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(edit) @ea2ef7b   20 months zzz Add Farsi susimail translation
(edit) @697b617c   20 months zzz finals
(edit) @eea0990   20 months zzz Use hasWrapper() util method
(edit) @aa0bafb   20 months zzz Update PAC file for additional security
(edit) @c4ebc73   20 months zzz TCG: Add new getInstance() method for Android so instance with stale …
(edit) @eff2bdbf   20 months zzz Build: Fix Debian (ticket #2517)
(edit) @0a774c6c   20 months zzz remove cryptic logging
(edit) @8a4c469   20 months zzz Blinding: cache b32, sort by b32 on /configkeyring
(edit) @6722485   20 months zzz whitespace
(edit) @447e29e   20 months zzz Console: More reword of tooltips
(edit) @aae81a7b   20 months zzz Console, i2ptunnel: Reword blinding options and tooltips i2ptunnel: …
(edit) @f049319   20 months zzz Console: Support deleting blinded entries on /configkeyring
(edit) @6b3896c   20 months zzz increase default max conns per minute
(edit) @4d29bfe   20 months zzz i2ptunnel: Fix double-b64 of default client name Add new default …
(edit) @040e092   20 months zzz Blinding: - Fix bugs with lookup password - Log tweaks
(edit) @e189236   20 months zzz flip LS tab order
(edit) @a3fe746   20 months zzz store ls secret as b64
(edit) @973aab8   20 months zzz Blinding: - Blinding only throws IAE - Remove context arg from …
(edit) @73b00eb   20 months zzz Console: Start rework of /configkeyring for LS2 Not hooked up yet - WIP
(edit) @c2e2cc2   20 months zzz i2ptunnel: Revert user-select, already in css, doesn't work on input
(edit) @2abd59e   20 months zzz i2ptunnel: Per-client auth config Hide encryption key for per-client …
(edit) @47c64c2e   20 months zzz i2ptunnel: Rework server encryption key UI in prep for blinded keys …
(edit) @7bdfd07   20 months zzz i2ptunnel: select box for sig type
(edit) @7858dbe   20 months zzz i2ptunnel: Add LS2 option, change to select box
(edit) @ea5ddfc   20 months zzz i2ptunnel: Shared key is PSK
(edit) @3328983   20 months zzz i2ptunnel: Per-client auth options (WIP)
(edit) @67e7e45   21 months zzz Sybil: Skip comment lines in stored files Escape % in stored reasons …
(edit) @7efb290f   21 months zzz addressbook: remove log info message
(edit) @b3cb094   21 months zzz Console: Hide some columns on SSU tab unless advanced
(edit) @b89720e   21 months zzz Sybil: Delete old stored analysis if configured Fix display of config tab
(edit) @f2f5df0   21 months zzz Sybil: Run IP and family tests on all routers Hide some n/a fields, …
(edit) @10354df   21 months zzz Sybil: Option to run on non-floodfills too
(edit) @11b391b   21 months zzz Javadoc fixes from FreeBSD ports …
(edit) @a6e6d29d   21 months zzz Sybil: Show routers in analysis even if no RI available Date format …
(edit) @6600f37   21 months zzz Streaming: Fix NPE in debug logging (ticket #2504)
(edit) @0531801   21 months zzz Console: Prevent editing a client while it's starting
(edit) @8840532   21 months zzz Sybil: Auto-blocking
(edit) @48a92ca   21 months zzz Sybil: Auto-block UI
(edit) @f04b41c   21 months zzz Console: Hide transport table unless advanced
(edit) @e174a46   21 months zzz javadoc fixes
(edit) @04a985cd   21 months zzz Consolidate Java version checking code, fix bugs where versions are in …
(edit) @adb1c6f   21 months zzz Jetty: Fix webapps in eepsite (ticket #2477)
(edit) @de8a079   21 months zzz Console: Remove plugin install success message (ticket #2494)
(edit) @585778cd   21 months zzz Console: Delay plugin update check until router is ready
(edit) @ffbf3d2   21 months zzz javadocs after review
(edit) @a39549a   21 months zzz pull translations from transifex
(edit) @7f60ee9   21 months zzz Console: NTCP2 check
(edit) @46e3174   21 months zzz Build: Drop unmaintained sample apparmor script (ticket #2319) We …
(edit) @981737f   21 months zzz i2ptunnel: Force connect delay and bulk profile for most client tunnel …
