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#1382 I2P-Bote: local DoS with certain passwords makes messages irretrievable/unsendable assigned str4d defect critical
#1404 I2P-Bote: local DoS with certain passwords, #2 assigned str4d defect critical
#971 instillation hangs new defect major 0.9.18
#1085 Make I2P easier for academic research assigned sadie enhancement major 0.9.36
#1170 Implement Pluggable Transport API open zzz enhancement major eventually
#1192 Hidden mode needs major improvement accepted zzz defect major 0.9.37
#1241 I2P-Bote: Crashes router / JVM on some systems assigned str4d defect major
#1260 I2PBote: Locks up entire console assigned str4d defect major
#1261 i2psnark can starve and block all i2p activity - no load ballancing new zzz defect major 0.9.20
#1358 Bote, Perfect Forward Secrecy, Deniability assigned str4d enhancement major
#1415 I2PSnark filename conversion to builtin charset in windows may cause data loss new zzz defect major 0.9.20
#1417 Cannot use TCP when UDP is disabled for directly connected systems to public network with dynamic IP address autodetection needs_work defect major 0.9.28
#1427 disable RC4 infoneeded task major eventually
#1481 i2pbote does not allow own addresses on SMTP if long (NTRU) assigned str4d defect major undecided
#1506 Website takedown possible due to client tunnel waiting for incomplete upload completition needs_work defect major undecided
#1564 I2P console responds 304 Not Modified (Console pages does not gets updated) new defect major undecided
#1584 Router can't handle IP/network change accepted dg defect major soon
#1685 Large log files unpruned by zzzot open defect major undecided
#1727 I2P-Bote: local messages' search new str4d enhancement major undecided
#1730 I2P-Bote Android: FC when adding attachment new str4d defect major undecided
#1787 Update I2PAndroidHelper to recognise legacy release builds (e.g. for F-Droid) infoneeded str4d defect major 0.9.38
#1808 Syndie 1.106b-1 : errors when first start : "SEVERE readExistingData" and more new zzz defect major n/a
#1825 'syndie-installer-1.106b-3' does not create icons in Cinnamon desktop environment new zzz defect major undecided
#1826 syndie v1.106b-3 : crash when clicking menu 'Forums > Read all' new zzz defect major undecided
#1904 Android 0.9.27 service killed on app swipe accepted str4d defect major 0.9.29
#1941 Android: Failed to reseed on old versions assigned meeh defect major 0.9.35
#1981 Different torrent file naming rules in Snark vs. trackers new zzz defect major undecided
#1982 Redesign handling of .config files new zzz enhancement major undecided
#1995 Android: su3 news assigned meeh defect major 0.9.38
#1996 UI prop issues accepted zzz defect major 0.9.38
#2026 Cannot "add torrent" with i2psnark and multiple browsers needs_work str4d defect major 0.9.34
#2035 Ensure excess data in key certs is rejected accepted zzz defect major 0.9.32
#2049 Problem accessing /i2pbote/network.jsp , Reason: Server Error assigned str4d defect major undecided
#2079 Orchid fails post-install accepted zzz defect major 0.9.38
#2081 Local Susimail cache should be encrypted with user's password open defect major undecided
#2113 Clock adjust during startup prevents router from starting open defect major undecided
#2150 Option bindAllInterfaces does not work infoneeded defect major undecided
#2202 Susimail error when opening a mail reopened zzz defect major 0.9.35
#2291 I2PSnark corrupts torrents downloaded with the same filename accepted zzz defect major 0.9.38
#2294 I2Phex standalone fail starting on Ubuntu 18.04 ('wrong Java version') new defect major undecided
#2299 Incompatible with OSX High Sierra / Java 10.0.2 assigned meeh defect major 0.9.37
#2301 Add optional to remove completely "I2P News" new defect major undecided
#2303 Snark does not restart clean on OSX High Sierra open zzz defect major undecided
#2355 Single thread goes wild on ARM new defect major undecided
#23 Implement possibility to define multiple/or range of ports in i2np.udp.port and i2np.ntcp.port reopened enhancement minor undecided
#44 I2PSNARK --> Priority for torrents assigned zzz enhancement minor
#82 systray causes JVM crash (Windows service error on router restart) reopened Mathiasdm defect minor
