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(edit) @f13f4fc   4 years zzz Util: Number formatting tweaks (ticket #1913)
(edit) @daf7e86   4 years zzz SusiMail?: Thread the loading from disk
(edit) @7da3de2   4 years zzz Util: Move RFC822Date from router to core for SusiMail?
(edit) @96185d0   4 years zzz Set default organization for self-signed certs
(edit) @8250a8e   4 years zzz Add i2pcontrol service identifiers
(edit) @a021e0d   4 years zzz Console: Fix number formatting (tickets #1912, #1913, #2126)
(edit) @23aaefa   4 years zzz 0.9.33 i2p-0.9.33
(edit) @6176aae   4 years zzz Util: Don't throw unsupported on setSoLinger()
(edit) @ae50599   4 years zzz Util: Consolidate console URL generation in PortMapper?
(edit) @c2bfb80   4 years zzz Keyring: Separate local and remote dests on /configkeyring Prohibit …
(edit) @d82499f   4 years zzz i2ptunnel, eepget: Better error message on invalid URLs (ticket #2130)
(edit) @8b8d32e   4 years zzz Util: LookaheadInputStream? speedups and cleanups
(edit) @5f413ef   4 years zzz InternalSocket?: Implement more methods, add debug output, don't ignore …
(edit) @789f15f   4 years zzz Java 10 test
(edit) @8e51ca7   4 years zzz javadoc tweaks
(edit) @a67ea4b   4 years str4d Cleanups: Close resources via try-finally We can't use …
(edit) @4c18e2f   4 years zzz SU3File: Flush and sync on extract (ticket #1941)
(edit) @f34b467   4 years zzz Util: Deprecate BigPipedInputStream?
(edit) @d4bafae   4 years str4d Don't check error messages for JRE-generated errors They may change …
(edit) @16282ec   4 years zzz Util: New utility class for UI message queues, for use by i2psnark and …
(edit) @89d7a59   4 years zzz fix test on Java 9
(edit) @b6298dc   4 years str4d Segment integration tests in core
(edit) @11da21d   4 years str4d Remove AESInputStreamTest reference
(edit) @a574fcb   4 years str4d Drop historic unused AESInputStream and AESOutputStream
(edit) @0f75748   4 years str4d Migrate DummyNamingServiceTest? to JUnit 4, comment out tests requiring …
(edit) @b8eeb72   4 years str4d Fix*Key tests, remove dead code Broken in …
(edit) @60efd0b   4 years str4d Migrate tests to JUnit 4
(edit) @2e88850   4 years zzz Core tests: Remove or suppress deprecation warnings Remove unchecked …
(edit) @80e3c96   4 years zzz LeaseSet?: Better error messages when decode fails (ticket #2108)
(edit) @dc13ed6   4 years zzz Console: Move /configkeyring HTML to console, don't truncate hashes, …
(edit) @fb4fb47   4 years zzz Context: Hopefully fix rare NPE on Android (ticket #2092)
(edit) @8c7898de   4 years zzz Reseed: Add support for reseeding via outproxy or Orchid (ticket …
(edit) @07a83bf   4 years zzz EepGet?: Refuse attempted redirect to HTTPS, won't work
(edit) @33aac1b   4 years zzz Reseed: Add SOCKS proxy support (ticket #1130)
(edit) @d5cc1d8   4 years zzz SSLEepGet: Refactor proxy code to new method, in prep for adding more
(edit) @d04050e   4 years zzz SOCKS: Move constants and client code from i2ptunnel to a new package …
(edit) @80cb62b   4 years zzz SSLEepGet, Reseed: Implement HTTPS proxy option (ticket #423)
(edit) @eb04971   4 years Meeh Fixed unicode character which fixes "ant javadoc".
(edit) @2b8f14f   4 years zzz Minor fixes and javadocs after review Set 90 day default for event log …
(edit) @e281620   4 years zzz 0.9.32 i2p-0.9.32
(edit) @cd21cda4   4 years zzz BuildTime? update
(edit) @5fb6b2c   4 years zzz Router: Convert configured hostnames to IP addresses before publishing …
(edit) @de48741   4 years zzz Router: Don't lookup hostnames in addresses (proposal #141)
(edit) @8f4f7b7b   4 years str4d propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.str4d.bench' (head …
(edit) @10cfa6e   4 years str4d Add NativeBigInteger? benchmarks
(edit) @9e2bd4a   4 years str4d Fix bench.jarUpToDate
(edit) @3d24cc9   4 years str4d Move benchmarks into core
(edit) @2cd9b34   4 years zzz Data: Prohibit excess key data in certs (ticket #2035)
(edit) @40642c8   4 years str4d Remove old benchmarks
(edit) @2071cf8   4 years zzz more Skylakes
(edit) @6615586   4 years str4d Add benchmarks for ElGamal?
