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(edit) @082a5d3   4 years zzz move siphash test from util to crypto
(edit) @cee3ebb   4 years zzz less wtf
(edit) @7ccca9e   5 years str4d EdDSAEngine: one-shot mode tests
(edit) @6e7f015   5 years str4d Add tests to check that an EdDSAEngine object can be reused with the …
(edit) @cdfd4ca   5 years zzz Move CachedIteratorArrayList? from core to router
(edit) @c60f397   5 years z3r0fox Replaces instances of getBytes() in core classes
(edit) @9af197e   5 years str4d Add KeyCert? test that fails
(edit) @98a4460   5 years zzz fix test compile
(edit) @ba34c90   6 years zzz EdDSA cleanup, another null resource check
(edit) @7f72830   6 years str4d JavaDoc? fixes
(edit) @2caaad95   6 years str4d Comment out not yet implemented tests
(edit) @09b995a   6 years str4d BigIntegerFieldElement?.isNonZero() tests
(edit) @a0bf8433   6 years str4d Tests: copy the EdDSA file to where the classloader can find it
(edit) @9104bd7   6 years zzz Tests: Copy the new EdDSA test vectors to where the classloader can …
(edit) @fd7e549   6 years str4d Added EdDSA tests Source: Git …
(edit) @36fdb4ee   6 years zzz Fix junit compile fails due to data structure moves
(edit) @a63bfea   6 years zzz fix SKM test broken by TSKM move
(edit) @6c202e8   7 years zzz fix router identity test broken by previous checkin
(edit) @3b06f0b   7 years zab2 Change the test url to www.i2p-projekt.i2p
(edit) @0db1314   7 years zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.netdbkad' (head …
(edit) @efe3bd2c   7 years str4d Use for each when Iterator not needed
(edit) @a17b1b9   7 years str4d Moved StatLogSplitter? to i2p.scripts/java-utils
(edit) @8699c82   7 years zzz Kad unit tests: - Port KBSTest from i2p.zzz.kademlia branch - Fix …
(edit) @1d7eedd   7 years zzz Kad unit tests: - Move KBucketSetTest to new directory - Fix …
(edit) @15bf94b   7 years str4d Core: type arguments
(edit) @24ae66d   7 years str4d Core JUnit tests: type arguments, unused imports
(edit) @f8178b7   7 years zab2 ticket #1125: revert previous change as it is not relevant to …
(edit) @35fb332   7 years zab2 moar test cases
(edit) @1b5309b   7 years zzz junit test for new DataHelper?.skip()
(edit) @919ec3a   7 years zab2 work on failing JUnit test
(edit) @811819a   7 years zzz * Tests: - Fix LogSettingsTest? broken by recent LogManager? changes …
(edit) @d709f46   7 years zab2 Update unit test
(edit) @1939aac   8 years Zlatin Balevsky Fix test and make it actually test something
(edit) @d0cb714   8 years Zlatin Balevsky add installer/resources to the classpath for eclipse and junit task …
(edit) @c7f1329   8 years Zlatin Balevsky get rid of two tests that don't make sense
(edit) @5a7d975e   8 years killyourtv's backup acct speed up datahelper test (thanks zab)
(edit) @bcbf7e6   8 years zzz - Speed up crypto tests, reduce memory usage, use common context
(edit) @e67aa43   8 years Zlatin Balevsky merge of '616d36fc49bb03f28c56540cdd475e2f7e9e3663' and …
(edit) @8e57a2e   8 years Zlatin Balevsky Fix most of the test cases, reduce the runtime of the test …
(edit) @d28184c   8 years zzz - Test data strucure equals() for everything except I2CP
(edit) @2c8f2ae4   8 years Zlatin Balevsky Change the Rate.equals(..) method to work for Rates w/o a parent …
(edit) @17ac0e4   8 years zzz - Fix last three I2CP message junit test failures caused by the …
(edit) @4730690   8 years zzz - Fix most of the I2CP message junit test failures caused by the …
(edit) @6ed6023   8 years zzz - Local mods and wrapper for SipHashInline? - Convert …
(edit) @20cc48c   8 years zzz SipHash? inline implementation and junit test, unmodified. As pulled …
(edit) @0ec77f5   8 years Zlatin Balevsky Use the cached iterator list to remove Iterator allocation hotspots
(edit) @f238d05   8 years Zlatin Balevsky test removal
(edit) @d8613d2   8 years Zlatin Balevsky more appropriate junit test
(edit) @1e830287   8 years Zlatin Balevsky An ArrayList? that reuses a single iterator
(edit) @f57d91a   8 years str4d Added missing DateAndFlagsTest? - no errors in core junit tests now
(edit) @ccc5923   8 years str4d Drop unused DummyPooledRandomSource?, moved to i2p.scripts
(edit) @31debe6   8 years str4d CryptixRijndael_Algorithm._BLOCK_SIZE is private, so specify value directly
(edit) @40d1507   8 years str4d Fixed imports on core JUnit tests to use Hamcrest matchers provided …
(add) @618f214   8 years str4d Added ScalaTest? support to core build.xml The old JUnit tests are …
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