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(edit) @5feeffa   3 years zzz ministreaming: Add classpath to jar (ticket #2228)
(edit) @79d8a0e   4 years zzz build: New poupdate-source target
(edit) @b0bba18   5 years zzz Build: Add manifest attributes for java version to all jars and wars
(edit) @08d1ea8   5 years zzz Build: Set Java 7 build target for all jars; embedders (esp. Android) …
(edit) @e146480   5 years zzz More manifest attributes in streaming jars
(edit) @9a91443   5 years str4d Add build target for Maven Central Requires the Maven Ant Tasks to be …
(edit) @5d93ca1   5 years zzz Build: Add back the old, slow way to build bundles for gettext < 0.19
(edit) @33629d0   5 years zzz Build: Compile resource bundles from ant, not msgfmt, speeding up …
(edit) @8dcbc99   6 years str4d I2PSocketManagerFactory tests
(edit) @9fad934   6 years str4d Add Mockito library hooks
(edit) @8d3fb0c   6 years str4d Add build harness for ministreaming tests
(edit) @d662514   6 years str4d Move streaming demo out of tests
(edit) @616866c   7 years zzz Build: Move remaining jars to Java 6, as we will require API 9 in the …
(edit) @01da323   7 years zzz Streaming: Bundle I2PSocketException messages for translation
(edit) @10bf74e   8 years zab2 add streaming lib tests to the top-level ant targets
(edit) @cadedeb0   10 years zzz * Build: Add built-by to jars; check for corrupt jars on debug page
(edit) @7213ff0c   10 years zzz * Build: Put Implementation-Version in manifests
(edit) @c5f04ee   10 years zzz - Don't do 'mtn list changed' if not in a workspace or not needed
(edit) @fd91927c   11 years zzz * Build: - Add includeAntRuntime=false to all javac targets …
(edit) @612d06b   11 years zzz * Build: Move all dependencies to top-level build.xml, so …
(edit) @3602eb14   12 years zzz kill deprecation warnings
(edit) @157b85b   12 years zzz pass compiler args down from top build.xml
(edit) @c7bb2e8   13 years zzz * build files: - Don't die if depend not available - Only verify …
(edit) @98038e9   13 years zzz * Build files: - Use the depend task with caching for more …
(edit) @4ec82be   13 years zzz * build files: Change to source=1.5, target=1.5
(edit) @7b9db07   17 years zzz target=1.3 and source=1.3, not target=1.1 and source=1.3 (this is what …
(edit) @3bc0e0fc   17 years zzz added source and target declarations for the javac commands so we can …
(add) @77bd69c   18 years zzz beginning of branch i2p.i2p.i2p i2p_0_3_0_3
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