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(edit) @fd311c7   21 months str4d Gradle: Fix getBuiltBy() to work when does not exist
(edit) @d13bf0b   21 months str4d Gradle: Use tested version of Mockito The Ant JUnit tests have been …
(edit) @1cc330b   21 months str4d Gradle: Generate attributes for JAR manifests
(edit) @967dde4   21 months str4d Gradle: Generate reproducible archives
(edit) @2788706   21 months str4d Gradle: Fix deprecations
(edit) @4f6b58e   2 years str4d Gradle: Configure —release compiler flag after project evaluation
(edit) @2556c77   2 years str4d Travis CI: Update config to handle cross-compilation
(edit) @9731c20   2 years str4d Gradle: Improve cross-compilation support JDK 9+ have a —release …
(edit) @a1b67e3   2 years str4d Gradle: Parse router version from Java source
(edit) @56c1739d   2 years str4d Gradle: Use plugins DSL where possible
(edit) @1ae9879   2 years str4d Upgrade Gradle wrapper to 5.2.1
(edit) @4512a94   3 years str4d Gradle: Run ScalaTest? tests in addition to the JUnit tests
(edit) @7f673bb   3 years str4d Travis CI: Dynamically add SonarQube? plugin to build.gradle
(edit) @a02cccaa   3 years str4d Only use SonarQube? with Java 8 It fails on Java 7, and is unsupported …
(edit) @f9eaf41   3 years str4d Enable SonarCloud? in Travis CI
(edit) @19016ed   3 years str4d Gradle: Add code coverage reporting, upload from Travis CI to Codecov
(edit) @36a313cc   3 years str4d Don't make the apps/ dir itself a Gradle Java project
(edit) @e011d60   3 years str4d Add project file generation for IDEA
(edit) @49d970c   3 years str4d Fix compilation without bootstrap classpath set
(edit) @bf63947   3 years zab2 add mockito to top level
(edit) @a3df4a3   3 years zab2 eclipse users rejoice
(edit) @3eef793b   3 years str4d Add bootstrap classpath JARs if necessary
(edit) @2ca6581   3 years str4d Set Java 7 build target for all projects
(edit) @c78af82   3 years str4d Add missing test dependency
(edit) @041f547   3 years str4d Use JCenter repository (which pulls from Maven Central)
(edit) @7b221fa   3 years str4d Update router version in build.gradle after prop
(edit) @6468e9e   5 years str4d Update router version in build.gradle after prop
(edit) @0bfe45be   5 years str4d Start of buildscript for generating updates
(edit) @3c383ca   5 years str4d Update router and Java versions in build.gradle after prop
(edit) @aa3ac754   7 years str4d Gradle test config improvements
(edit) @0919fa0   7 years str4d Don't set version (so .jars don't contain version)
(add) @da777c1   7 years str4d Initial set of Gradle build scripts for core and router
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