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(edit) @0cc490d   10 years killyourtv's backup acct Add license for Jersey and EU flags
(edit) @2159862   10 years killyourtv's backup acct Removing mention of Atalk, which was removed in revision …
(edit) @7180417   10 years zzz add Cryptix license
(edit) @b03f7536   10 years zzz * Build: Add standard manifest to jbigi.jar * Update wrapper license
(edit) @d9f80e9   10 years zzz GMP is not in core lib
(edit) @87cad7e   10 years zzz * JBigI: Replace old non-PIC 32-bit linux libs (GMP 4.1.3 built in …
(edit) @075f89f   10 years killyourtv's backup acct Update jetty version number—we use version 5.1.15.
(edit) @18e57d1   10 years zzz doc update
(edit) @e42b78e   10 years zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.naming' (head …
(edit) @ef26acc   11 years zzz jrobin sha1sum 7d76f5cdec625fd1ce21acc0e46d286fbd6d307f
(edit) @7f10a67   11 years zzz BlockFile? as downloaded
(edit) @30145ff   11 years z3d License typo fix.
(edit) @f8bf32e   11 years z3d Update license.
(edit) @106af99   11 years zzz * SSLEepGet, Reseeder: - Implement additional CA loading - …
(edit) @cfd2ad9   11 years z3d LICENSE.txt: Attribute I2PSnark's "Man with hat over face" graphic.
(edit) @dc3378d0   11 years zzz * Translate: Add GNU ngettext (plurals) support
(edit) @911a278   11 years zzz snark listing icons and cleanups
(edit) @7212f85   12 years zzz Upgrade to launch4j 3.0.1 2008-07-20. The license is BSD for launch4j …
(edit) @977d39ae   12 years zzz minor license updates
(edit) @c537d16   12 years zzz * XmlPull?: Remove, unused. Somehow, when I implemented UPnP, I …
(edit) @7d5042c   12 years zzz add geoip license (thx Arsene)
(edit) @ce50a9ca   12 years zzz Upgrade to izpack 4.3.0 and add a short script to fix Vista install …
(edit) @06a3417   12 years zzz Add some licenses for launch4j includes, clean up build.xml some more
(edit) @3208b72   12 years mathiasdm * desktopgui: - Updating works in general config - …
(edit) @3ba43a77   12 years zzz Add geoip support and flag icons
(edit) @b59a38ff   12 years zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.upnp' (head …
(edit) @287eff5   12 years zzz dont bundle unneeded ant.jar (900KB)
(edit) @ddf5cf8   12 years dev propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head …
(edit) @720aa70   13 years zzz port streamr to i2ptunnel
(edit) @312e607   13 years zzz upnp first cut
(add) @6b0a2464   13 years zzz Add licenses to all packages
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