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#499 error in router console defect major 0.8.7 duplicate
#503 install & start problem defect major 0.8.5 duplicate
#506 Systray failure with a 64bit jvm in Windows killyourtv defect major 0.8.7 fixed
#507 sealing violation: can't seal package javax.servlet: already loaded defect major 0.8.7 invalid
#517 Router console Internal Server Error defect major 0.8.5 duplicate
#365 Bad spacing on logs page for router logs zzz defect minor 0.8.2 fixed
#479 i2p snark error info more and more zzz defect minor 0.8.6 fixed
#483 ERROR [oleSocket-10] i2p.router.web.SummaryRenderer: Error rendering zzz defect minor 0.8.7 fixed
#486 Graphs Errors zzz defect minor 0.8.7 worksforme
#490 Remove duplication in console_ar.css hamada defect trivial 0.8.7 fixed
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