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(edit) @aebf7735   20 months zzz NDT: remove unused user-agent code
(edit) @bdbadcd   20 months zzz Wizard: Warn if trying to start NDT twice
(edit) @54a1609   20 months zzz Wizard: Signal bwlimiter after config change Remove debug log in form …
(edit) @0369d32   20 months zzz Wizard: Hook test results to form More fixes and cleanups
(edit) @62c712c   20 months zzz Wizard: More test results
(edit) @dc343b0   20 months zzz MLab/NDT: Hook test to wizard Make helper the session scope, not …
(edit) @6462e2a   20 months zzz MLab/NDT: Prep for connecting to wizard, fixes, cleanups
(edit) @a35ad5f   20 months zzz javadocs
(edit) @d95c284   20 months zzz MLab/NDT: static instance, log fixes, cleanups
(edit) @84c0aa4   20 months zzz javadoc
(edit) @cec94e9   20 months zzz Console: Remove some config items from home page
(edit) @2bfbcf1a   20 months zzz jsi whitespace removal
(edit) @f8f6375   20 months zzz New install setup wizard Work in progress, run on first install …
(edit) @c0744671   20 months zzz MLabRunner, adapted from Vuze/BiglyBT Github rev …
(edit) @92787f8   20 months zzz swingemu fix to compile Tcpbw100 from
(edit) @71d8f0e   20 months zzz Vuze/BiglyBT Swing emulation layer for NDT Applet. This is a simple …
(edit) @e204013   20 months zzz NDT changes adapted from Vuze/BiglyBT, and changes for I2P. Vuze/Bigly?
(edit) @6f7881c   20 months zzz Web100 Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT) Java Applet Version (May …
(edit) @0a99784   21 months zzz Build: Add javac.classpath to junit.compileTest targets (ticket #2333)
(edit) @2de36ee   21 months zzz Console: Remove static Server ref, hang off RCR
(edit) @e68182a   21 months zzz Build: Provide option to prevent Class-Path in manifests (ticket #2317)
(edit) @06914f9   21 months zzz Sybil: Take HTML out of reason string for easier parsing and storage
(edit) @8332385   21 months zzz Sybil: More prep and refactor for background analysis Put dest name in …
(edit) @19b1b3c   21 months zzz Sybil: Prep for background analysis sort threat points consolidate strings
(edit) @bdd7c35a   22 months zzz Console: Remove static StatSummarizer? ref, hang off ClientAppManager?
(edit) @184b617   22 months zzz i2psnark: Sync field access (findbugs)
(edit) @6fccfc9   22 months zzz Use in comparators (findbugs)
(edit) @e2a41b7   22 months zzz Console: Sort RAs in Sybil tool
(edit) @477fa9e   22 months zzz Build: Fix build config with-libtomcat8-java but not …
(edit) @0cd67ac   22 months zzz Console: /netdb fixes (ticket #2326): - 'O' cap search won't include …
(edit) @aafccc0   22 months zzz Console: Fix SSU sort links broken in last checkin
(edit) @ff1e53a   22 months zzz Console: Fix bw cap display for P/X on /tunnels
(edit) @b8d33f7   22 months zzz Console: Tab /peers, fix html errors
(edit) @8dc3163   22 months zzz flip sections on /confighome
(edit) @960636c   22 months zzz Console: Sort addresses in RIs, remove note about O cap
(edit) @2a9c39c   22 months zzz missed one
(edit) @b84b298e   22 months zzz pull translations from tx
(edit) @c069f76   22 months slumlord Add "clearer" div to Hidden Services Of Interest section in /home so …
(edit) @3a5f020   22 months zzz SSL Wizard: Don't put public IP in SAN
(edit) @a69aa15   22 months zzz drop zerobin
(edit) @c391dac   22 months zzz sybil tweaks
(edit) @69f380f   22 months zzz flip /home sections
(edit) @b7ff82eb   22 months zzz IRC: Make inbound whitelist static
(edit) @34f0d7d7   22 months zzz Build: Compile jsps in-order for reproducibility (ticket #2279)
(edit) @e59d7a82   22 months zzz Plugins: Blacklist neodatis and seedless for Java 9+ (ticket #2295)
(edit) @46ac0087   22 months slumlord #2298 - Improve formatting to make translation-related activity …
(edit) @b74abbe4   22 months zzz Tomcat 8.5.34
(edit) @6b53a4f   22 months zzz Build: Fix hang with Tomcat 8.5.33+ (ticket #2307)
(edit) @e64ad7c   23 months zzz More findbugs all over
