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(edit) @d27d0603   4 years zzz Jetty: Rollover log files at midnight, not noon This is a separate …
(edit) @baa314d   4 years zzz pull translations
(edit) @4dec365   4 years zzz Console: Disable Jetty timer thread consolidation causing log file …
(edit) @06f78d7c   4 years zzz HTTP Proxy: Add delay before jump page
(edit) @6901914   4 years zzz remove reseed
(edit) @f8ea882   4 years zzz SSU: Reuse previous introducer expiration if available, so we don't …
(edit) @dd0153e2   4 years zzz SSU: Publish introducer expiration (proposal 133)
(edit) @4edc407   4 years zzz Gentoo: Fix config dir location http://zzz.i2p/topics/2285
(edit) @bfc0417   4 years zzz i2psnark: Fix standalone configuration for Jetty 9 Context: Fix …
(edit) @f390831   4 years zzz Console: Fix stopping of webapps when console stops (ticket #1893) …
(edit) @c06e320   4 years zzz SSU: When a IPv6 peer connects, trigger a IPv6 peer test, not a IPv4 …
(edit) @3cc0122   4 years zzz Throttle: Reduce threshold for probabalistic throttling on slow …
(edit) @48fb12e   4 years zzz SSU: Refactor PeerTestEvent? out of UDPTransport
(edit) @04e0cfe   4 years zzz Debian: Add missing addressbook.jar to package (ticket #1973)
(edit) @cff8eaf   4 years zzz Blockfile: Upgrade to Blockfile format 4 on non-Android ARM
(edit) @b335ded1   4 years zzz CPUID: Recognize Ryzen
(edit) @ca6ce37   4 years zzz context: New ClientAppManagerImpl? in AppContext?, so registration works …
(edit) @a00f11d   4 years zzz i2psnark: Add another method to support RPC plugin
(edit) @13ad5d7   4 years zzz SSU: More work on introducer expiration (proposal 133)
(edit) @b9a7a76   4 years zzz dont replace app if a dup
(edit) @95b6bd3   4 years zzz i2psnark: Enhancements to support RPC plugin
(edit) @05aef9b   4 years zzz Move "isSlow" detection to SystemVersion?
(edit) @43c3a14   4 years zzz javadoc typo
(edit) @4b722c9   4 years zzz i2ptunnel: New form to enter private key file for alternate …
(edit) @e7cfb2d   4 years zzz Streaming: Add reset() to I2PSocket API i2ptunnel: Reset I2P socket on …
(edit) @ba825e6   4 years zzz New reseed, delete unused reseed SSL certs
(edit) @aea20a5   4 years zzz Fix HashSessionScavenger?, class changed in Jetty 9 History for prop, -4
(edit) @0703a29   4 years zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.jetty9' (head …
(edit) @072d990   4 years zzz reseed now using CA
(edit) @6b4f665   4 years zzz Add more markers and protection for xml file migration Add error …
(edit) @48a055d   4 years zzz Streaming: Don't change buffer size when max message size is adjusted …
(edit) @1fe9ace   4 years zzz Router: Set default sig type to EdDSA for non-Android ARM
(edit) @d1fdf14   4 years zzz unnecessary parameter
(edit) @4e236fc   4 years zzz Put Jetty 9 files in eepsite-jetty9/ directory in updater
(edit) @d573910b   4 years zzz CPUID: Fix saving of libjcpuid.jnifile on Macs, was incorrectly saving …
(edit) @e20310d   4 years zzz Throttle: Fix disable of probabalistic throttling (ticket #1963) Fixes …
(edit) @f7cdf22   4 years zzz UDPAddress: Add method to get introducer expiration (proposal 133)
(edit) @69ad957   4 years zzz UDPAddress: Fix bug in "Error handling for failed intro packets" cur …
(edit) @920572d   4 years zzz UDPAddress: Make most fields final
(edit) @d3abbe8   4 years zzz Fix eepsite jetty.xml and jetty-ssl.xml files Migration script for …
(edit) @3631efa   4 years zzz Fixup for PathMap? generics Remove dup returns
(edit) @e995a4c   4 years zzz i2psnark: Fix disappearing start button
(edit) @b6952930   4 years zzz 0.9.29 i2p-0.9.29
(edit) @f420a99   4 years zzz Update translations
(edit) @33b1851   4 years zzz PrivateKeyFile?: Add option to generate addressbook authentication …
(edit) @3f452c5   4 years zzz GeoIP, blocklist, checklist update GeoIP from Maxmind 2017-02-07
(edit) @380f55a   4 years zzz I2CP: Return null on decompression failure instead of throwing …
