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(edit) @c68977ca   14 years zzz * i2ptunnel: Add 3-hop option to edit.jsp to match configtunnels.jsp …
(edit) @bc7ab391   14 years zzz +x the c build files
(edit) @566a713   17 years zzz 2005-02-16 jrandom * (Merged the 0.5-pre branch back into CVS …
(edit) @d85dc82   17 years zzz 2005-01-21 Jhor * Updated jbigi build scripts for OSX. 2005-01-21 …
(edit) @ec11ea4   17 years zzz * Convert native jcpuid code from C++ to C. This should alleviate …
(edit) @88a994b   17 years zzz cleaned up paths
(edit) @24c8cc1   17 years zzz reference the new gmp 4.1.4
(edit) @9ea6eed2   17 years zzz added support for local build (saving as jbigi)
(edit) @56f13c5   17 years zzz bz2
(edit) @fbc63c9   17 years zzz g++ 2.95.4
(edit) @6052a93   17 years zzz moved jbigi source into jbigi subdir (in parallel with other c native …
(edit) @f7f05cf   17 years zzz imported Iakin's public domain jcpuid library allowing the detection …
(edit) @f2f2613   17 years zzz Minior cleanups — removed commented out debugging code, wrote better …
(edit) @6b1d671   18 years zzz Little restyle of output text (duck)
(edit) @e8a2130   18 years zzz updated for new paths / mingw setup
(add) @e40b94c   18 years zzz great renaming (cont.)
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