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(edit) @71f7c71   4 years zzz NetDB: Disallow RSA for RI or LS
(edit) @cee3ebb   4 years zzz less wtf
(edit) @9b27251   4 years zzz SSU: Fix minimum version check for IPv6 peer test (ticket #1861)
(edit) @19370a3   4 years zzz 0.9.27
(edit) @5998587c   4 years zzz Fix test for IPv6 firewalled configuration, javadocs
(edit) @778ce71   4 years zzz Translations: Update from Transifex
(edit) @72105e2   4 years zzz SSU: Set min version for IPv6 peer testing
(edit) @1af23a4   4 years zzz Debian: Don't use glassfish-javaee.jar for jstl.jar (ticket #1793)
(edit) @40b41b0   4 years zzz Add geoipv6 file generation to command line util
(edit) @124c2b5   4 years zzz i2psnark: Add standalone shutdown method
(edit) @1376237   4 years zzz Reseed: remove as requested
(edit) @78b73852   4 years zzz i2ptunnel: Whitelist IRC AWAY inbound
(edit) @4ab727a   4 years zzz SSU: addRateData() cleanup
(edit) @be5fdea   4 years zzz Enable tunnel testing when in hidden mode (ticket #1192) Enable tunnel …
(edit) @47a0df76   4 years zzz Router: Fix return code in getShutdownTimeRemaining() when no …
(edit) @ff2d5ba   4 years zzz ReadConfigJob? minor optimization
(edit) @0d46c06   4 years zzz Add new 'atomike' reseed
(edit) @0d5cf46   4 years zzz Console: Fix UPnP NPE on /peers (ticket #1830)
(edit) @9c0ae146   4 years zzz Streaming: Fix debug NPE (ticket #1821)
(edit) @5763d73   4 years zzz SSU: Fix peer test stuck when IPv6-only (ticket #1819)
(edit) @a1fd8f49   4 years zzz SSU: Increase minimum peers if we have a IPv6 address Check for 'B' …
(edit) @a213799   4 years zzz bump -6
(edit) @767476e   4 years zzz SU3File: Also look in config dir for signer certificate
(edit) @37ebf04   4 years zzz Streaming: Kill accept() when session disconnects
(edit) @2c3311b   4 years zzz SSU: Add support for IPv6 SSU Peer Testing (ticket #1752; proposal …
(edit) @c9b4ab5   4 years zzz Prep for IPv6 SSU Peer Testing
(edit) @ba8b2df   4 years zzz SSU peer test: Only fire a peer test on connection if address has …
(edit) @b819c03   4 years zzz SSU peer test: Forget the test and don't keep retransmitting to …
(edit) @1fea327   4 years zzz more jar manifest attributes
(edit) @16a52951   4 years zzz history for prop, -1
(edit) @d84b0e44   4 years zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head …
(edit) @249e6f0   4 years zzz 0.9.26 i2p-0.9.26
(edit) @38b930c   4 years zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head …
(edit) @34c611d   4 years zzz New translations all over
(edit) @d7e1f62   4 years zzz Build: Fix Debian build on ARM (ticket #1801) - Fix other jbigi/jcpuid …
(edit) @faebe8ab   4 years zzz Console: Fix /configfamily form (ticket #1797)
(edit) @5cb285b   4 years str4d Bump
(edit) @2a739f5   4 years zzz Reseed: Require two sources minimum (ticket #1794)
(edit) @bb8b3ebe   4 years zzz add reseeds requiring SNI
(edit) @c5432a2   4 years str4d Dynamically load domain socket code
(edit) @101d069   4 years zzz DTG: Fix systray menu redraw on Mac; Switch to AWT by default on Mac; …
(edit) @86a35f1   4 years zzz SSU: If configured with a hostname, bind to all v4/v6 addresses found …
(edit) @d6638f3   4 years zzz NTP: Don't put random data in zeroed fields Increase random data in …
(edit) @8bb6922   4 years zzz Reseed: Reformat reseed list as requested by 'backup' Remove unused …
(edit) @05012a9   4 years zzz refresh deb patches
(edit) @cdafab27   4 years zzz Wrapper: Update to wrapper 3.5.29 All binaries from Tanuki delta pack, …
(edit) @1368548   4 years zzz Utils: Fix bug in periodic timers triggered by a backwards clock …
(edit) @2fe1f97   4 years zzz Debian: Add runtime dependency on libhttpclient-java, link to …
(edit) @f3610bc   4 years zzz reduce log level of RI sig failure
(edit) @139f386   4 years zzz Update: Enable libjbigi update for ARM
(edit) @7ae1483   4 years zzz Fixes for building with libgetopt-java