(edit) @baeaa65   21 months zzz update po source for tx
(edit) @ca0f127   21 months zzz New backup news server
(edit) @7c71ff1   21 months str4d Tests: Fix ministreaming tests after access filtering changes
(edit) @9e0934f   21 months str4d Build: Fix titles in ministreaming and streaming JAR manifests
(edit) @1cc330b   21 months str4d Gradle: Generate attributes for JAR manifests
(edit) @e70a2c7   21 months str4d Update Jetty and Tomcat versions in Gradle build scripts
(edit) @ea7ddaf   22 months zzz Console: Improve error message when graphs disabled (ticket #2452)
(edit) @e967b26   22 months zab2 update javadoc
(edit) @e5540d0   22 months zab2 proper fix for memory bug
(edit) @7ce81db9   22 months zab2 forget the known destinations when reloading
(edit) @e42e04c   22 months zzz Console: Don't display I2CP error during soft restart (ticket #2468)
(edit) @8d00774   22 months zzz Tomcat 8.5.40
(edit) @0dbc809   22 months zzz i2ptunnel: Fix saving encrypted LS config Disable registration …
(edit) @64c7625   22 months zzz i2ptunnel: Hide blinded-with-password config
(edit) @071e702   22 months zzz i2ptunnel: Hide I2CP config in router context
(edit) @363317f   22 months zzz i2ptunnel: Disallow any encrypted LS for offline keys
(edit) @f4d7a6d   22 months zzz i2ptunnel: Disallow encrypted LS for offline keys
(edit) @b5a4f16   22 months zzz whitespace
(edit) @73790e23   22 months zzz i2ptunnel: Fix NPE creating server tunnel Add Red25519 sigtype option …
(edit) @dd5f8b45   22 months zzz i2ptunnel: jsp whitespace removal
(edit) @9a72c4b   22 months zzz encrypt mode checks
(edit) @7d4acb62   22 months zzz i2ptunnel: Display encrypted b32 Blinding: Allow secret flag without …
(edit) @6237fc8   22 months zzz Jetty: Hide sizes and dates of directories in listings
(edit) @cde5353   22 months zzz i2ptunnel: Config UI for encrypted ls2
(edit) @4774cf6   22 months zab2 Order recorded destinations pt2
(edit) @6aeb89c   22 months zab2 Order recorded destinations
(edit) @6cc39a2   22 months zzz Build: Fix up javadoc targets in sub-build.xml files for maven central
(edit) @904bf2a   22 months zab2 Only inspect the last threshold.seconds when determining if there is a …
(edit) @8a001ad   22 months zab2 Move all disk i/o to a single thread to prevent very rare errors when …
(edit) @2c602fa   22 months zab2 access list cannot be defined from ui
(edit) @1c90985   22 months zab2 recorder → record
(edit) @3498ab0   22 months zab2 define thresholds in seconds, not minutes
(edit) @d809b59   22 months zab2 display filter definition parsing errors in the UI message box
(edit) @c3aa4598   22 months zzz merge of 'cbd8a21f0033ee2af8c73bd2a312059869142c83' and …
(edit) @d389b3b   22 months zzz I2PTunnel: Start/stop POST throttle timer
(edit) @76ee577   22 months zab2 make filter definition text field longer
(edit) @491cd0a   22 months zab2 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zab.2464' (head …
(edit) @e380b26   22 months zab2 Say that it's an absolute file
(edit) @4790a14   22 months zab2 change UI to allow same filter definition to be used in multiple tunnels
(edit) @194df9d   22 months zab2 link to format spec
(edit) @d3170de   22 months zzz SAM prep for b33
(edit) @e55702b   22 months zab2 stop the filter in destroy method
(edit) @c0c9582   22 months zab2 add logic to start and stop filter timers
(edit) @fc9ad32   22 months zab2 Make the config format consistent (threshold rule [target])
(edit) @2304e9b   22 months zab2 prettier html
(edit) @956a714   22 months zab2 package.html
(edit) @3f990b0   22 months zab2 html in javadoc
(edit) @3dbe8f20   22 months zab2 document format
(edit) @d90fc42   22 months zab2 javadoc
(edit) @85db853   22 months zab2 use curly braces around one-line for and while loops
(edit) @440d557   22 months zab2 Clear all state if the tunnel is closed
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