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#1119 Vulnerability Response Process sadie task minor www/i2p

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1828 Syndie v1.106b-3 + a older SWT : slowness when browsing between messages (and errors in the terminal log) zzz defect major apps/syndie 0.9.26
#1936 un-safe peers , until when ? save the active users enhancement major router/general 0.9.28
#1955 i2p upgrade depending on plugin upgrade defect major apps/plugins 0.9.28
#1980 logs.jsp defect major unspecified 0.9.29
#1355 List of registered domains to prevent cybersquatting on I2P enhancement minor apps/addressbook
#1591 Lease set not found error does not appears to user if address like hostname.i2p is requested enhancement minor unspecified 0.9.19
#1605 Automatic restart several times a day since 0.9.20-8 defect minor router/general 0.9.20
#1638 i2p is not installable from jessie repo on ARM v7 debian killyourtv's backup acct enhancement minor www/debianrepo 0.9.21
#1643 Bote v0.4: Error while checking whether new mail has arrived. str4d defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.21
#1675 i2p router console doesn't bind to IPv6 adresses after first restart defect minor api/utils 0.9.22
#1733 Error in the ntcp reader: AIOOBE zzz defect minor router/transport 0.9.23
#1743 Internal Error CRASH -- NormalizerImpl fail'd init defect minor apps/console 0.9.23
#1777 Sidebar link text blurry on IE defect minor apps/console 0.9.24
#1786 Streaming Timer AIOOBE/NPE defect minor streaming 0.9.25
#1812 Can't comment on ticket 1811 task minor unspecified
#1831 Port 8887 on portforward task minor other 0.9.26
#1856 distrowatch (gentoo repo) killyourtv defect minor trac 0.9.26
#1927 ter.networkdb.reseed.Reseeder: EepGet failed on defect minor www/reseed 0.9.28
#1953 upgrading i2p dependent on plugin upgrade e.g i2p-bote defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.28
#1958 i2pbote: Missing subethasmtp jar str4d defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.29
#2008 Feature: RSS feed management & auto-downloading based upon regular expressions zzz enhancement minor apps/i2psnark 0.9.30
#2009 Feature: Add a list of magnet links to I2PSnark zzz enhancement minor apps/i2psnark 0.9.30
#2013 Exception in thread "org.eclipse.jetty.util.RolloverFileOutputStream" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Task already scheduled or cancelled defect minor apps/jetty 0.9.30
#2021 Snark not recognizing own torrents zzz defect minor apps/i2psnark 0.9.30
#2140 Android NPE i2ptunnel SSL client Meeh defect minor apps/android 0.9.32
#2141 Problems with Windows installer preventing inclusion in Chocolatey repository defect minor installer 0.9.32
#2205 add delete button/feature to susimail enhancement minor apps/susimail 0.9.34
#2213 Restore open4you home page link zzz defect minor apps/console 0.9.34
#2246 Jetty NoSuchMethodError Java 8 defect minor apps/jetty 0.9.34
#2331 Can't select Syndie versions on Trac zzz task minor apps/syndie Syndie-1.107b
#2424 _sendBps overstated in zzz defect minor router/transport 0.9.38
#2448 Console form input improvements zzz defect minor apps/console 0.9.38
#2453 Fix classloader leaks defect minor router/general 0.9.38
#2514 Just a issue to test trac and features - Please ignore. Meeh defect minor unspecified 0.9.40
#2624 Warning: apt-key should not be used in scripts zzz defect minor package/debian 0.9.42
#2627 Upgrade 0.9.41 -> 0.9.42 on Debian Stretch 32bit does not work zzz defect minor package/debian 0.9.44
#354 Console HTML validation fixes defect maintenance apps/console 0.8.1
#1315 Use of Authenticated Encryption zzz task maintenance router/transport 0.9.13
#1785 installing plugins from downloaded files not possible defect trivial apps/plugins 0.9.25
#2095 i2pbote.jar includes a java source file str4d defect trivial apps/plugins 0.9.32
#520 Last-Modified header for welterde enhancement obsolete www/i2p

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2570 Firefox CVE-2019-9811: Sandbox escape via installation of malicious language pack Meeh defect critical apps/browser n/a
#1808 Syndie 1.106b-1 : errors when first start : "SEVERE readExistingData" and more zzz defect major apps/syndie 0.9.26
#2559 Remove NoScript default allowed websites Meeh defect minor apps/browser n/a
#2665 harden I2PBrowser - TLS,Punycode Meeh enhancement minor apps/browser n/a
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