(edit) @d885e00   4 years zzz News: Verify received CRL before saving
(edit) @da62a11   4 years zzz History for prop, -6
(edit) @6a71c23   4 years zzz Addressbook: Check inner sig even if old name not found More logging …
(edit) @e016c87   4 years zzz add routerinfo to command line
(edit) @b57b432   4 years zzz Blockfile: Fixes for finishing interrupted database migration by …
(edit) @2d3d6f7   4 years zzz GeoIP: Disable Debian-style files on Android
(edit) @b69677b   4 years zzz Addressbook: Add initial support for signatures in subscriptions More …
(edit) @696c215   4 years zzz Tunnel build stat tweak (commented out)
(edit) @b66bc39   4 years zzz log tweak
(edit) @5a2975b   4 years zzz SOCKS: Fix NPE on lookup failure in SOCKS 4a Remove duplicate lookups …
(edit) @ae5828f   4 years zzz history for prop, -1
(edit) @169fd56   5 years zzz Transport: Include Maxmind geoip-api-java library v1.3.1 (LGPL v2.1) …
(edit) @49ff78cf   5 years zzz 0.9.25 i2p-0.9.25
(edit) @c1b6e1b   5 years zzz BuildHandler?: Fix for leaky counter of outstanding lookups
(edit) @557f16b   5 years zzz NetDB: Improve handling of deferred search result jobs
(edit) @645bd3d   5 years zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p' (head …
(edit) @2e7a7f2   5 years zzz take out code for stats removed in .24
(edit) @25514e9   5 years zzz tx pull
(edit) @d00c08d   5 years zzz disable torontocrypto reseed, no ETA for restoration
(edit) @319d4014   5 years zzz Router: Fix corner cases maintaining local leasesets (ticket #1768)
(edit) @2e3f5d0d   5 years zzz UPnP: Fix NPE in HTML output on /peers (ticket #1779)
(edit) @74e8cf7   5 years zzz Peer selection: Don't truncate data used for random slice
(edit) @b7498b5   5 years zzz add reseed
(edit) @1f088ff   5 years zzz NetDb?: Look in all SSU addresses for introducers in the expiration check
(edit) @50d038a   5 years zzz NetDb?: Search for new leaseset before expiration Reduce expiration for …
(edit) @d28f983c   5 years zzz Utils: Add main classes to i2p.jar and router.jar for simple command …
(edit) @b3f37db3   5 years zzz i2ptunnel: - Fix hostname signature not finding private key file - …
(edit) @90a915b   5 years zzz log message clarification
(edit) @a79b25d   5 years zzz Router: Log full path to wrapper.log when dumping threads
(edit) @d9a7dc0   5 years zzz Transports: Increase connection limits for class N and higher
(edit) @eb094ba0   5 years zzz Console: Improve news CSS (ticket #1710)
(edit) @7d35a4e   5 years zzz Transports: Increase default max inbound bandwidth Increase minimum …
(edit) @4089466   5 years zzz Clock: Add sanity checks to detect invalid system clock
(edit) @451cb25   5 years zzz log tweak
(edit) @9fba125   5 years zzz Transport: - Implement mayDisconnect() for outbound connections also - …
(edit) @fa129678   5 years zzz Add qr icon, to be used in buttons created by me, public domain
(edit) @9f0640c   5 years zzz log tweak
(edit) @c385ad8   5 years zzz OCMOSJ: Don't wait until lease grace period has expired to switch to a …
(edit) @52a37d17   5 years zzz Imagegen: Add text to QR codes
(edit) @981b708   5 years zzz Crypto: Use new internal key generation instead of calling out to …
(edit) @651c1b6   5 years zzz Crypto: Fix raw (su3) signing, broken in test2 prop (-2)
(edit) @e402bfa   5 years zzz history for prop, -3
(edit) @79bb3f6   5 years z3r0fox Added @Deprecated annotations to router classes/methods
(edit) @f9cf6bd   5 years zzz Fix typos, history for prop, -2
(edit) @ebc4ca86   5 years zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head …
(edit) @2fb1ad0   5 years zzz history for prop, -1
(edit) @bccefb9   5 years zzz 0.9.24 i2p-0.9.24
(edit) @ddf056c   5 years zzz Fixups after review: Fix arraycopy argument order in unused …
(edit) @ddb9777   5 years killyourtv's backup acct Add new reseed host, bump build
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