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(edit) @1f92232   2 years zzz Findbugs all over
(edit) @483f043   2 years zzz Bettor error message on covariant fail
(edit) @4a03b6fc   2 years zzz i2psnark: Better comment deduping, fixes rating average
(edit) @57ddc8e   2 years zzz conversion cleanup
(edit) @e243e0dd   2 years zzz streaming minor tweaks
(edit) @fddaa47   2 years zzz whitespace fix
(edit) @68feb08   2 years zzz Jetty 9.2.25.v20180606
(edit) @ea3ce80   2 years zzz log typo
(edit) @96f7c15   2 years zzz pull from tx
(edit) @c455f15b   2 years zzz i2ptunnel: Change read timeout defaults now that streaming read …
(edit) @30fefa4   2 years zzz Console: Format part. tunnel rate Make table headers consistent
(edit) @62151ef   2 years zzz poupdate-source
(edit) @9e237b5   2 years zzz new hosts
(edit) @726d2f4   2 years zzz ngettext
(edit) @5c3e4087   2 years zzz i2psnark: Don't disconnect seeds immediately if comments enabled …
(edit) @a51d260   2 years zzz Streaming: More efficient copying in MessageInputStream? Log tweaks
(edit) @b5ed39f1   2 years zzz Streaming: Throw exception on read timeout (ticket #2292) Log tweaks
(edit) @f12dbba   2 years zzz SusiMail?: Catch ISE in get/setAttribute() (ticket #1529)
(edit) @9b9f96d   2 years zzz i2psnark: Tweak 1st column sort order
(edit) @b8437cd   2 years zzz Console: Catch ISE in get/setAttribute() (ticket #1529)
(edit) @63f0355   2 years zzz Console: Prep for removing themes (ticket #2272)
(edit) @2f2ff4f   2 years zzz Console: Split netdb output into pages
(edit) @68e8e597   2 years zzz i2psnark: Disable gzip for KRPC it's already disabled at the session …
(edit) @a700747   2 years zzz warning tweak
(edit) @0bcf9ca   2 years zzz doc typo fix
(edit) @41e20ae   2 years zzz Utils: Don't truncate at a ZWJ
(edit) @f554ca3   2 years zzz Console: Add support for IPv6 prefix lookup
(edit) @412fcfb   2 years zzz Console: Add netdb search by transport
(edit) @80973ca   2 years zzz Build: Add check for libtaglibs package in debian builds
(edit) @1b0102b   2 years zzz i2psnark: Enable sequential order option for single-file torrents …
(edit) @2a68a01a   2 years zzz Console: Fix HTML errors on /configservice w/o wrapper
(edit) @6c3cf9bf   2 years zzz I2CP: Add option for forcing gzip on/off per-message Use option in …
(edit) @d499293   2 years zzz i2psnark: Recreate deleted files on recheck/reopen (ticket #2125)
(edit) @2a0b927   2 years zzz i2psnark: CSS for in-order form (ticket #2234)
(edit) @5fd1b69   2 years zzz i2psnark: Sequential piece priority within each file (ticket #2234)
(edit) @e24ebf4   2 years zzz i2psnark: UI config for sequential download (ticket #2234) Sort with …
(edit) @d34087f   2 years zzz i2psnark: Stub out support for sequential download (ticket #2234)
(edit) @9d2f684   2 years zzz Streaming: Change enforce protocol default to true
(edit) @d992dbf   2 years zzz i2psnark: Add comment icon (ticket #2278)
(edit) @fcf82ea   2 years zzz revert imports too
(edit) @381f3909   2 years Meeh Reverted change related to fatjar. We're using "real" base path in any …
(edit) @43c2018   2 years zzz i2psnark: Fix IOOBE when stopping torrent that is allocating (ticket …
(edit) @9ac3157   2 years zzz Build: Move Jetty/Tomcat? version properties to top-level build.xml
(edit) @201ef3b   2 years zzz private field
(edit) @3b34581   2 years zzz Console: Fix reading flags when symlinked (ticket #2270)
(edit) @3de1fa2   2 years Meeh Minor change in routerconsole and core code for making I2P work great …
(edit) @baa11d8   2 years zzz Console: Move modified flags to new directory, in prep for symlinking …
(edit) @2d24f213   2 years zzz Streaming: Enforce valid port in setters
(edit) @761affc9   2 years zzz Console: Move servlet to new package (ticket #2265)
(edit) @f0f62527   2 years zzz NTCP2: Show version on /peers
(edit) @f6a4b0b   2 years zzz Pull translation updates from Transifex New Azerbaijani translations
(edit) @93c6df7   2 years zzz SusiMail?: Fix NPE on logout (ticket #2266)
