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(edit) @a39549a   11 months zzz pull translations from transifex
(edit) @a57c277   13 months zzz Pull translations
(edit) @af46e48   14 months slumlord Fix build which broke after themes were removed
(edit) @ab7f61d   14 months zzz Console: Drop midnight and classic themes (ticket #2272)
(edit) @56c1739d   14 months str4d Gradle: Use plugins DSL where possible
(edit) @ebcf187   15 months zzz Pull translations
(edit) @7c5162e   16 months zzz I2CP: Move the port 7654 definition
(edit) @5e7a277   16 months zzz I2CP: Consolidate all the port 7654 definitions
(edit) @e68182a   18 months zzz Build: Provide option to prevent Class-Path in manifests (ticket #2317)
(edit) @184b617   18 months zzz i2psnark: Sync field access (findbugs)
(edit) @2a9c39c   19 months zzz missed one
(edit) @b84b298e   19 months zzz pull translations from tx
(edit) @1f92232   20 months zzz Findbugs all over
(edit) @4a03b6fc   20 months zzz i2psnark: Better comment deduping, fixes rating average
(edit) @96f7c15   20 months zzz pull from tx
(edit) @62151ef   20 months zzz poupdate-source
(edit) @5c3e4087   21 months zzz i2psnark: Don't disconnect seeds immediately if comments enabled …
(edit) @9b9f96d   21 months zzz i2psnark: Tweak 1st column sort order
(edit) @63f0355   21 months zzz Console: Prep for removing themes (ticket #2272)
(edit) @68e8e597   21 months zzz i2psnark: Disable gzip for KRPC it's already disabled at the session …
(edit) @1b0102b   21 months zzz i2psnark: Enable sequential order option for single-file torrents …
(edit) @d499293   21 months zzz i2psnark: Recreate deleted files on recheck/reopen (ticket #2125)
(edit) @2a0b927   21 months zzz i2psnark: CSS for in-order form (ticket #2234)
(edit) @5fd1b69   21 months zzz i2psnark: Sequential piece priority within each file (ticket #2234)
(edit) @e24ebf4   21 months zzz i2psnark: UI config for sequential download (ticket #2234) Sort with …
(edit) @d34087f   21 months zzz i2psnark: Stub out support for sequential download (ticket #2234)
(edit) @d992dbf   21 months zzz i2psnark: Add comment icon (ticket #2278)
(edit) @43c2018   21 months zzz i2psnark: Fix IOOBE when stopping torrent that is allocating (ticket …
(edit) @f6a4b0b   22 months zzz Pull translation updates from Transifex New Azerbaijani translations
(edit) @e33bb2a   22 months zzz Console: Add Azerbaijani, add translated eepsite help pages 48x48 …
(edit) @7ddeb0c   22 months zzz i2psnark: Remove tracker links unless non-default
(edit) @c143a0e   22 months zzz i2psnark: Combine strings
(edit) @89c9a6d   22 months zzz Push strings to transifex
(edit) @2014533   22 months zzz i2psnark: Fix torrent ignoring priority settings when autostart is …
(edit) @277a161   23 months zzz Console: Tagged string fixes (ticket #2017) CSS tweaks
(edit) @36c279f   23 months zzz i2psnark: Hide peers button if no peers on that page (ticket #2152)
(edit) @00acac4   23 months zzz i2psnark: Hide "0 Bps" if no peers (ticket #2152)
(edit) @d600a2d   2 years zzz Build: Remove references to now-empty commons-logging.jar
(edit) @3c78981   2 years zzz Updates after review: Fix logic error in snark warning Change Java 9 …
(edit) @db72f87   2 years zzz Pull from tx
(edit) @2550b2c   2 years zzz poupdate-source
(edit) @a1ccd5a   2 years zzz i2psnark: Change default sort order for some columns (ticket #2152)
(edit) @ef692ef   2 years zzz i2psnark: Don't use static field for sort language
(edit) @e139710   2 years zzz i2psnark: Hide remove/delete buttons if data dir is readonly
(edit) @cfd84bd   2 years zzz i2psnark: Don't fail to start if data directory not found (ticket …
(edit) @2aceca5   2 years zzz Console: Add error handler to all webapps (ticket #2155) Fix up …
(edit) @fe808a8   2 years zzz Console: Fix gzip enable logic Don't compress js Set charset for war …
(edit) @4bcb1d2   2 years zzz Servlets: Close output stream on redirect, instead of flushing buffer, …
(edit) @a845d4f   2 years zzz Servlets: Add Accept-Ranges headers
(edit) @ceac733   2 years zzz log tweaks
(edit) @0eb04fac   2 years zzz Util: Consolidate FileFilters?
