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(edit) @01d2371   5 years zzz test javadoc
(edit) @2849aec   5 years zzz Add v3 FORWARD support to sink
(edit) @cb979fb   5 years zzz Allow multiple simultaneous ACCEPT sockets. Add support for parallel …
(edit) @5adbf90   5 years zzz Forwarded raw datagrams will include a header line if HEADER=true Add …
(edit) @0519ea4   5 years zzz Add v3 datagram and raw to sink
(edit) @48d7f49   5 years zzz Fix PROTOCOL parsing Add PROTOCOL test for raw sessions to send client
(edit) @9f625a0   5 years zzz Fix protocol for V3 datagram and raw sessions Add V3 datagram and raw …
(edit) @e77c5bd   5 years zzz add session options
(edit) @31ace20   5 years zzz auth and ssl support
(edit) @4291450   5 years zzz make method private fix timeout message add client sink pinger
(edit) @6373c8a   5 years zzz v1 datagram and raw support for sink
(edit) @bd048b0   5 years zzz Fix ReadLine? bug that buffered and lost input; can't handle UTF-8 for …
(edit) @b9ab933   5 years zzz client getopt
(edit) @626f541   5 years zzz add FROM_PORT and TO_PORT to client
(edit) @9367aca   5 years zzz Notes on STREAM STATUS messages when SILENT=true Fix one message for …
(edit) @e5f186f6   5 years zzz fix stopping of reader
(edit) @807e5bf   5 years zzz v3 sink working
(edit) @868e5e9   5 years zzz More v3 support Convert IDs from ints to Strings Wait for STREAM …
(edit) @612e01c   5 years zzz More SAM client cleanup and fixes, beginning of v3 support v3 …
(edit) @13fd613   5 years zzz more client test enhancements
(edit) @6934599   5 years zzz log tweak
(edit) @6081856   5 years zzz client demo cleanup
(edit) @d4bbdc28   5 years dg2-new FloodfillMonitorJob?: use the 60 min rate avg instead of lifetime avg, …
(edit) @9163d41   6 years dg2-new * I2PSnark, Jetty, SAM, crypto: findbugs resource leaks.
(edit) @f3180b3   6 years zzz SAM client logging cleanup
(edit) @b84682f   6 years dg2-new * findbugs: mostly stream closure fixes in router, apps, core
(edit) @764a7f2   8 years zzz remove unused private items (eclipse)
(edit) @3e889d2   8 years zzz remove unnecessary casts (eclipse)
(edit) @c902d4c   9 years zzz remove SAM client classes from sam.jar
(edit) @a4d16af   11 years mkvore-commit SAM version 3 : - Raw and Datagram sessions implemented - …
(edit) @bad4c4a   12 years zzz SAM: Convert from I2PThread to I2PAppThread so it won't shutdown …
(edit) @1c6b78a   12 years sponge SAM davadoc cleanups JDK5 compliance
(edit) @5782c42   12 years Oldaris Cleaned up all 'imports' in all applications, core and router.
(edit) @2d15a421   15 years zzz big code cleanup to reduce number of compiler warnings
(edit) @61a8d67   16 years zzz 2004-12-05 jrandom * Fix the recently broken SAM bridge (duh) …
(add) @1a30cd5f   16 years zzz 2004-12-03 jrandom * Toss in a small pool of threads (3) to …
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