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(edit) @66831c6   11 years zzz cleanups
(edit) @5decf3cd   11 years zzz Dont show firewall warning unless its for real
(edit) @e5eea47   11 years z3d Lose the _blank targets on integrated console pages; yellow/green …
(edit) @8ea279f   11 years zzz post-prop fixup
(edit) @089572b   11 years zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head …
(edit) @a12ae6e   11 years z3d Ongoing overhaul of the sidepanel.
(edit) @3febcf6   11 years zzz * Updater: - Add new unsigned update option, triggered by …
(edit) @43140d3   11 years z3d Overhaul of sidepanel layout, with concommitant tweaks and fudges to …
(edit) @55a8002b   11 years zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test3' (head …
(edit) @e36f9b2   11 years z3d UI enhancements.
(edit) @c3af134a   11 years zzz - Remove UTC time from summary bar - Increase skew warning …
(edit) @13e8c95   11 years zzz Hide update button when shutting down
(edit) @b4256e4   11 years z3d I2PSnark layout, themes, tunnel tables..
(edit) @cbde15b   11 years zzz cleanup
(edit) @bc49f51   11 years zzz use custom toolbar.html in the summary bar if it exists
(edit) @ee8dc4a   11 years z3d Remove <centre> tags from sidepanel content to restore left …
(edit) @7ed509b   11 years z3d Reorder panel slightly, bring I2P services to top.
(edit) @49c55ae   11 years z3d Move reference to i2plogo to themes/console/images/i2plogo.png (sidepanel).
(edit) @1c2cd4d   11 years z3d Overhaul console layout. Add <h1> header to most pages. Etc.
(edit) @3704319   11 years z3d merge of '25ef664ae94fb608b457b601780f6774ede7b39a' and …
(edit) @882e08f   11 years z3d Start on the console update.
(edit) @56a700e   11 years sponge 2009-06-25 sponge * Summary frame layout change so it makes sense.
(add) @48e544c   11 years zzz RouterConsole?: Make summary bar a refreshing iframe
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