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(edit) @d263e42   3 years zzz Debian: Add libjson-simple-java dependency
(edit) @77e539a   3 years zzz Docs: Add maven doc from str4d via mattermost Update dependencies doc
(edit) @48c787b   3 years zzz Debian: Prevent dup version (ticket #2300)
(edit) @ff551b1   3 years zzz debian doc update
(edit) @a45f537   3 years zzz Ubuntu 0.9.36
(edit) @c02f685   3 years zzz Deb updates for 35
(edit) @57e21e90   3 years zzz Debian updates for 0.9.34
(edit) @4a47bea   3 years zzz Debian updates for 0.9.33
(edit) @2e00cec   4 years zzz deb doc updates
(edit) @6a48910   4 years zzz Build: add xenial release target, it will be our 4th launchpad flavor. …
(edit) @51a6f29   4 years zzz Debian: Remove libecj-java dependency (ticket #2094) Add …
(edit) @a3a17a4f   4 years zzz Debian: Replace glassfish-javaee with libtaglibs-standard-* (ticket …
(edit) @1fbf188   4 years zzz debian updates
(edit) @2441484   4 years zzz Package changelogs Fix extra chars in patch 1 Fix javadoc causing …
(edit) @5ddb4ed   4 years zzz fixups after review
(edit) @13d9322   4 years zzz Debian: Update notes on dependencies
(edit) @45f3695f   4 years zzz Debian: Restore systemd for trusty Fix date in changelogs doc update
(edit) @0703a29   4 years zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.jetty9' (head …
(edit) @da00b955   4 years zzz doc updates
(edit) @b72085bc   4 years zzz Debian builds: - Remove with-libtomcat6-java and with-libtomcat7-java …
(edit) @e03c25e   4 years zzz debian files update
(edit) @f420a99   4 years zzz Update translations
(edit) @7b0a5bc   4 years zzz debian doc update
(edit) @f0e6baa   4 years zzz add package dependency document
(edit) @0a1cd20   4 years zzz Debian: Updates - Fix jetty version in build.xml - Make javadoc …
(edit) @38c9cb9   5 years zzz Updates for Debian builds
(edit) @d8d0414   5 years zzz Updates for launchpad builds
(edit) @1af23a4   5 years zzz Debian: Don't use glassfish-javaee.jar for jstl.jar (ticket #1793)
(edit) @471ff5b9   5 years zzz Fix distclean for deb builds Deb build doc updates Checklist updates …
(edit) @bfbd159   5 years zzz Release tarball build fixes Precise build tweaks Precise and Trusty …
(edit) @aa8fd85   5 years zzz Fix eepget Deb classpath via patch 0001 Launchpad doc tweaks
(edit) @6b8cb54   5 years zzz Debian: Refresh patch, update docs
(edit) @5c8eab9   5 years zzz Debian: Add dependency on glassfish-javaee for jstl.jar and …
(add) @f867a9d   5 years zzz Debian: Update launchpad instructions Add debian build instructions
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