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(edit) @c0b9fe0   9 years zzz * Router: Refactor periodic tasks to their own files
(edit) @6623616   9 years zzz - Fail build if gettext fails. Change property at top of build.xml if …
(edit) @8d42ebc   10 years zzz * Console: Tag stat descriptions at declaration rather than in
(edit) @6199e7b   10 years zzz oops fix path to newly tagged files
(edit) @525e0b45   10 years zzz tag peers.jsp UPnP text
(edit) @5beb739   10 years walking fix message
(edit) @a75b2cc   10 years duck Don't create an english bundle. Add missing desktopgui dependency.
(edit) @2d260a8   10 years walking fix msgbundle under windows
(edit) @010a1fd   10 years zzz * Console: Display durations with new formatDuration2()
(edit) @75ba58d   11 years zzz * Translation: Set xgettext add-comments option
(edit) @46f341d   11 years zzz peers.jsp: cleanup and tag
(edit) @e759ef5   11 years zzz tag console reseed messages
(edit) @3fa9ae0   11 years zzz * Find ResourceBundles? in wars * Fix restart from config.jsp if no …
(edit) @38045d8   11 years zzz fix paths so poedit source viewer works
(edit) @56e0c3e0   11 years zzz * Build: Don't update the po files by default, add new target …
(edit) @6c00bb2   11 years zzz * Console: Some colon cleansing * Shitlist: Move HTML renderer to …
(edit) @6019cf81   11 years zzz * Console: - Tag tunnel status
(edit) @a0b4b7db   11 years zzz * Console: - countries.txt: Convert to mixed case, include in …
(edit) @625d76b   11 years walking + —from-code=UTF-8
(edit) @b4d83b1   11 years zzz tag and script fixups
(edit) @a2d90ee   11 years zzz * Console: - Don't save config when checking for updates on …
(edit) @a5cd0bd   11 years zzz - Rename cssHelper to intl for ease of tagging - configui.jsp …
(edit) @0c74e64   11 years zzz * Console: - Don't hide link to configui.jsp for IE any more …
(edit) @45a59f00   11 years zzz add a common method for title formatting and translation
(edit) @cf10451d   11 years zzz po script update, dont include java files in war
(add) @4497463   11 years zzz * Router Console translation infrastructure: - Persistent lang …
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