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(edit) @be8697c   9 years zzz jetty 7 first cut
(edit) @cbc9165   9 years zzz - Add a jetty starter that can be stopped later - Include …
(edit) @703f28e   10 years zzz * Build: - Include old commons logging classes in …
(edit) @7bd83f8   10 years zzz * Jetty Logger: Put a note in wrapper log saying where the logs went
(edit) @e1c3979a   10 years zzz * Jetty logger: Fix stack trace logging
(edit) @51f7f3a   10 years zzz log all jetty warns as errors
(edit) @33b25b57   10 years zzz - Fix jetty.xml migrate quote handling - Fix I2PRequestLog javadoc - …
(edit) @beb6d1f4   10 years zzz I2PLogger fix; better log init
(edit) @03e86fcb   10 years zzz make jetty use I2P logging
(edit) @be7623a4   10 years zzz - Start webapps after console for faster startup - Add delay in …
(edit) @04cbcf2   10 years zzz reapply I2P mods
(edit) @99ad70e   10 years zzz 6.1.26 base for reference
(edit) @92b9d0a   10 years zzz First cut at migrating to Jetty 6 and prep for using an external Jetty …
(edit) @c979d65   11 years zzz - Add UTF-8 test script - Fix non-UTF-8 comment in Jetty source File
(edit) @965b2611   11 years sponge Evolve, document how the URI path fix works. Fix 302 redirects so they …
(edit) @923c3d8   11 years sponge Fix 302 redirect so that it encodes the URI path properly.
(edit) @925f9d0   11 years sponge Add virgin ResourceHandler?.java file
(edit) @4622080e   11 years sponge Fix FileResource?.java
(edit) @8d6a125   11 years sponge Fix, add FileResource?.java
(edit) @f8ed3c5   11 years sponge Add original source
(edit) @da86615   11 years sponge Fix missing </A>
(edit) @2baee74   11 years zzz * Replace size() ⇐ 0 with isEmpty() everywhere, ditto > 0 → !isEmpty()
(edit) @a5af9dc   11 years zzz * Jetty: Backport directory listing bugfix from jetty 6
(edit) @51a1564   12 years sponge Fix addWebApplications API goofup, Bump BOB version, which I forgot to do.
(edit) @6d678480   12 years sponge org.mortbay.jetty.Server modified method to accept Attributes for …
(edit) @abc23e9   12 years zzz * Move almost all uses of StringBuffer? to StringBuilder?, for …
(edit) @833ebd0   12 years zzz Jetty: Fix temp dir handling, which was causing susidns not to start …
(edit) @0cfbe9c   12 years zzz * IPV6/localhost: - Enable IPv6 stack in the JVM, hopefully …
(add) @9f57be5   13 years zzz * Jetty: Add a I2PRequestLog class to log request dest hash
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