(edit) @3d38522   4 years zzz findbugs all over
(edit) @2c76b87   4 years zzz 0.9.31 i2p-0.9.31
(edit) @30eb089   4 years str4d /debug: - Add container divs and styling markup - Add top navigation menu
(edit) @32968af   4 years str4d Add benchmarks for AES and SHA-256
(edit) @0b85bff   4 years zzz Crypto: Preserve CRT parameters for RSA private keys (ticket #2005)
(edit) @5ddb4ed   4 years zzz fixups after review
(edit) @d8831151   4 years str4d Console: Fix log file size config bug on /configlogging bug (ticket #1996)
(edit) @32efa2e   4 years zzz DNS (ticket #1998): - Data: Cache hostname lookups in RouterAddress? - …
(edit) @5361571   4 years zzz Crypto: Fix AES NPE on 4-core RPi 2nd try (ticket #1989)
(edit) @96bdfb3   4 years str4d propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head …
(edit) @b8c97a1   4 years zzz AES: More cleanups and javadocs
(edit) @e973185   4 years zzz Crypto: Initialize array earlier (ticket #1989)
(edit) @6f60d64   4 years str4d propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head …
(edit) @efd7d65   4 years zzz AES: Cleanups (ticket #1989)
(edit) @b0514cc5   4 years zzz move BFNS test
(edit) @f3d931d   4 years zzz Blockfile: Move from i2p.jar to addressbook.jar http://zzz.i2p/topics/2274
(edit) @920b142   4 years zzz 0.9.30 i2p-0.9.30
(edit) @baa314d   4 years zzz pull translations
(edit) @a3e146a8   4 years str4d propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head …
(edit) @021067d   4 years zzz deprecate ZipFileComment?
(edit) @bfc0417   4 years zzz i2psnark: Fix standalone configuration for Jetty 9 Context: Fix …
(edit) @f390831   4 years zzz Console: Fix stopping of webapps when console stops (ticket #1893) …
(edit) @5eefb8b2   4 years zzz KeyStoreUtil?: Reduce log level of expired cert error
(edit) @c199124   4 years zzz Time: Fix crashes on old Androids (ticket #1976)
(edit) @b503f03   4 years zzz Blockfile: Include authentication strings in exports
(edit) @cff8eaf   5 years zzz Blockfile: Upgrade to Blockfile format 4 on non-Android ARM
(edit) @b335ded1   5 years zzz CPUID: Recognize Ryzen
(edit) @ca6ce37   5 years zzz context: New ClientAppManagerImpl? in AppContext?, so registration works …
(edit) @13ad5d7   5 years zzz SSU: More work on introducer expiration (proposal 133)
(edit) @05aef9b   5 years zzz Move "isSlow" detection to SystemVersion?
(edit) @4b722c9   5 years zzz i2ptunnel: New form to enter private key file for alternate …
(edit) @1150b4cd   5 years zzz NBI: Adjust logging during extraction to use standard format
(edit) @ad810de   5 years zzz i2ptunnel: Add subsession support to servers, no UI yet Update …
(edit) @6ef61063   5 years zzz Random: Don't need extra bits if power of two
(edit) @23ee40d   5 years zzz stray semicolon
(edit) @d573910b   5 years zzz CPUID: Fix saving of libjcpuid.jnifile on Macs, was incorrectly saving …
(edit) @74151b0   5 years str4d propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head …
(edit) @d7e5aaf   5 years str4d Replace   with thin non-breaking space   for byte sizes …
(edit) @5f96067   5 years zzz merge of 'bd4c9889786a280f8797cbdc6ca9cddb8c7260a2' and …
(edit) @61e4e2a   5 years zzz Util: Don't depend on DataHelper? in FileUtil?.copy(), causes Windows … i2p-0.9.29-win1
(edit) @2de25ca   5 years zzz addressbook: Add date parameter to authentication strings
(edit) @8d928ea   5 years zzz minor fixes after review
(edit) @b6952930   5 years zzz 0.9.29 i2p-0.9.29
(edit) @33b1851   5 years zzz PrivateKeyFile?: Add option to generate addressbook authentication …
(edit) @380f55a   5 years zzz I2CP: Return null on decompression failure instead of throwing …
(edit) @8a89b3d   5 years zzz Fix calls to Class.newInstance() deprecated in Java 9
(edit) @f2ae1bf   5 years zzz Utils: Disable caching of ResettableGZIPOutputStreams, add more checks …
(edit) @fc8c193f   5 years zzz strip more system properties in I2CP
(edit) @e01c443   5 years zzz Test: Add random delay and drop options to LocalClientManager? Return …
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