#346 Near 100% packet loss with big datagrams assigned HungryHobo defect minor
#371 I2PSnarkServlet / SnarkManager DirMonitor accepted zzz defect minor 0.9.25
#392 ] p.router.transport.ntcp.Writer: Error in the ntcp writer assigned zzz defect minor
#518 clock jump during i2p start results in router hanging on "Network: Testing" new defect minor
#522 Ability to work with system clock exclusively, and recover from clock jumps new defect minor
#532 Don't enforce streaming connection limits on conns from internal clients open zzz enhancement minor
#567 Move seedless logging out of wrapper log accepted sponge enhancement minor
#600 openUrl() confounded by certain Windows registry values new defect minor
#624 Move disk-intensive files to a user selectable dir -- Seedless databases. accepted sponge defect minor
#629 Blocking close() testing defect minor 0.9.9
#648 outbound (proxy) node support new zzz enhancement minor
#689 NTCP limit inbound queues open zzz defect minor
#691 I2PSnark sends interested message when not interested new zzz defect minor
#692 Moving hosts.txt to sqlite assigned zzz enhancement minor
#698 Message delay calculation open zzz defect minor
#718 Support x86, and possibly MIPS on Android testing str4d defect minor eventually
#719 Add priority to FIFOBandwidthLimiter outbound queue open zzz defect minor
#725 UPnP: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException open zzz defect minor
#726 users can be deanonymized with browser fingerprinting assigned sadie enhancement minor
#730 Default snark download location should not be "hidden" open zzz enhancement minor
#731 Multi user support accepted zzz defect minor
#738 Router console redesign assigned sadie enhancement minor 0.9.38
#741 Make I2P easier to deal with with Windows firewall software accepted str4d enhancement minor
#752 backup keyfiles open enhancement minor
#774 ACKSender study & optimizations open zab enhancement minor
#785 HTTP client tunnel: Don't send "X-Accept-Encoding:" or "Accept-Encoding:" headers when connecting via outproxy new enhancement minor
#816 I2P error - proxy authentication required accepted zzz defect minor
#829 NamingService lookup fails through I2CP client while B32 succeeds assigned sponge enhancement minor
#833 Fix documentation of AES padding assigned slumlord defect minor
#847 i2p attempts to start lynx on launch, a terminal-based web browser assigned sponge defect minor
#849 Decrypt garlic failed in router log new defect minor
#857 Router console - Invalid form submission reopened defect minor undecided
#859 Cut down on I/O optionally on embedded devices open enhancement minor
#888 accept b32 as well as b64 for hostnames new enhancement minor
#903 Open Syndie URIs through command-line new enhancement minor
#905 What a mess with log files in Windows :-( open enhancement minor
#921 UDP per tunnel new zzz enhancement minor
#926 I2P-Bote: High tunnel count assigned str4d defect minor
#933 SSLEepGet redirect support assigned meeh defect minor
#939 Syndie: There was an error creating the message. new defect minor
#947 Bugs if we stop tunnel when it's building accepted zzz defect minor
#955 iMule: View shared files on user kills their connection assigned mkvore defect minor
#961 i2p.router.client.ClientManager: Client attempted to register duplicate destination new defect minor
#966 Increase expl. and i2psnark default to 3 hops accepted zzz defect minor 0.9.18
#977 Continious uptime in hidden mode results in netdb-wasting new zzz defect minor
#981 Add cancel button for updates accepted zzz enhancement minor 0.9.37
#1014 I2P doesn't recover after hibernation needs_work dg defect minor 0.9.23
#1016 Incorrect handling of AIOOBE caused by streaming packet testing str4d defect minor 0.9.21
#1026 Priority option for torrents in I2PSnark new zzz enhancement minor
#1031 Installer behaves in odd way assigned zzz defect minor
#1033 Auto startup (crontab) on *nix new enhancement minor
#1036 Option to store ALL i2p files in one place - in installation dir. new enhancement minor
#1040 Streaming half-close unused and broken open defect minor eventually
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