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(edit) @b0bca2f   14 months zzz Util: Avoid dup context warning when SU3File called twice from gradle
(edit) @6d9aa92   14 months zzz Tests: Fix some bashisms, add more files to bashisms check
(edit) @e50bf00   14 months zzz Log tweaks, bump -10
(edit) @e82a547   14 months zzz CPUID/NBI: Prep for GMP 6.1.2 Add Skylake support (ticket #1869) …
(edit) @4bd0f06   15 months zzz jbigi: Support android builds using NDK Prep for GMP 6.1.2
(edit) @aab6529   15 months zzz Data: Fix for change of default auth type, handle old value from …
(edit) @7cd60bb   15 months zzz Util: Add EKU to selfsigned certs
(edit) @eea0990   15 months zzz Use hasWrapper() util method
(edit) @471c5d4   15 months zzz I2CP: Cleanups for single-byte reads Stub out new error codes for prop. 123
(edit) @8a4c469   15 months zzz Blinding: cache b32, sort by b32 on /configkeyring
(edit) @b4f331e6   15 months zzz Router: Fix persistence of blinded privkey and timestamp
(edit) @040e092   15 months zzz Blinding: - Fix bugs with lookup password - Log tweaks
(edit) @dca04f7f   15 months zzz store save time in config files
(edit) @307a8239   15 months zzz log tweaks
(edit) @a3fe746   15 months zzz store ls secret as b64
(edit) @973aab8   15 months zzz Blinding: - Blinding only throws IAE - Remove context arg from …
(edit) @90e6458   15 months zzz I2CP: Add per-client auth to generated leaseset Set key on router side …
(edit) @7489a64   15 months zzz NetDB: Set secret and privkey before decrypting encls2
(edit) @06fa817   15 months zzz Data: Per-client auth for enc. LS2 (proposal 123)
(edit) @cb76235   15 months zzz Data: Cache data for per-client auth
(edit) @62649a6   15 months zzz Crypto: Add X25519 DH method, prep for enc. ls2 auth.
(edit) @a8f11d1   15 months zzz Profiles: Omit comments from stored profiles
(edit) @efa72db   15 months zzz EepGet?: Don't continue when requested a partial but didn't get it, and …
(edit) @4e267f6   15 months zzz Util: Don't set restrictive permissions on exported certs
(edit) @04a985cd   15 months zzz Consolidate Java version checking code, fix bugs where versions are in …
(edit) @9eec357   15 months zzz Utils: Allow absolute path to certs in I2PSSLSocketFactory
(edit) @cb0235b   15 months zzz Utils: su3file fix for extract -x w/o filename
(edit) @558592a   15 months zzz Utils: Auto-generate su3 output file for extract if not specified
(edit) @16d2bdc   15 months zzz 0.9.40 i2p-0.9.40
(edit) @5afa32a   16 months zzz Crypto: Catch ProviderException? in KeyStoreUtil? (ticket #2479)
(edit) @5db67f1   16 months zzz Util: Dump system properties in SystemVersion?
(edit) @1cc330b   16 months str4d Gradle: Generate attributes for JAR manifests
(edit) @d32d5b5   16 months zzz NamingService?: Fix class selection in app context (ticket #2469)
(edit) @f4d7a6d   16 months zzz i2ptunnel: Disallow encrypted LS for offline keys
(edit) @2960156   16 months zzz Blinding: Missed PKF file from last checkin Add to CLI
(edit) @7d4acb62   16 months zzz i2ptunnel: Display encrypted b32 Blinding: Allow secret flag without …
(edit) @7c7b0cb   16 months zzz Util: Fix memory leak in compressor (ticket #2471)
(edit) @6cc39a2   16 months zzz Build: Fix up javadoc targets in sub-build.xml files for maven central
(edit) @0e8e368   17 months zzz Data: Implement Destroyable for private keys (ticket #2462)
(edit) @7d40dfe   17 months zzz CLI tweak
(edit) @944fe47   17 months zzz Crypto: new SigContext? (WIP) (proposal #148)
(edit) @eb0920e2   17 months zzz NetDB: Persistence for blinding cache
(edit) @82eea0a   17 months zzz NetDB: Cache blinding data for lookups and decryption (proposal #123)
(edit) @de9d968   17 months zzz DatabaseEntry?: Change from volatile to synched
(edit) @7bb76776   17 months zzz SelfSignedGenerator?: improve previous fix
(edit) @ce043943   17 months zzz SusiDNS: Add import feature (ticket #2447) Box overlap issue remains …
(edit) @fea5bd4   17 months zzz SelfSignedGenerator?: - Fix generation with Ed25519ph keys (ticket …
(edit) @00d4525   17 months zzz Data: Initial work on b32 format for blinded leasesets (proposal 149, WIP)
(edit) @bb5a8921   17 months zzz 0.9.39 i2p-0.9.39
(edit) @8962ea05   17 months zzz Doc updates, BuildTime? update
(edit) @7511de68   17 months zzz Router: Remove unused test support for AES disabled