(edit) @5cd1419   2 years zzz Util: Add methods to validate IP addresses
(edit) @5b0680b   2 years zzz i2psnark standalone: Add DNS rebinding protection Add context config …
(edit) @4321f13   2 years zzz i2psnark: Number formatting tweaks (ticket #1913)
(edit) @33ea4cf   2 years zzz Console: Change sendError() to setStatus() for 3xx responses to avoid …
(edit) @86b3b13   2 years zzz Console: Change all 302s to 303 or 307 Eepget: Handle 308
(edit) @48027fe6   2 years zzz i2psnark: folder.js cleanup (ticket #2168, PR #14) (thx Pimp Trizkit)
(edit) @624c382   2 years zzz i2psnark: Fix NPE on torrent not found (ticket #2167)
(edit) @6193e48   2 years zzz Util: Add sort methods that catch IAE
(edit) @a021e0d   2 years zzz Console: Fix number formatting (tickets #1912, #1913, #2126)
(edit) @81713a0   2 years zzz i2psnark: Escape chars not escaped by browsers
(edit) @64fe2f1   2 years zzz update from transifex
(edit) @d364bba   2 years zzz i2psnark: Prevent commenting without comment name (ticket #2138) Trim name
(edit) @79d8a0e   2 years zzz build: New poupdate-source target
(edit) @8d6d1bc   2 years zzz i2psnark: Fix infinite loop stopping update torrent (ticket #2125)
(edit) @541dae3   2 years zzz Util: New util to truncate a string that won't split across a …
(edit) @1c3fc2b   2 years zzz i2psnark: Fix double-escaping of '&' (ticket #2127)
(edit) @62210c8   2 years zzz i2psnark: Fix overflow in ratio sorter (ticket #2129)
(edit) @be004cd   2 years zzz Util: Consolidate two copies of WriterOutputStream? into jetty-i2p.jar
(edit) @1f569b7   2 years zzz i2psnark: Synch operations on BitField? byte array
(edit) @16282ec   2 years zzz Util: New utility class for UI message queues, for use by i2psnark and …
(edit) @9be53ec   2 years str4d Swap out getopt, gettext, and geoip code in Gradle libs for dependencies
(edit) @694aab5   2 years str4d Drop old Eclipse and IDEA project files
(edit) @404fe4f   2 years str4d propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head …
(edit) @700c843   2 years zzz i2psnark: Fix nbsp in logs on config change (ticket #2082)
(edit) @ed39ea40   2 years zzz Utils: Consolidate user-agent detection code in a new utility class …
(edit) @e9ff0c2   2 years zzz i2psnark: Fix bad completion status after recheck (ticket #2046) Only …
(edit) @2b8f14f   2 years zzz Minor fixes and javadocs after review Set 90 day default for event log …
(edit) @97ad909   2 years zzz Update translations, add Indonesian Add missing debian nb translation
(edit) @6222727   2 years zzz translation updates from transifex
(edit) @3f4daede   2 years zab2 switch to a single sourceSet. This fixes the last remaining problem …
(edit) @73ab3e8   2 years str4d propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.ui' (head …
(edit) @a715d2b   2 years str4d I2PSnark: - Roll back target="_top" in config page to prevent …
(edit) @db17aa0   2 years str4d propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head …
(edit) @dc6ab70   2 years str4d I2PSnark: Use reflection to access ConfigUIHelper in standalone build …
(edit) @bf4cb41   2 years str4d Update i2psnark Gradle build script
(edit) @d95e730   2 years str4d propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head …
(edit) @670e56d   2 years zzz poupdate
(edit) @df95e29   2 years str4d I2PSnark UI bugfixes - Fix broken collapsible panels issue for …
(edit) @94738c1   3 years zzz new opentrackers
(edit) @51d4827   3 years zzz i2psnark: finals for Message class recognize BiglyBT cleanups
(edit) @3d38522   3 years zzz findbugs all over
(edit) @d99a6998   3 years zzz translation updates
(edit) @5dd5a99   3 years str4d Theme fixes Console: - Enhance presentation of show/hide news links …
(edit) @a39fb3d7   3 years str4d I2PSnark: - Mitigate truncation of ratings dropdown in comments …
(edit) @5ddb4ed   3 years zzz fixups after review
(edit) @19fcb9e   3 years str4d Comments
(edit) @281534b   3 years str4d Fix HTML tags across non-default conditional branches
(edit) @4fff747   3 years str4d I2PSnark: Fix I2PSnarkUtil.getCommentsName() to match its JavaDoc?
(edit) @4ddca95   3 years zzz translations update
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