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(edit) @74ed9741   21 months zzz NetDb?: Prevent ISJ deadlock (ticket #2366)
(edit) @4786081   21 months zzz Build: Check cert validity Reseed updates
(edit) @d10d7227   21 months zzz Wizard: Styling, fix links, change button icons back.png: Arrow …
(edit) @f221e72   21 months zzz Console: New light background (ticket #738) thx Alex
(edit) @47629bf   22 months zzz Console: Update ARM warning (ticket #2368), remove Java 11 warning
(edit) @f3a4b11   22 months zzz Console: More links on sybil page
(edit) @0365129   22 months zzz thread name change
(edit) @94fd60d   22 months zzz Transports: Improve banning of routers from wrong network
(edit) @18b7d97   22 months zzz new reseed
(edit) @021375b   22 months zzz NTCP: More now() calls out of loops
(edit) @8a06027   22 months zab2 Get call to system timer out of tight loop when counting connections
(edit) @35a771c7   22 months zzz NTCP2: Use new HKDF class
(edit) @3867beb1   22 months zzz GeoIP: Fix NPE (thx parg)
(edit) @9738db7   22 months zzz UrlLauncher?: - Use arrays for exec - Randomize temp file name - …
(edit) @fd23b23   22 months zzz Crypto: HMAC-SHA256 cleanup Add byte[] key method to reduce object …
(edit) @a63d2dc   22 months zzz Transports: Log tweaks
(edit) @399899e7   22 months zzz NetDb?: Allow longer expiration for Meta LS2
(edit) @bdc4d82e   22 months zzz Transport: Don't set status to disconnected if IPv6-only but not …
(edit) @2200cf6   22 months zzz Transport: Don't repeatedly publish RI if IPv6-only but not configured …
(edit) @2876da2   22 months zzz I2CP, Data: Initial support for LS2 offline keys in I2PSession and …
(edit) @7c5162e   22 months zzz I2CP: Move the port 7654 definition
(edit) @5e7a277   22 months zzz I2CP: Consolidate all the port 7654 definitions
(edit) @af2eea5   22 months zzz NetDb?: Don't send our RI in response to DSM when shutting down reverts …
(edit) @6e05368   22 months zzz Transport: Add methods to force-disconnect a peer
(edit) @ee722b7   22 months zzz Router: Allow LS2 DSM down a tunnel
(edit) @e691245   22 months zzz DataHelper?: Minor efficiency improvements in Properties methods
(edit) @7c928f9   22 months zzz Router: Only flood LS2 to router that supports it Use same version …
(edit) @9efa0ea   22 months zzz Router: Only send/verify LS2 with router that supports it Remove old …
(edit) @700d4d3   22 months zzz Console: Don't output tunnel IDs for meta LS Router: Don't try to send …
(edit) @026ddb3   22 months zzz Router: Add preliminary support for more LS2 types (proposal 123) …
(edit) @79440f84   22 months zzz I2CP: Add preliminary support for LS2 (proposal 123)
(edit) @2487bca   22 months zzz Crypto: Change X25519 key classes from Java keys to I2P keys, in prep …
(edit) @cc4da1b   22 months zzz Crypto: Move Curve25519 from router to core, in prep for new crypto
(edit) @b93be8b   23 months zzz Crypto: Define ElG length constants
(edit) @dc8a822   23 months zzz GeoIP: Reduce object churn, add test to command line tools
(edit) @43e0d4f9   23 months zzz Reseed: Drop reseeds as requested
(edit) @d6e3501   23 months zzz Test: Move ElGamalTest? from core to router to follow tested class
(edit) @535f2da   23 months zzz Router: Move ElGamalAESEngine from core to router Client end-to-end …
(edit) @5c0c69c   23 months zzz GeoIP: Add MaxMind? GeoLite2-Country database 2018113, gzipped Database …
(edit) @ef44c36   23 months zzz GeoIP: Hook maxmind geoip2 code into transport lookup.