(edit) @8a89b3d   4 years zzz Fix calls to Class.newInstance() deprecated in Java 9
(edit) @f2ae1bf   4 years zzz Utils: Disable caching of ResettableGZIPOutputStreams, add more checks …
(edit) @e29e3e2   4 years zzz Test: Prevent NPE in LocalClientManager? test on client shutdown
(edit) @e01c443   4 years zzz Test: Add random delay and drop options to LocalClientManager? Return …
(edit) @2d8f0c2   4 years zzz Streaming: Fix optional delay and choking (tickets #1046, 1939) - …
(edit) @a11bd7cb   4 years zzz I2CP: Return local delivery failure on queue overflow (ticket #1939)
(edit) @afb87cd   4 years zzz NTCP: Don't write to an inbound connection before established, causing …
(edit) @aa098ac   4 years zzz dont log deletion of deletelist.txt
(edit) @50d735b   4 years zzz new reseed
(edit) @82d812c   4 years zzz NTP: Enable IPv6 support (ticket #1896)
(edit) @890ad25   4 years zzz Router: Run shutdown tasks in parallel, increase max time for shutdown …
(edit) @12cc7b3a   4 years zzz bump -4
(edit) @9dab3b0d   4 years zzz javadoc fixes part 12 (ticket #1894)
(edit) @bd1354f   4 years zzz javadoc fixes part 10 (ticket #1894)
(edit) @fb74f41   4 years zzz javadoc fixes part 9 (ticket #1894)
(edit) @5db89d8   4 years zzz javadoc fixes part 8 (ticket #1894)
(edit) @b970912   4 years zzz javadoc fixes part 7 (ticket #1894)
(edit) @d196047   4 years zzz javadoc fixes part 6 (ticket #1894)
(edit) @eefb36c   4 years zzz javadoc fixes part 5 (ticket #1894)
(edit) @b66c780   4 years zzz Add new reseed
(edit) @a36083a   4 years zzz Utils: Java 9 yakkety workarounds
(edit) @ca440a50   4 years zzz i2ptunnel: Fix NPE on proxy.i2p/add when no params
(edit) @6ad4cb0   4 years zzz Data: No longer sort addresses in an RI by SHA256, it's undocumented, …
(edit) @9116394   4 years zzz Router: Replace random tunnel keys when rekeying
(edit) @307a03f0   4 years zzz RouterAppManager?: Logging
(edit) @91007735   4 years str4d Update tests to use ScalaTest? 3.0.1
(edit) @a749226   4 years zzz RKG command line tool multiple args
(edit) @074c630a   4 years zzz Utils: Add RKG command line tool
(edit) @ffcd2d4   4 years zzz Clock: Fix duplicate notification of clock shift listeners
(edit) @dd400bb   4 years zzz Update: Fix JVM crash and i2p.jar corruption when updating from -1
(edit) @63a2a6d   4 years zzz Router: Check blocklist when loading RIs Ensure blocklist is …
(edit) @3846e08   4 years zzz Router: More efficiently check blocklist when receiving new RI
(edit) @fbbfd8a   4 years zzz NTP: - Verify source address and port - Add to command line - …
(edit) @c1baee6   4 years zzz reseed updates
(edit) @ce47d4ea   4 years zzz Profiles: length check on file names
(edit) @14a839e   4 years zzz synch graceful exit code
(edit) @6093f26   4 years zzz minor cleanup
(edit) @0c76201   4 years zzz propagate from branch 'i2p.i2p.zzz.test2' (head …
(edit) @26a9e8b   5 years zzz 0.9.28 i2p-0.9.28
(edit) @b7c7e02   5 years zzz remove reseed serving old files
(edit) @2f3f01c   5 years zzz remove git.repo.i2p
(edit) @5d75465   5 years zzz remove zerobin
(edit) @8a3a7257   5 years zzz GeoIP: Update from Maxmind 2016-12-06
(edit) @74cd5ce   5 years zzz Router: Revert default family sig type back to ECDSA, as the OIDs are …
(edit) @7734d3d   5 years zzz Consolidate base64 alphabet string
(edit) @42efed5   5 years zzz Clean up single char indexOf()
(edit) @f461d48   5 years zzz javadoc fixes
(edit) @5be077e2   5 years zzz Clean up single char indexOf()
(edit) @ec94a6e   5 years zzz NetDb?: Peer selection tweaks
(edit) @25fd488   5 years zzz Blocklist: Read feed file before user-specified file
(edit) @2318a2b   5 years zzz NetDb?: Add same-port check in peer selector Convert …
(edit) @cc6cd9e   5 years zzz Sybil tool enhancements
(edit) @8146f6f   5 years zzz FFPeerSelector: Penalize new and slow peers
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