(edit) @1f861c1   17 months zzz javadoc fix
(edit) @d7d1dcb5   17 months zzz Crypto: Ed25519 check for S < L as in RFC 8032
(edit) @91c59df   17 months zzz Crypto: Fix Ed25519ph conversion
(edit) @30dbe24   17 months zzz LS2: Allow UTF-8 for blinding secret
(edit) @5d389c8   17 months zzz I2CP: Add support for blinding secret
(edit) @d6a53cc   17 months zzz Data: Consolidate offline key check i2ptunnel: Prevent registration …
(edit) @10bae6a   18 months zzz Data: Update Encrypted LS2 blinding and encryption to match current …
(edit) @f1ed870   18 months zzz Data: Fix NPE in debug logging
(edit) @cd97718   18 months zzz I2CP, NetDB: More encrypted LS2 fixes (WIP) Marked encrypted LS hash …
(edit) @54d9a29   18 months zzz I2CP, NetDB, Console: Encrypted LS2 handling fixes (WIP) log tweaks
(edit) @7cbb43a   18 months zzz I2CP: Encrypted LS2 handling fixes, log tweaks (WIP) Add number of …
(edit) @f0b9986e   18 months zzz Enc LS2 debug logging changes
(edit) @3c911ee   18 months zzz I2CP: Strip i2p.reseedURL from session options take 2
(edit) @a12058d   18 months zzz I2CP: Strip i2p.reseedURL from session options
(edit) @b76b2ef   18 months zzz Console: Flip order of router logs
(edit) @e1385a7   18 months zzz minor speedup
(edit) @9cd90b0   18 months zzz NetDB: Use published date, not earliest lease expiration, for LS2 …
(edit) @5440a34   18 months zzz I2CP: Force i2cp.leaseSetType option for offline keys
(edit) @9fafc25   18 months zzz Data: Always set unpublished flag for inner LS (Enc LS2) Fix …
(edit) @b37160fa   18 months zzz Crypto: Keygen for RedDSA, allow RedDSA for unblinded keys (Enc LS2)
(edit) @7fbe1ce   18 months zzz Crypto: Sign/verify/encrypt/decrypt for Encrypted LS2 generateAlpha() …
(edit) @17270b15   18 months zzz Crypto: RedDSAEngine and generateAlpha() for Encrypted LS2
(edit) @e34b646   18 months zzz Crypto: New ChaCha20 wrapper around ChaChaCore?, for use with Encrypted LS2
(edit) @14ac8fe5   18 months zzz Crypto: Move ChaChaCore? from router to core, in prep for use with …
(edit) @b3c5974   18 months zzz Crypto: Implement blinding (proposal 123) Add sig type 11 for blinded keys
(edit) @d244d17   18 months str4d Gradle: Optionally include jbigi at runtime for core This enables …
(edit) @ad5301a   18 months str4d Gradle: Integrate JMH benchmarks Run with ./gradlew jmh —no-daemon
(edit) @def9392   18 months str4d Gradle: Disable ScalaTests? when TARGET_JAVA_HOME is set Previously, …
(edit) @56c1739d   18 months str4d Gradle: Use plugins DSL where possible
(edit) @490b81c   18 months zzz Crypto: Shortcut GroupElement? representation conversion
(edit) @3a30f07   18 months zzz I2CP: Prevent use of repliable datagrams with offline keys
(edit) @a756c12   19 months zzz I2CP: Change format and message type of CreateLeaseSet2 message to …
(edit) @ead4925   19 months zzz Data: Represent blinding secret as a SigningPrivateKey?
(edit) @7d11fb26   19 months zzz I2CP: Remove revocation private key from CreateLeaseset2 message Use …
(edit) @d7808cd   19 months zzz Data: Fix length for offline sig verification
(edit) @68567cb   19 months zzz Build: Fix javac.classpath in junit.compileTest targets (ticket #2333)
(edit) @4eb9368   19 months zzz I2CP: Fixes for CreateLeaseset2 message with multiple keys
(edit) @c555bb6c   19 months zzz i2cp.leaseSetEncType param: Support comma-separated values, check …
(edit) @1bb57c4   19 months zzz EdDSA minor cleanup
(edit) @0801d20   19 months zzz EdDSA: Make more classes serializable (Github PR #68)
(edit) @8c9ce56   19 months zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.i2pcontrol' (head …
(edit) @24fd4881   19 months zzz I2PControl: Disable webapp by default Add link in Services section of …
(edit) @3fca0f6   19 months zzz LS2: Honor unpublished flag
(edit) @3cd12ec   19 months zzz LS2: Select first supported encryption key from leaseset OCMOSJ: Fail …
(edit) @88d9f1d   19 months zzz 0.9.38 i2p-0.9.38
(edit) @ca86bbe4   19 months zzz EncType? javadoc update
(edit) @4283d71   19 months zzz I2CP: Set LS2 unpublished bit, show in debug output
(edit) @b62732b   19 months zzz Console: More LS2 debug output I2CP: Bump min LS2 router version for …
(edit) @17228de   19 months zzz I2CP: Remove client-side-only options from those sent to router
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