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(edit) @c3aa4598   19 months zzz merge of 'cbd8a21f0033ee2af8c73bd2a312059869142c83' and …
(edit) @d389b3b   19 months zzz I2PTunnel: Start/stop POST throttle timer
(edit) @76ee577   19 months zab2 make filter definition text field longer
(edit) @491cd0a   19 months zab2 propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zab.2464' (head …
(edit) @e380b26   19 months zab2 Say that it's an absolute file
(edit) @4790a14   19 months zab2 change UI to allow same filter definition to be used in multiple tunnels
(edit) @194df9d   19 months zab2 link to format spec
(edit) @d3170de   19 months zzz SAM prep for b33
(edit) @e55702b   19 months zab2 stop the filter in destroy method
(edit) @c0c9582   19 months zab2 add logic to start and stop filter timers
(edit) @fc9ad32   19 months zab2 Make the config format consistent (threshold rule [target])
(edit) @2304e9b   19 months zab2 prettier html
(edit) @956a714   19 months zab2 package.html
(edit) @3f990b0   19 months zab2 html in javadoc
(edit) @3dbe8f20   19 months zab2 document format
(edit) @d90fc42   19 months zab2 javadoc
(edit) @85db853   19 months zab2 use curly braces around one-line for and while loops
(edit) @440d557   19 months zab2 Clear all state if the tunnel is closed
(edit) @910a0d8   19 months zab2 fix b32 parsing
(edit) @c5f9aea5   19 months zab2 do not use equalsIgnoreCase
(edit) @84ea533   19 months zab2 use DataHelper?.split instead of String.split
(edit) @fd2819c   19 months zab2 Use Hash objects instead of Strings representing b32s
(edit) @fd6cb07   19 months zab2 use SecureFileOutputStream?
(edit) @6d2270a   19 months zab2 Cancel timers if tunnel is stopped
(edit) @94bde1d   19 months zab2 Exception to be thrown in case of invalid filter definition
(edit) @d2bdbcd   19 months zab2 correct io pattern
(edit) @97eb5a5   19 months zab2 add the UI bits of the access rules
(edit) @473ced4   19 months zab2 disable splitting by tabs for now
(edit) @c777109   19 months zab2 hook up loading of filter definitions for server tunnels
(edit) @b35762b   19 months zab2 factory to rule them all
(edit) @3f6fc7c   19 months zab2 wip on parser of filter definitions
(edit) @82eea0a   19 months zzz NetDB: Cache blinding data for lookups and decryption (proposal #123)
(edit) @670016e   19 months zab2 wip on parser of filter definitions
(edit) @841b16ef   19 months zab2 Access list may not exist
(edit) @0d0dd1e   19 months zab2 hook up periodic events to ST2
(edit) @62f7b2c   19 months zab2 Skeleton architecture of access filter
(edit) @a5e568f   19 months zab2 Hooks into streaming for filtering of incoming connections
(edit) @ce043943   19 months zzz SusiDNS: Add import feature (ticket #2447) Box overlap issue remains …
(edit) @00d4525   19 months zzz Data: Initial work on b32 format for blinded leasesets (proposal 149, WIP)
(edit) @f17776e   19 months zzz i2ptunnel: Escape {} in URLs (ticket #2130)
(edit) @a57c277   19 months zzz Pull translations
(edit) @2b00bfa   20 months zzz Fix Debian builds with Jetty 9.4.15 (ticket #2457)
(edit) @7e6fd01   20 months zzz New home page icons from Sadie Source: …
(edit) @d6a53cc   20 months zzz Data: Consolidate offline key check i2ptunnel: Prevent registration …
(edit) @10bae6a   20 months zzz Data: Update Encrypted LS2 blinding and encryption to match current …
(edit) @0b28965   20 months zzz Console: Fix NPEs displaying encrypted LS2
(edit) @54d9a29   20 months zzz I2CP, NetDB, Console: Encrypted LS2 handling fixes (WIP) log tweaks
(edit) @335736b   20 months zab2 Fix log strings
(edit) @82d1874   20 months zzz Streaming: Fix sending messages with expired times (ticket #2451)
(edit) @d1617dd   20 months zzz Console: Fix router logs not shown if first msg is a dup
(edit) @21c7a341   20 months zzz Console: Change fallback client names to use b32 instead of truncated …
(edit) @c8b7e82   20 months zzz Console: Handle zero SSU RTT on /peers (ticket #2443) PeerState? minor …
(edit) @b76b2ef   20 months zzz Console: Flip order of router logs
