tweak
(edit) @1c3527e   5 years zzz Console: - Export SSL cert on creation - new /certs page to show …
(edit) @4d7ad6ef   5 years zzz Console: show 'none' if no leases log timing for /netdb (ticket #1532)
(edit) @3ea8b47   5 years zzz Streaming: Move throttler from context timer to streaming timer
(edit) @ea4dd12   5 years zzz SimpleTimer2: - Fix bug in forceReschedule() that caused subsequent …
(edit) @a13552dd   5 years dg2-new Fix news (ant poupdate), typos in bundle-*
(edit) @89c14c2   5 years dg2-new javadoc
(edit) @22b9876   5 years dg2-new Rename _() for translation to _t() for Java 9 compatibility (ticket #1456)
(edit) @04690be   5 years zzz close before rename
(edit) @0faa5ba   5 years zzz i2psnark: - Rename bad .torrent files instead of deleting them - …
(edit) @04d653a   5 years zzz comment out main()
(edit) @3f213cf   5 years zzz register I2CP with the PortMapper?
(edit) @53ae7279   5 years zzz synch fix
(edit) @62acfc0   5 years zzz use standard error message
(edit) @5a2f22b   5 years dg2-new history
(edit) @7dd438b   5 years dg2-new bump
(edit) @6685b818   5 years dg2-new /configreseed: Add 'Reset URL list' button for revert to default hosts …
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