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#398 i20 0.8.3 fails to start properly defect major unspecified 0.8.3
#467 i2p 0.8.6 does not install defect major installer 0.8.4
#472 Windows service not removed during uninstall defect major installer 0.8.6
#477 error defect major apps/i2psnark 0.8.6
#246 fail on mprotect kernel? HungryHobo, tuna, sponge, zzz defect minor router/wrapper 0.8
#402 ERROR [JobQueue 1/1] : Invalid defect minor router/netdb 0.8.3
#466 Read-only $I2PLOCATION can disable news retrieval zzz defect minor router/update 0.8.4
#470 critical logs defect minor apps/i2ptunnel 0.8.6
#475 Windows: A browser window is opened when set to run as a service defect trivial wrapper 0.8.6
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