(edit) @1f92232   23 months zzz Findbugs all over
(edit) @483f043   23 months zzz Bettor error message on covariant fail
(edit) @4a03b6fc   23 months zzz i2psnark: Better comment deduping, fixes rating average
(edit) @57ddc8e   23 months zzz conversion cleanup
(edit) @e243e0dd   23 months zzz streaming minor tweaks
(edit) @fddaa47   23 months zzz whitespace fix
(edit) @68feb08   2 years zzz Jetty 9.2.25.v20180606
(edit) @ea3ce80   2 years zzz log typo
(edit) @96f7c15   2 years zzz pull from tx
(edit) @c455f15b   2 years zzz i2ptunnel: Change read timeout defaults now that streaming read …
(edit) @30fefa4   2 years zzz Console: Format part. tunnel rate Make table headers consistent
(edit) @62151ef   2 years zzz poupdate-source
(edit) @9e237b5   2 years zzz new hosts
(edit) @726d2f4   2 years zzz ngettext
(edit) @5c3e4087   2 years zzz i2psnark: Don't disconnect seeds immediately if comments enabled …
(edit) @a51d260   2 years zzz Streaming: More efficient copying in MessageInputStream? Log tweaks
(edit) @b5ed39f1   2 years zzz Streaming: Throw exception on read timeout (ticket #2292) Log tweaks
(edit) @f12dbba   2 years zzz SusiMail?: Catch ISE in get/setAttribute() (ticket #1529)
(edit) @9b9f96d   2 years zzz i2psnark: Tweak 1st column sort order
(edit) @b8437cd   2 years zzz Console: Catch ISE in get/setAttribute() (ticket #1529)
(edit) @63f0355   2 years zzz Console: Prep for removing themes (ticket #2272)
(edit) @2f2ff4f   2 years zzz Console: Split netdb output into pages
(edit) @68e8e597   2 years zzz i2psnark: Disable gzip for KRPC it's already disabled at the session …
(edit) @a700747   2 years zzz warning tweak
(edit) @0bcf9ca   2 years zzz doc typo fix
(edit) @41e20ae   2 years zzz Utils: Don't truncate at a ZWJ
(edit) @f554ca3   2 years zzz Console: Add support for IPv6 prefix lookup
(edit) @412fcfb   2 years zzz Console: Add netdb search by transport
(edit) @80973ca   2 years zzz Build: Add check for libtaglibs package in debian builds
(edit) @1b0102b   2 years zzz i2psnark: Enable sequential order option for single-file torrents …
(edit) @2a68a01a   2 years zzz Console: Fix HTML errors on /configservice w/o wrapper
(edit) @6c3cf9bf   2 years zzz I2CP: Add option for forcing gzip on/off per-message Use option in …
(edit) @d499293   2 years zzz i2psnark: Recreate deleted files on recheck/reopen (ticket #2125)
(edit) @2a0b927   2 years zzz i2psnark: CSS for in-order form (ticket #2234)
(edit) @5fd1b69   2 years zzz i2psnark: Sequential piece priority within each file (ticket #2234)
(edit) @e24ebf4   2 years zzz i2psnark: UI config for sequential download (ticket #2234) Sort with …
(edit) @d34087f   2 years zzz i2psnark: Stub out support for sequential download (ticket #2234)
(edit) @9d2f684   2 years zzz Streaming: Change enforce protocol default to true
(edit) @d992dbf   2 years zzz i2psnark: Add comment icon (ticket #2278)
(edit) @fcf82ea   2 years zzz revert imports too
(edit) @381f3909   2 years Meeh Reverted change related to fatjar. We're using "real" base path in any …
(edit) @43c2018   2 years zzz i2psnark: Fix IOOBE when stopping torrent that is allocating (ticket …
(edit) @9ac3157   2 years zzz Build: Move Jetty/Tomcat? version properties to top-level build.xml
(edit) @201ef3b   2 years zzz private field
(edit) @3b34581   2 years zzz Console: Fix reading flags when symlinked (ticket #2270)
(edit) @3de1fa2   2 years Meeh Minor change in routerconsole and core code for making I2P work great …
(edit) @baa11d8   2 years zzz Console: Move modified flags to new directory, in prep for symlinking …
(edit) @2d24f213   2 years zzz Streaming: Enforce valid port in setters
(edit) @761affc9   2 years zzz Console: Move servlet to new package (ticket #2265)
(edit) @f0f62527   2 years zzz NTCP2: Show version on /peers
(edit) @f6a4b0b   2 years zzz Pull translation updates from Transifex New Azerbaijani translations
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