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(edit) @f390831   4 years zzz Console: Fix stopping of webapps when console stops (ticket #1893) …
(edit) @5eefb8b2   4 years zzz KeyStoreUtil?: Reduce log level of expired cert error
(edit) @c199124   4 years zzz Time: Fix crashes on old Androids (ticket #1976)
(edit) @b503f03   4 years zzz Blockfile: Include authentication strings in exports
(edit) @cff8eaf   4 years zzz Blockfile: Upgrade to Blockfile format 4 on non-Android ARM
(edit) @b335ded1   4 years zzz CPUID: Recognize Ryzen
(edit) @ca6ce37   4 years zzz context: New ClientAppManagerImpl? in AppContext?, so registration works …
(edit) @13ad5d7   4 years zzz SSU: More work on introducer expiration (proposal 133)
(edit) @05aef9b   5 years zzz Move "isSlow" detection to SystemVersion?
(edit) @4b722c9   5 years zzz i2ptunnel: New form to enter private key file for alternate …
(edit) @1150b4cd   5 years zzz NBI: Adjust logging during extraction to use standard format
(edit) @ad810de   5 years zzz i2ptunnel: Add subsession support to servers, no UI yet Update …
(edit) @6ef61063   5 years zzz Random: Don't need extra bits if power of two
(edit) @23ee40d   5 years zzz stray semicolon
(edit) @d573910b   5 years zzz CPUID: Fix saving of libjcpuid.jnifile on Macs, was incorrectly saving …
(edit) @5f96067   5 years zzz merge of 'bd4c9889786a280f8797cbdc6ca9cddb8c7260a2' and …
(edit) @61e4e2a   5 years zzz Util: Don't depend on DataHelper? in FileUtil?.copy(), causes Windows … i2p-0.9.29-win1
(edit) @2de25ca   5 years zzz addressbook: Add date parameter to authentication strings
(edit) @8d928ea   5 years zzz minor fixes after review
(edit) @b6952930   5 years zzz 0.9.29 i2p-0.9.29
(edit) @33b1851   5 years zzz PrivateKeyFile?: Add option to generate addressbook authentication …
(edit) @380f55a   5 years zzz I2CP: Return null on decompression failure instead of throwing …
(edit) @8a89b3d   5 years zzz Fix calls to Class.newInstance() deprecated in Java 9
(edit) @f2ae1bf   5 years zzz Utils: Disable caching of ResettableGZIPOutputStreams, add more checks …
(edit) @fc8c193f   5 years zzz strip more system properties in I2CP
(edit) @e01c443   5 years zzz Test: Add random delay and drop options to LocalClientManager? Return …
(edit) @f0241d4   5 years zzz Util: Change logCloseLoop level to DEBUG
(edit) @82d812c   5 years zzz NTP: Enable IPv6 support (ticket #1896)
(edit) @1cf6030   5 years zzz Utils: Catch Java 9 error in SSLEepGet
(edit) @36fd93da   5 years zzz Utils: Comment out debug logging in SSLEepGet
(edit) @5483306   5 years zzz Utils: Detect when running as service on Gentoo
(edit) @b970912   5 years zzz javadoc fixes part 7 (ticket #1894)
(edit) @d196047   5 years zzz javadoc fixes part 6 (ticket #1894)
(edit) @eefb36c   5 years zzz javadoc fixes part 5 (ticket #1894)
(edit) @dc5bfb2   5 years zzz javadoc fixes part 4 (ticket #1894)
(edit) @e461e8f   5 years zzz javadoc fixes part 3 (ticket #1894)
(edit) @8bb114e   5 years zzz javadoc fixes part 2 (ticket #1894)
(edit) @f77fc52   5 years zzz javadoc fixes part 1 (ticket #1894)
(edit) @e47c628   5 years zzz jbigi: Update GMP version (ticket #1840)
(edit) @6e7dedb   5 years zzz javadoc clarification
(edit) @7311cf3   5 years zzz Utils: Gzip test code refresh
(edit) @60c93f1   5 years zzz Client: Don't log error on datagram dissector fail (ticket #1915), let …
(edit) @a36083a   5 years zzz Utils: Java 9 yakkety workarounds
(edit) @fc0ddb0   5 years zzz eepget: recognize more status codes
(edit) @e16cf2c   5 years zzz javadoc
(edit) @6843950   5 years zzz DataHelper?: Release resources in finally block
(edit) @134cbd4   5 years zzz Crypto: Enforce correct seed and hash lengths in EdDSAPrivateKeySpec …
(edit) @91007735   5 years str4d Update tests to use ScalaTest? 3.0.1
(edit) @dd400bb   5 years zzz Update: Fix JVM crash and i2p.jar corruption when updating from -1
(edit) @636badc   5 years zzz reduce buffer size