(edit) @f1297e7c   23 months zzz GeoIP2: License and javadocs
(edit) @21ca75d   23 months zzz Modify GeoIP2-java to remove the dependency on the large …
(edit) @3923db0   23 months zzz Modify MaxMind?-DB-Reader-java to remove the dependency on the large …
(edit) @98de1ae   23 months zzz This is GeoIP2-java release 2.12.0 2018-04-11 retrieved from <a …
(edit) @76921b1e   23 months zzz This is MaxMind?-DB-Reader-java release 1.2.2 2017-02-17 retrieved from …
(edit) @09ea40c   23 months zzz bump -5
(edit) @bbccb47   23 months zzz NTCP2 unused code
(edit) @f1e9bf82   23 months zzz bump -4
(edit) @b695242d   23 months zzz Router: LS2 handling for proposal 123
(edit) @0a99784   2 years zzz Build: Add javac.classpath to junit.compileTest targets (ticket #2333)
(edit) @e68182a   2 years zzz Build: Provide option to prevent Class-Path in manifests (ticket #2317)
(edit) @6fccfc9   2 years zzz Use in comparators (findbugs)
(edit) @5041bb85   2 years zzz netdb class cleanup
(edit) @7dfee5f   2 years zzz NTCP2 log tweak
(edit) @960636c   2 years zzz Console: Sort addresses in RIs, remove note about O cap
(edit) @5273916   2 years zzz 0.9.37 i2p-0.9.37
(edit) @eb1d848   2 years zzz bump for review
(edit) @6ef6b3b7   2 years zzz new geoipv6 data, bump builddate
(edit) @d67d501   2 years zzz Data: Don't corrupt hidden RI with addresses
(edit) @d27000e   2 years zzz Crypto: Avoid java-to-i2p ECDSA privkey conversion when generating …
(edit) @b82ace8   2 years zzz Router: Don't add 'O' cap for P/X anymore
(edit) @f7ae675   2 years zzz cleanup
(edit) @34f0d7d7   2 years zzz Build: Compile jsps in-order for reproducibility (ticket #2279)
(edit) @e59d7a82   2 years zzz Plugins: Blacklist neodatis and seedless for Java 9+ (ticket #2295)
(edit) @829eb665   2 years zzz NTCP: Fix handling of multiple connections, change termination code …
(edit) @b74abbe4   2 years zzz Tomcat 8.5.34
(edit) @c9002b32   2 years slumlord #2293 - Use CachedIteratorCollection? in PeerState?
(edit) @e64ad7c   2 years zzz More findbugs all over
(edit) @1f92232   2 years zzz Findbugs all over
(edit) @db54edc   2 years zzz NTCP2: Publish outbound address after transition to firewalled Fix …
(edit) @819985f   2 years zzz lint
(edit) @21fbcb8   2 years zzz NTCP2: Enable by default
(edit) @57ddc8e   2 years zzz conversion cleanup
(edit) @c3881a8   2 years zzz fix deprecations
(edit) @1453527   2 years zzz NTCP2 remove unused code
(edit) @cc2056d   2 years zzz NTCP2 code consolidation, minor changes
(edit) @6cf84ac   2 years zzz log tweak
(edit) @658faf9   2 years zzz 0.9.36 i2p-0.9.36
(edit) @68feb08   2 years zzz Jetty 9.2.25.v20180606
(edit) @f2e00ca   2 years zzz More translation updates GeoIPv6 update 2018-08-16 from Maxmind
(edit) @a846271   2 years zzz NTCP2: Catch bad IV exception
(edit) @c455f15b   2 years zzz i2ptunnel: Change read timeout defaults now that streaming read …
(edit) @e310a6ab   2 years slumlord Add CachedIteratorCollectionTest?
(edit) @8dbc115   2 years zzz log level tweaks
(edit) @9e237b5   2 years zzz new hosts
(edit) @f97ec88   2 years slumlord CachedIteratorCollection? - Fix add() function
(edit) @177ef573   2 years slumlord Update javadocs for CachedIteratorCollection?
(edit) @da5c922   2 years slumlord Rename CachedIteratorAbstractCollection?.java to …
(edit) @4aff615   2 years slumlord Revert changes to PeerState? and .idea/ folder in previous commit
(edit) @0b3abb3   2 years slumlord Add CachedIteratorAbstractCollection? Update PeerState?.java to use …
(edit) @775188a3   2 years zzz I2NP: Fix DI test
(edit) @21fe962   2 years zzz I2NP: Remove unused OutputStream? methods
(edit) @9b3eb8d   2 years zzz I2NP: Change DeliveryInstructions? internal flags storage from long to int
(edit) @a5a5f7d   2 years zzz I2NP: Don't call toLong() for 1 byte
(edit) @30f25de   2 years zzz I2NP: Remove unused InputStream? parsing methods
(edit) @2cc362c   2 years zzz javadoc fix
(edit) @f1df496   2 years zzz Data: Check sooner for unknown sig type; minor efficiency improvements …
(edit) @0b2ef3d   2 years zzz NTCP2: Fix termination handling log tweaks
(edit) @526aadb   2 years zzz NTCP2: Fix padding calculation for small frames
(edit) @8fb7bd2   2 years zzz NTCP2: Remove debug code
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