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(edit) @1cc330b   17 months str4d Gradle: Generate attributes for JAR manifests
(edit) @d244d17   20 months str4d Gradle: Optionally include jbigi at runtime for core This enables …
(edit) @ad5301a   20 months str4d Gradle: Integrate JMH benchmarks Run with ./gradlew jmh —no-daemon
(edit) @def9392   20 months str4d Gradle: Disable ScalaTests? when TARGET_JAVA_HOME is set Previously, …
(edit) @56c1739d   20 months str4d Gradle: Use plugins DSL where possible
(edit) @9f11188e   3 years Meeh Started on scalatests for SU3File and CertUtil?.
(edit) @46a3421   3 years str4d Don't compile ScalaTests? on Java 7
(edit) @5786560   3 years str4d Don't run ScalaTests? on Java 7
(edit) @4512a94   3 years str4d Gradle: Run ScalaTest? tests in addition to the JUnit tests
(edit) @b6298dc   3 years str4d Segment integration tests in core
(edit) @60efd0b   3 years str4d Migrate tests to JUnit 4
(edit) @9be53ec   3 years str4d Swap out getopt, gettext, and geoip code in Gradle libs for dependencies
(edit) @3acb7a5   3 years str4d Apply java-library plugin to published libraries
(edit) @7662974   3 years str4d Add EdDSA test vectors to test resources
(edit) @367ab28   6 years str4d Corrected contents of i2p.jar router.jar utility.jar
(edit) @aa3ac754   6 years str4d Gradle test config improvements
(add) @da777c1   6 years str4d Initial set of Gradle build scripts for core and router
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