(edit) @4615fce   5 years zzz Update: Register blocklist version with update manager
(edit) @0c76201   5 years zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head …
(edit) @26a9e8b   5 years zzz 0.9.28 i2p-0.9.28
(edit) @7734d3d   5 years zzz Consolidate base64 alphabet string
(edit) @176ecaa   5 years zzz use new copy
(edit) @42efed5   5 years zzz Clean up single char indexOf()
(edit) @f461d48   5 years zzz javadoc fixes
(edit) @5be077e2   5 years zzz Clean up single char indexOf()
(edit) @f6778c5   5 years zzz SU3File: Add types for blocklist (proposal #130)
(edit) @ffb3a758   5 years zzz add converttohash to commandline
(edit) @62064da   5 years zzz News: Support blocklist in the news feed (proposal 129)
(edit) @b0bba18   5 years zzz Build: Add manifest attributes for java version to all jars and wars
(edit) @784566a   5 years zzz eddsa findbugs
(edit) @cd5d5ee2   5 years zzz Logs: Fix output of dup message after 30 minutes
(edit) @6ed329d   5 years zzz I2CP: Reduce log level of error when session closed while signing …
(edit) @b559b41   5 years zzz Crypto: Change serial number in selfsigned certs from int to long Add …
(edit) @cd775fa   5 years zzz Transport: Improve IPv6 selection logic to skip temporary addresses on …
(edit) @08062aa   5 years zzz service cant be android
(edit) @81bbf55   5 years zzz sort
(edit) @e8de1daf   5 years zzz Util: Consolidate linux service detection code
(edit) @62bc616   5 years zzz Crypto: Certificate tweaks for email subjects
(edit) @484a390   5 years zzz Build: Fix typo in jcpuid for Mac (ticket #1865) Doc updates …
(edit) @75345f4   5 years zzz Utils: Add Addresses methods for getting multiple results from DNS …
(edit) @d49a778   5 years zzz javadoc typo
(edit) @51e35eb   5 years zzz Utils: Handle Java version detection for internal or ea versions
(edit) @4f0cae5   5 years zzz Crypto: Remove deprecated Sha256Standalone as scheduled This will …
(edit) @886dbf1   5 years zzz Crypto: Generate more-conforming selfsigned certs (ticket #1853)
(edit) @08d1ea8   5 years zzz Build: Set Java 7 build target for all jars; embedders (esp. Android) …
(edit) @2b6fd49   5 years zzz Update GettextResource?.java from GNU gettext 0.19.8 Only change is in …
(edit) @80966d60   5 years zzz Crypto: Create keystore directory when making SSL keys (ticket #1866) …
(edit) @c24ddf5   5 years zzz Build: Fix jbigi build for Arch Linux and others when using Java 8 …
(edit) @71f7c71   5 years zzz NetDB: Disallow RSA for RI or LS
(edit) @f5f411b6   5 years zzz Data: Cache serialized leasesets on floodfills
(edit) @1bd5ebd   5 years zzz Crypto: Actually use a random nonzero byte in ElGamal?, as our …
(edit) @082a5d3   5 years zzz move siphash test from util to crypto
(edit) @cee3ebb   5 years zzz less wtf
(edit) @adcee46   5 years zzz Build: Add library jars to i2p.jar classpath for Debian builds
(edit) @19370a3   5 years zzz 0.9.27
(edit) @1e375c6d   5 years zzz Crypto: EdDSA add private key spec constructor for hash javadocs
(edit) @98e3ca4   5 years zzz Utils: Move SipHashInline? from util to crypto
(edit) @32e1c96   5 years zzz EdDSA: throw IllegalStateException? instead of NPE if field not set
(edit) @fb323ce   5 years zzz SipHashInline?: Make public for external use with a supplied key (for obfs4)
(edit) @cc179b4   5 years zzz DataHelper?: Fix read() for nonzero offset, broken since the beginning …
(edit) @afa5a19   5 years zzz Console: Add jsps to view entire router.log and wrapper.log files Add …
(edit) @b0789d4   5 years zzz HostTxtParser?: Comment out tests, beginning of a command-line tool
(edit) @268953e1   5 years zzz CPUID: Add IDs for Kaby Lake (unverified/untested)
(edit) @cd4218e   5 years zzz javadoc
(edit) @767476e   5 years zzz SU3File: Also look in config dir for signer certificate
(edit) @77014843   5 years zzz I2CP Client: Break out of wait for LS in connect() if disconnect …
(edit) @03de374   5 years str4d Project files for IntelliJ IDEA
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