(edit) @e33bb2a   2 years zzz Console: Add Azerbaijani, add translated eepsite help pages 48x48 …
(edit) @7ddeb0c   2 years zzz i2psnark: Remove tracker links unless non-default
(edit) @00c1fc6   2 years zzz /logs version section tweaks (ticket #1996)
(edit) @4a211f1b   2 years zzz Console: Don't display individual tx/rx graphs if displaying combined …
(edit) @c143a0e   2 years zzz i2psnark: Combine strings
(edit) @6ea0b05   2 years zzz /configui: Fix HTML, combine strings
(edit) @39dfdad   2 years zzz Add imagegen to standard webapps list
(edit) @89c9a6d   2 years zzz Push strings to transifex
(edit) @14e4cba   2 years zzz SSL Wizard tweaks
(edit) @9c35a55   2 years zzz enforce max family name length
(edit) @2014533   2 years zzz i2psnark: Fix torrent ignoring priority settings when autostart is …
(edit) @363aaadb   2 years zzz Console: Sort tunnels within pools by expiration (ticket #2232)
(edit) @7713284   2 years zzz SusiDNS: Fix deleting notes (ticket #1433) Hide advanced fields in …
(edit) @cee45e3   2 years zzz SusiDNS: Add notes form (ticket #1433)
(edit) @24a1cf71   2 years zzz Console: Change Java 10 warning to Java 11, since bionic uses 10
(edit) @8b029db   3 years zzz SusiMail?: Message button tweaks
(edit) @484d4e2   3 years zzz SusiMail?: Don't require confirmation to delete from Trash, Clear …
(edit) @a7db82a   3 years zzz SusiMail?: Fix dup ConnectWaiter? run, no failure message
(edit) @3f2fe39   3 years zzz SusiMail?: Don't store loading/fetching/refresh messages in session …
(edit) @884a42b   3 years zzz Build: Remove more files from Debian source tarballs Don't need to …
(edit) @277a161   3 years zzz Console: Tagged string fixes (ticket #2017) CSS tweaks
(edit) @d128bab   3 years zzz SusiMail?: Send deletions after connect so emails don't come back after …
(edit) @550ef2a   3 years zzz SusiMail?: Remove disk null checks, always non-null
(edit) @5feeffa   3 years zzz ministreaming: Add classpath to jar (ticket #2228)
(edit) @36c279f   3 years zzz i2psnark: Hide peers button if no peers on that page (ticket #2152)
(edit) @00acac4   3 years zzz i2psnark: Hide "0 Bps" if no peers (ticket #2152)
(edit) @e67c750   3 years zzz i2ptunnel: Retry accept after server socket closed (ticket #2003)
(edit) @2d7f0d3   3 years zzz i2ptunnel CLI help tweak
(edit) @3701f71   3 years zzz Jetty: Skip files with [] in default servlet to avoid throwing exception
(edit) @3f64825   3 years zzz SSL Wizard: Cleanups
(edit) @5ca319e   3 years zzz /confignet: Reorganize (ticket #2217)
(edit) @f11104e   3 years zzz Summary Bar: Change header from "I2P Updates" to "Update Status" …
(edit) @9eb3cc5   3 years zzz i2ptunnel: Fix dup tunnels clicking generate on new tunnel (ticket …
(edit) @2fab97f   3 years zzz Console: Fix changes to wrong tunnel on /configtunnels (ticket #2227)
(edit) @288a6b0   3 years zzz SSL Wiz: Use RSA if EC not available
(edit) @f6273a1   3 years zzz SSL Wizard: Link fixes Fix lost autostart config Separate messages for …
(edit) @e14a4f0   3 years zzz HTTP Client: Allow SSL to i2p hosts by default
(edit) @d3c28a6   3 years zzz Streaming: Don't send HTTP response to HTTPS request
(edit) @d8516862   3 years zzz SSL Wizard: Add links
(edit) @87329bc3   3 years zzz SSL Wizard: Page cleanup, message box
(edit) @6c88eb5   3 years zzz BOB: Register with port mapper
(edit) @7b2355a8   3 years zzz SSL Wizard: Implement Jetty SSL disable
(edit) @b31ebfe   3 years zzz SSL Wizard: Stop and restart Jetty if running Make JettyStart?
(edit) @a548c30   3 years zzz Console: Make Java 10 warning a 10/11 warning
(edit) @c9a6fab   3 years zzz SSL Wizard: Implement disable-SSL
(edit) @1c677cd   3 years zzz SSL Wizard: Fixes, checks, form improvements
(edit) @4e5a2d00   3 years zzz SSL Wizard: Move old keystore before rewriting Fix password setting in …
(edit) @ab039b8   3 years zzz SSL Wizard: Update and save tunnel config
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