(edit) @af46e48   20 months slumlord Fix build which broke after themes were removed
(edit) @2aa0937   20 months zzz Tomcat 8.5.38
(edit) @ab7f61d   20 months zzz Console: Drop midnight and classic themes (ticket #2272)
(edit) @def9392   20 months str4d Gradle: Disable ScalaTests? when TARGET_JAVA_HOME is set Previously, …
(edit) @56c1739d   20 months str4d Gradle: Use plugins DSL where possible
(edit) @51b27bb   21 months zzz Console: Hide disabled transports on /peers
(edit) @3ba0fcf   21 months zzz SAM: Support offline keys
(edit) @7544d0a   21 months zzz Streaming: Fix exception after sig verify fail log tweaks
(edit) @b310c60   21 months zzz Javadoc fixes
(edit) @19cb85a   21 months zzz i2pcontrol: Javadoc fixes
(edit) @16ccc1b   21 months zzz remove exchanged.i2p
(edit) @bd6cf53d   21 months zzz i2ptunnel: Fix HTTP websockets by passing through Connection headers …
(edit) @e20a6a9   21 months zzz i2ptunnel: Fix HTTP websockets by passing through Connection headers …
(edit) @0e710f87   21 months zzz Streaming: Support offline signatures (proposal 123) Don't send FROM …
(edit) @19defbe   21 months zzz Debian: Fix build of i2pcontrol
(edit) @175ea0f0   21 months zzz i2ptunnel: Update clearnet UA to match current TBB
(edit) @30015c1   21 months zzz i2ptunnel: Handle PUT like POST
(edit) @4f84550   21 months zzz i2ptunnel: Caching of outproxy selection, avoid last-failed outproxy
(edit) @ec5e2db   21 months zzz i2ptunnel: More localhost checks
(edit) @316011e   21 months zzz Debian: Fix version detection of Tomcat 9 required for reproducible builds
(edit) @68567cb   21 months zzz Build: Fix javac.classpath in junit.compileTest targets (ticket #2333)
(edit) @c555bb6c   21 months zzz i2cp.leaseSetEncType param: Support comma-separated values, check …
(edit) @8c9ce56   21 months zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.i2pcontrol' (head …
(edit) @0a8ab441   21 months zzz I2PControl: Add manifest for jar build Stub out socketJar build
(edit) @24fd4881   21 months zzz I2PControl: Disable webapp by default Add link in Services section of …
(edit) @0889a75   21 months zzz NDT: Catch exception on DNS lookup failure (ticket #2399) Add support …
(edit) @3527f25   21 months zzz Debian: Add build option for libtomcat9 (ticket #2364)
(edit) @5c0aab4   21 months zzz Minor fixes after review
(edit) @318ebb3   21 months zzz Debian: Replace ttf-dejavu with fonts-dejavu (ticket #2395)
(edit) @ebcf187   21 months zzz Pull translations
(edit) @b4e2619   21 months zzz Plugins: Fix loading of webapp configuration classes on Jetty 9.4 by …
(edit) @d8516314   22 months zzz SusiMail?: Fix sending mail with attachments (ticket #2373) Fix …
(edit) @16f4f04   22 months zzz change firefox profile installer link
(edit) @cf27938   22 months zab2 fix compilation with Gradle to account for GeoIP2 and systray changes
(edit) @b62732b   22 months zzz Console: More LS2 debug output I2CP: Bump min LS2 router version for …
(edit) @47beb82   22 months zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head …
(edit) @8cd7e7d   22 months zzz poupdate-source for 0.9.38 Fix poupdate script to not pick up tags in …
(edit) @fb8665b   22 months zzz Console: Fix broken image link on /configui
(edit) @2c703300   22 months zzz Console: Remove firefox anchor in link
(edit) @30ea6f3   22 months zzz Console: Remove test code that forces wizard run on dev builds
(edit) @941a9944   22 months zzz remove temp wizard text
(edit) @d10d7227   22 months zzz Wizard: Styling, fix links, change button icons back.png: Arrow …
(edit) @3c0ba5c   22 months zzz Console: Add warning for OpenJDK Zero VM
(edit) @47629bf   22 months zzz Console: Update ARM warning (ticket #2368), remove Java 11 warning
(edit) @0474876   22 months zzz NDT: Fix deprecation
(edit) @edae8e3   22 months zzz Sybil: Translate strings that we already have tagged elsewhere
(edit) @1411d0c   22 months zzz Sybil: Change persistence format to prevent errors in some locales
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