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(edit) @c3a395a4   17 years zzz update the bandwidth limiter config properties
(edit) @097660c   17 years zzz Round-robin DNS NTP pool makes sense as default Discussed at …
(edit) @b2799d1   17 years zzz add (commented out) router.shutdownPassword
(edit) @b0a1b3b   17 years zzz added some harvest options dont use javaw, since its a bitch to kill …
(edit) @723a2f2   17 years zzz include timestamper in installer i2p_0_3_1_1
(edit) @997a94e   17 years zzz removed PHTTP lines since they were only used for time sync added more …
(edit) @451f4c5   17 years zzz fixed typo on timestamper, keep NetMonitor? off by default
(edit) @cd82089   17 years zzz upgrade deprecated argument fix ze german (duck)
(edit) @8244bdb4   17 years zzz include the timestamper (and fire the client on startup, using a pair …
(edit) @2745ff7   17 years zzz don't include a peer by default
(edit) @24ea383   17 years zzz don't harvest so much data
(edit) @567a4e8   17 years zzz so this is why we're not harvesting the dropped jobs/messages (d'oh) …
(edit) @58e7574   17 years zzz pull from the right field for netDb lookups sent i2p_0_3_0_4
(edit) @f000429   17 years zzz oops, pulled the wrong entry
(edit) @a51e0c2   17 years zzz added the eepProxy and harvester as part of the default clientApps run …
(edit) @180d3953   17 years zzz include the harvester & heartbeat monitor (but not their GUIs)
(edit) @5d71fde5   17 years zzz allow a third parameter - # seconds between fetch this lets you …
(edit) @4d0b3b2   17 years zzz SAM bridge integration in the I2P build & packaging system (human)
(edit) @e716f9e   17 years zzz format (shendaras)
(edit) @8a8e681   17 years zzz beginning of format, updated imports. (shendaras)
(edit) @6f0d0be   17 years zzz yall dont need these
(add) @77bd69c   17 years zzz beginning of branch i2p.i2p.i2p i2p_0_3_0_3
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